It’s so satisfying when you have people to discuss anything and get everything answered on one platform. That is Reddit. But it’s equally frustrating when you face random glitches like Reddit error loading content. It is when you see a blank page with a loading icon or showing a message saying, “There was an error loading content.”

The Reddit content loading error is often faced by android app users. With the Reddit website, the percentage of this incident is very low. Therefore, this article is more focused on the issues related to the Reddit app for android. However, there are discussions on the desktop version too.

So, without further adieu, let us guide you to the core of this issue and find a way to fix it.

Why is there an error loading content on Reddit?


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In most cases, Reddit issues are caused by small glitches. The most common causes that get Reddit to stuck loading content are as follow:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Reddit server outage
  • Outdated application
  • Resources blocked by ISP
  • Overloaded cached files
  • Conflicting apps (mobile) and extensions (web browser)

How To Fix Reddit Error Loading Content

Let’s now start troubleshooting and find the way out of the situation.


There are a couple of things you need to check before you go into the fixing approach.

  1. Check if Reddit is down: This is not directly an APP related issue. If Reddit is down due to issues like CDN errors, you have to wait until it gets back to normal. There’s nothing much you can do from your end on this.
  2. Check your internet connection: This is obvious. Reddit content won’t if there’s no internet connection on your device. So checking your phone’s internet connection is a prerequisite.

If you have checked the above issues, and their status is fine, you can move forward to other approaches to fix this content loading issue of Reddit.

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Fix-1: Clear cache memory

Whether it’s the android app or web browser, large cache files can drain your device’s storage and block new content from loading on the app. Therefore, you should clear cache when necessary.  


Clear cache on Reddit App

To clear cache on Android app:


Open your phone’s Settings and go to the Apps or Application Manager. The interface may vary based on your phone’s brand and model.


In the list of applications, find the Reddit app and open its settings options.


Now, under the Storage settings, you can see the Clear Cache option.

To clear cache on web browser:


Clear cache on web browser

For web browsers (both mobile and desktop), go to the browsing history, then to Clear browsing data, select Cached files and clear cache on the browser.

Fix-2: Force close the Reddit android app

Restart the app- this is a kind of shortcut hack to get rid of the problem. To restart the application, you need to “Force Close” the Reddit application and relaunch it.


Force close the Reddit app


Open the Apps or Application Manager through the Settings menu and select the Reddit app from the list.


Under the App Info, you will find the Force Stop option. Click on it to close the app. The system will ask for confirmation. Press “OK” to confirm closing the app. After this, relaunch to check if it’s working correctly.

Fix-3: Update the Android application

Outdated applications can sometimes cause the Reddit error loading content issue. To update the Reddit app on android:


Update Reddit App on Android


Open the Google Play Store application on your Android phone. Then tap your profile icon on the top right corner. You will see a popup window appear. Tap to the Manage apps & device option there.


Under the “Manage apps & device”, tap on the Update available option to see the list of applications that have updates available. If you see the Reddit app in the list, click on it and hit the update button.

Fix-4: Change DNS server or use a VPN

Public DNS (Domain Name System), like Google DNS, can help you get better internet connectivity than the default DNS from your ISP. So, if you have a slow internet connection and it’s causing the Reddit error loading content, changing the DNS server can help. 

Change DNS server on phone

Change DNS server on your phone

To change the DNS settings on the phone:


Go to Setting > Connections > Wi-Fi and open the settings options of your connected network. Under the Advanced settings, you will find IP settings.


Change the IP settings to “Static” from DHCP. (The default mode is always DHCP). Once you change the IP settings to Static, you will see a bunch of changeable fields. Leave the likes of IP Address, Gateway, Network Prefix Length and go to DNS 1 and DNS 2.


Put the public DNS addresses in the respective fields. For example, Google DNS address is: 

  • DNS1
  • DNS2

Now change the DNS address and save the settings.

Use a VPN

To secure the network, ISP often blocks sites and resources. In the process, your IPS might block any of the resources used by Reddit. In that case, you can try using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to load Reddit content.

[Note: Always use trusted VPNs. Best option is to use a premium VPN if that is affordable for you.]

Fix-5: Disable Autoplay to avoid Reddit error loading content

With the Autoplay on, every video you scroll through automatically starts playing on the Reddit app. It takes a significant volume of bandwidth and impacts the loading time very badly. So disabling the Autoplay can help solve the content loading issue.

Disable-autoplay-to avoid-reddit-error-loading-content

Disable Autoplay on Reddit


Open the Reddit app and tap your profile icon on the top left concern. A sidebar will slide into your screen. There at the bottom, you can see the Settings option. Click on that to open Reddit settings.


Under the settings, tap to Autoplay. You will get three options there: Always, When on Wi-Fi, and Never. Select the Never to disable autoplay on Reddit.

Fix-6: Restart your devices

As there can be a local network issue, you can try restarting the devices involved in the process. It is called the power cycle method.


First, turn off the device you are using, i.e., mobile or computer.


Then, unplug the network device (router or modem) for a few minutes. After a short interval, plug it in again.


Now turn on your mobile/PC and connect it to the network. Finally, check if the content on Reddit is loading now.

Fix-7: Clear App Data

Corrupted data and files cause application malfunction. Clearing the Reddit app data can solve the issue.


Clear App Data of Reddit App


Go to Settings > App Management > Reddit app on your phone.


Under the Storage settings, you will find the Clear data option. Tap on it and press Ok to confirm the process. Now relaunch the application, and see if the Reddit app is working correctly again.

Few more approaches to fix Reddit error loading content

There are a bunch of other ways that you can try to fix the content loading error of Reddit. Perform the following:

  • Reinstall the Reddit app on your phone.
  • Re-login to your Reddit account.
  • Uninstall apps that conflict with the Reddit app.
  • Report a problem to Reddit Help.

On a final note

If you followed the guide above, content on Reddit should be loading fine again. It was an irritating experience before, but now at least you know how to deal with the Reddit error loading content issue. We have mentioned the most frequent reasons to cause this error and guided the way to fix it. Hopefully, the article served you well. Please leave a comment below and let us know your feedback on this.