Are you seeing ‘No Network Connection’ when trying to access Tiktok on your Android device?

Experiencing the Tiktok network error on Android can be caused by more than one reason associated with your mobile device. It can also be caused by your app’s software that has been downloaded.

The Tiktok app has been downloaded over two billion times so it’s no phenomenon that there will be an occasional error at some point.

We have created this straightforward guide for you, so you can get your internet connection working without any glitches when accessing Tiktok on your Android device.

Why is Tiktok not working on Android

Tiktok app on Device

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Tiktok not working on Android is predominantly caused by your mobile device experiencing internet issues, whether that’s because of a feeble connection, or the app is taking too long to connect, causing it to time out.

Another possible cause for this network error to transpire is if the Tiktok server is down, which you are able to check here.

The Tiktok app downloaded on your device may be a problem if it has a virus on it.

If ‘Data Saver’ is turned on, it will hinder the videos from being able to load properly, causing Tiktok to seem bad on Android.

How to fix Tiktok no network connection

Tiktok on Mobile

How to fix Tiktok no network connection

Solution 1. Get rid of Tiktok’s cache data

‘How do I clear cache on Tiktok’ you may be asking. This can be completed in a few easy steps;

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ on your mobile

Step 2. Select ‘Apps’

Step 3. Find the Tiktok app and click on it

Step 4. Click on ‘Storage’ and choose ‘Clear Cache’

Once this has been completed, turn your android off and on again, and open up Tiktok.

What happens if I clear data on Tiktok

Once you’ve erased the cache data off your Tiktok app, it will remove the saved data from the videos you have already watched on Tiktok. This information gets automatically stored and does not need to be kept.

Solution 2. Force quit the app

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps and Notifications’

Step 3. Select ‘Apps’

Step 4. Seek out Tiktok and click on it

Step 5. Now click on ‘Force Stop’

You should be able to restart a working Tiktok.

Solution 3. Check the permissions

If the permissions are turned off for Tiktok, this will restrain the app from being able to operate properly.

Step 1. Access your Settings on your Android

Step 2. Select ‘Apps and Notifications’

Step 3. Find Tiktok and choose it

Step 4. Click on ‘Permissions’ 

Step 5. Check to see the permissions are turned on. If they are not, change it.

Try loading Tiktok up again.

Solution 4. Uninstall and Reinstall the app

Deleting Tiktok off your mobile and reinstalling may fix the Tiktok network error on Android.

Step 1. After finding the app on your device, press down on it until you can select ‘Uninstall’

Step 2. Go onto your app store

Step 3. Install Tiktok

Tiktok has now been reinstalled.

Solution 5. Reset Internet Connection

Whether you are using your mobile data, or connected to Wifi, resetting the network can abet in getting the network error resolved on your android;

On Mobile Data

Step 1. Turn your mobile data off on your device

Step 2. Wait a few minutes

Step 3. Turn your mobile data on again and get on Tiktok

On Wifi 

Step 1. On your device, switch your connection to your Wifi off

Step 2. Wait a couple of minutes

Step 3. Turn your Wifi back on and access Tiktok

Note, you can also turn your phone’s airplane mode on to prohibit any form of connectivity on your device for a couple of minutes.

Solution 6. Turn Data Saver off

If you are on your mobile data, enabling data saver will decrease the quality of the videos on Tiktok, as well as increase the loading time.

Step 1. Go onto your Tiktok app

Step 2. Go into your ‘Profile’ by selecting the option at the bottom of the screen

Step 3. Select the 3 lines at the top of the screen (on the right-hand side)

Step 4. Find ‘Data Saver’ under ‘Cache and Cellular Data’

Step 5. Turn the toggle off

You can also restrict the data usage of Tiktok from your phone settings;

Step 1. Go into Settings on your mobile

Step 2. Select ‘Apps’

Step 3. Click on Tiktok once you’ve found the app

Step 4. Select ‘Mobile Data’

Step 5. Switch ‘Allow Background Usage Data’ off

Data saver will now be turned off and your Tiktok will be able to work at 100%.

Solution 7. Update the app

If you are operating Tiktok with an outdated app, the software will begin to experience issues and may have bugs within the data, causing the network error

Step 1. Access your App store

Step 2. Find Tiktok

Step 3. Select ‘Update’ 

Your app will now update to the latest version, which will get rid of any bugs and improve the performance.

How can I watch Tiktok on my Android without an account

Watching Tiktok

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You may have deleted your Tiktok account completely as a solution to eradicate the network error account on your Android. (please note, this should not be necessary for fixing the network error on your mobile)

Can you still gain access to Tiktok without creating a new account?

Accessing Tiktok without an account is possible, and can be done on your computer or your mobile device.

You can install the Tiktok app without creating an account and will be limited to watching videos only.

If you decide you want to be a creator (be sure to check this article out to help you start out) and gain followers, you will then need to create an account.


Even though Tiktok is banned in certain countries, the application is still one of the most popular apps to have come out, with more than 8 million users worldwide and creators using Tiktok as their full-time career, it’s no surprise the app may experience issues due to the traffic it receives.

It’s always beneficial to have quick access to their Help Centre in the event of experiencing any further issues.

We hope this guide has given you enough fixes to be able to get your Tiktok app working again on your Android. If you are an iPhone user looking for assistance on the same issue, we have a guide for you too.