Have you experienced ‘ERROR 94’ coming up on your screen when you are trying to launch Hulu, or see it pop up while you have currently been streaming a program or movie?

The Hulu error 94 is an issue that transpires from a malfunction between your device and your internet connection. It can also be due to a conflict issue between the Hulu application and your chosen hardware.

This error can be fixed by completing a few of our troubleshooting steps which we have outlined in this guide for you, so you can get back to being able to launch your Hulu app on your desired device, and stream without any further interruptions.

What does error code 94 mean on Hulu?

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Hulu Error 94

Experiencing the Hulu error 94 on your app can mean two things;

  • There is a problem with your internet connection on the device you are using to access the Hulu app
  • Your chosen device may be disagreeing with the Hulu software

We can delve further into these two reasons to find the root cause of the issue;

Reason 1. Your internet connection is poor

If your internet speed is too slow, this will cause Hulu to not be able to connect to the server successfully.

You need at least 3Mbps for your download speed to be able to stream Hulu’s library of programs and movies.

Hulu’s live streaming add-on will require at least 8Mbps, and if you want to watch in 4K HD, this will need a download speed of 16Mbps.

It is advised to check your internet speed to make sure you have an adequate connection.

Reason 2. Usage of VPN

If the device you are trying to open Hulu on has an activated VPN, this can create conflict between your network on the device, and the Hulu server.

Because the VPN is hiding your IP address, it may flag up as being dodgy, and therefore stopping your internet service provider from gaining access to the Hulu server.

Reason 3. Software issues

If the software on your device is out of date, it may not support the files from the Hulu app.

Ensuring the software on your device, as well as your Hulu app is up to date will alleviate any possible issues that can crop up when you are trying to stream.

Reason 4. Cache files are full and corrupted

Cache files are stored on your device to create a better performance experience when launching your Hulu app.

They are supposed to improve loading times and quality, however, the files can occasionally end up having bugs in the software that interferes with the overall functioning of Hulu.

How do I fix error 94 on Hulu?

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How to fix Hulu error 94

Tying in with the causes of the Hulu error 94 issue, you can troubleshoot your device, network connection, and Hulu app to ensure this issue gets fixed.

Fix 1. Power Reset

A power reset on your device and wifi router can help refresh the connection between your Hulu app and the device connecting successfully with its internet connection.

Step 1. Remove your wifi router from its plug point

Step 2. If your device is connected to a power source (eg Smart TV) unplug it

Step 3. Click down on the ‘Power’ button on your device for around 20 seconds

Step 4. Plug your wifi router back in as well as your device

The power reset has been completed successfully.

Fix 2. Remove cache files

Clearing out Hulu’s cache files will get rid of any corrupt files that have been stored on your device

On Android TV

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ and select ‘Applications’

Step 2. Find Hulu and press ‘Clear Cache’ and then ‘Clear Data’

On Android Mobile/Tablet

Step 1. Click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Apps’

Step 2. Press on Hulu and go into ‘Storage’

Step 3. Select ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’

On iPhone/iPad

Apple will require you to delete the Hulu app off of your device and reinstall it from the app store.

This is how you would reset Hulu.

Fix 3. Remove your Hulu account

Removing your Hulu account off of your device and re-adding it can help fix the ‘Error 94’ issue you are experiencing.

Keep in mind, if you are removing your device off of your Hulu account, the next time you add it back on, you will need to input your login details again, so ensure you know what they are.

Step 1. Go into your ‘Accounts’ page on your Hulu

Step 2. Select ‘Remove’ by the device that is currently experiencing the error issue

You should now be able to confirm this.

Fix 4. Update software

Ensuring your device and app are up to date with the latest software will help eradicate any potential issues caused by out-of-date data.

You can see if Hulu is due an upgrade by going onto your play store and checking if there is an ‘update’ option. If there is, select this to override your current Hulu app.

To see if your device is due an update, you can check for a system update under the ‘Settings’ section.

If you require more steps for how to complete a system update on your device, click here.

Fix 5. Turn your VPN off

The Hulu app needs to know a subscriber’s location in order to stream videos, so if you have an enabled VPN, this will stop Hulu from being able to access the necessary information.

Hulu should initially ask you to turn your location status on, however, if you decided not to enable this in the past, or you just skipped past the step, you can change it manually.

For a step-by-step manual on changing the location status, click here.


It’s inevitable that applications such as Hulu will encounter an error code at some point, whether it’s when you are trying to launch open the app, or during the streaming process.

With Hulu relying solely on a good, stable internet connection, if this goes down, the Hulu ERROR94 will grace your screen.

We hope, however, that this guide has assisted you in rectifying this error off of your device’s screen, and that we have provided you with enough information to be able to know what to do if this error decides to crop up again.