With all the different PS5 error code that can appear on your screen when you are trying to install a game, or simply progress to a different level in Call Of Duty, it’s difficult to know where to begin when you see CE-108262-9 or E2-817B122B on your display.

If you’ve seen ‘Something Went Wrong’ while using your console, there could be an error with the PlayStation server, or your internet connection is not stable.

Most of the PS5 error codes can be fixed by updating the software or reinstalling a game onto your device.

With this guide, we will provide you with the most common error codes you can face while using your PlayStation 5, as well as give you 6 step by step solutions you can try that will help resolve the error you may be experiencing, so you can get back to successfully downloading, or playing your PS5 game either on the Digital, or Standard version.

What are PS5 error codes

PS5 Error Codes

What are the PS5 error codes

A PS5 error code is an exact formation of letters and numbers, that appear on your screen when a particular problem has occurred during a specific function on your console.

We will take a look at the more common PS5 error code list;

What does PS5 error code CE 100005 6 mean?

This error code on your PS5 will appear when your console has a problem reading a disc.

You may encounter this issue when you are trying to install or download a game.

If you are currently seeing ‘something went wrong’ along with this code, we have already generated an extensive guide on the CE-10005-6 error for you to look at.

What does the error code CE 108262 9 mean on my PS5?

This error code will transpire shortly after a game has failed, or, just after you have turned your console on.

The error code CE-108262 9 means that your PS5 could not understand the system’s software or application data.

An example of this is if the graphic settings on your console do not match the graphics on your screen.

Another error code that means the same as this one is CE 106485 4.

PS5 Something Went Wrong

If your PS5 games or applications are crashing while you’re in the middle of playing something, you will most likely see the error; ‘Something Went Wrong’ appear on your screen.

This is mainly caused by;

  • A faulty internet connection
  • PS5 server is down
  • Your account has been suspended

PS5 Error CE-10095-5

This error code will appear on your PS5 screen if there have been corrupted game files on your console.

Your PlayStation will be unable to update your games.

PS5 Error Code E2-80ec004a

This error code is when your console is unable to connect to the PlayStation server.

A further error code that means the same, is E2-817B122B.

If the PS5 server is up and running, your console will need to be restarted, or, have its system software updated.

What does error code E2-00000000 mean?

If you are attempting to install a game onto your PlayStation 5, and you witness the E2-00000000 on your screen, this will mean the installation has failed.

The most common reason for this error to appear while trying to install a game from a disc is when there is an update being downloaded in the background of your PS5.

PS5 Error code NP-102955-2

This error code on your PS5 means you are inputting incorrect information when you are trying to log into your profile.

Your credential needs to be the same as those you used to register your account with.

PS5 summary of error codes

There are quite a few error codes that your PlayStation 5 can experience.

Here is a summarised table of all the common codes, and what they mean;

Prefix Error Code Meaning
CE 100005-6 There was a problem reading a disc
108262-9 There was an issue reading the system’s software
10095-5 Corrupted game files on your PS5
100002-3 Unsuccessful update
108255-1 There was an error on your application
107857-8 An application could not load
100028-1 You do not have enough space on your console
106485-4 System software or data could not be read
107750-0 System error
107938-8 A failed update
Something Went Wrong Faulty internet connection
PS5 server is down
Suspended account
E2 00000000 Failed game installation
80EC004A Cannot connect to the PS5 server
817B122B Cannot connect to PS5 server
NP 102955-2 Incorrect credentials
102946-2 Latest update needs to be installed
103047-5 Cannot connect to PS5 server
NW 102311-8 Communication error
102265-6 Cannot connect to PS5 server
102308-4 Communication error
102636-8 Connection to PS5 network has timed out
102261-2 Cannot connect to PS5 server
WS 116521-6 Service is under maintenance
116367-4 Access to the PlayStation network is suspended
117224-7 Issue with 2-step verification
116483-3 Cannot connect to PS5 server
116449-5 Service is under maintenance

From this table, you can see a few of the error codes are different but have the same meaning.

Unidentified error PS5

What does unidentified error mean on PlayStation?

If you are witnessing an ‘Unidentified Error’ on your PS5, without an error code, this will mean there is an issue with your PlayStation Store.

The error will occur when you are trying to make a purchase.

This could be down to the PS store server is down, or there is a fault with your account details.

How to fix Unidentified Error on PS5

Fix 1. Check the PSN server

First, check the PlayStation network server to make sure it is working. If it is down, this will most likely be the reason why you are experiencing the unexpected error when you are trying to purchase on your PS Store account.

Fix 2. Confirm your payment method

Your details need to be correct when making purchases from the PS Store. If you are using a VPN, you need to ensure the location of your console matches the region of where your payment details are.

(Did you know; In the Call of Duty games, over 5 billion vehicles have been destroyed. This would be impossible in real life, as there are only around 1 billion registered cars).

Fix 3. Check Account balance

Your account balance could be too low for the purchase you want to make. Check that you have sufficient funds in the account you are using before proceeding.

How do I fix error code on PS5?

PS5 error codes

How to fix PS5 error codes

We will outline the 6 main solutions for fixing your PS5 from experiencing error codes; 

Fix 1. Update your PS5 software

Updates fail, or system errors occur when your PS5’s software is due to an update or contains corrupted data that inflicts on the performance of your console.

Step 1. Go to ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘System’ followed by ‘System Software’

Step 3. Choose ‘System Software Update’

Step 4. Now click on ‘Update System Software’

Make sure your PS5 is online, and select ‘Update using the internet.’ Once this has been completed, restart your console.

Fix 2. Restart your PS5

Restart your Sony PlayStation by turning it off and unplugging it for around 2 -3 minutes. 

Plug your console back in and switch it on.

Fix 3. Reinstall your game

If you are experiencing an error code when you are trying to play a specific game, you will need to reinstall it.

To delete a game on PS5:

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Storage’

Step 3. Press ‘Games and Apps’

Step 4. Find the game you want to delete and click on ‘Delete’

You can now attempt to reinstall your game.

Fix 4. Reset your PS5

Please note, resetting your PS5 console’s software will erase all saved data. Make sure you complete a backup before proceeding with this step.

Step 1. Open up ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘System’

Step 3. Click on ‘System Software’

Step 4. Now choose ‘Reset PS5’

Once this has been completed, you can install your desired application.

Fix 5. Power reset internet connection

Whether you are an owner of the Digital PS5 version or the Disc edition, a secure internet connection is required.

Step 1. Turn your modem off and unplug it

Step 2. Put the plug back in after a few minutes

Step 3. Switch your router on

Once your internet is back on, access your PS5.

Fix 6. Rebuild database

This step will be completed in safe mode;

To put PS5 in safe mode:

Step 1. Turn your console off by pressing the power button down for around 3 seconds or until it goes off

Step 2. Press the power button down for a second time until you hear 2 beeps

Step 3. Connect your controller with the cable and press the PS button

You will now be in safe mode.

Step 4. From the options, select ‘Rebuild Database’

Allow your PS5 to complete this phase.


With our extensive guide on PS5 error codes, we hope you can understand why they transpire on your console.

We recommend that you save this guide as a favourite if you happen to encounter one of these error codes on your PS5 in the future, and if you have experienced a different error code on your PS5 that we have not mentioned, make sure you leave us a comment so we can add it to our guide.

If you have recently experienced an issue on your console, and not one of the 6 main solutions helped fix the issue for you, we suggest you contact Sony directly as there may be a hardware issue.

You can complete their troubleshooting steps online.