Your Xbox Series X can experience an error code when you’re trying to download or install the latest Fortnite onto your console, or if there was an unsuccessful firmware update.

Certain games are incompatible with the Xbox Series X console, and will not launch without an error code appearing on your screen.

If the Xbox server is down due to maintenance, this will also interfere with how well your video game will function.

We have created this easy to follow guide that should help you make sense of what each error code means, as well as provide you with the 4 key solutions that will help fix your console, so you can get back to fighting your enemies in Halo Infinite without any further disruptions.

Xbox Series X error code


If you are experiencing an error code on your Xbox Series X, what does it mean?

Multiple errors can arise on your gaming console, with each one containing a specific code of numbers and letters that will represent a different problem. 

What is Xbox Series X error code 0x87e50031

If you are experiencing the error code 0x87e50031 on your screen, then the game you are trying to play on your Xbox is most likely crashing every time you try and launch it.

This is a temporary issue with the loading of your Xbox Series X game.

What is Xbox Series X error code 0x800708ca

This error code will be displayed on your screen after you have upgraded a game to the next-gen version.

Your Xbox Series X will be unable to load the new version of the game. It is not a permanent error and can be rectified by troubleshooting your Xbox.

Xbox Series X error code 0x8b0500b6

If your Xbox Series X was unable to complete a firmware update, this error code will appear.

Your user profile could be corrupted, or an installation of a game was contaminated.

Xbox Series X something went wrong

This error can be accompanied by a few different codes on your display.

It will appear when you trying to play the next-gen game on your console, and/or there is an issue with the Xbox server.

If you are seeing this error on your screen, we have a guide generated for you.

(Fun Fact; ever wondered how long it took Microsoft to launch Xbox Series X? It was only 20 months).

Xbox Series X error code 0x82d40004

If you have enabled the power saving mode on your console, this can cause your Xbox to experience this error code when you try and load a game.

This error also transpires if you are launching a game from a damaged disc.

Xbox Series X error code 0x87e0000f

This error code will appear when you are trying to use Xbox Live to download or install a game onto your console.

There are a couple of different reasons for this one;

  • Your console needs to be updated
  • Xbox Live is unavailable
  • Your Xbox cannot connect to Xbox Live
  • The game you want to download needs to be redownloaded

Xbox Series X error code 0x80bd0009

This error code is predominantly caused by incompatible audio settings when you try and connect your console to an external speaker (eg; soundbar).

The firmware on your Xbox could be the root of this issue if it has incurred a system error.

Xbox Series X error code 0x87e50007

What is error code 0x87e50007 on Xbox?

This code appears when you try and open a game or app on your Xbox. This means that something is stopping the game from launching.

A potential cause for this is if there is an outstanding update that needs to be completed first, or, the game was not installed properly.

Xbox error code 0x8027025a

If your console is taking too long to load, error code 0x8027025a will appear.

This is because the connection would have timed out.

Xbox Series X error code 0x87e10007

This error code will appear when your game or app is not compatible with your console.

You will see this error appear when you try and open the game on your Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X error codes summary

As you can see, there are ample different error codes that can transpire on your Xbox Series X when you are trying to launch a game or download an application.

To make it easier for you, we have generated a summarised table with the most common error codes;

Error Code Console Issue Game/App Issue Software Issue
Something Went Wrong


How do I fix my Xbox X Series?


Even though the list of Xbox Series X error code’s is vast, the solutions to fix these issues overlap with each error code.

We have pin pointed the main fixes that can be used to eradicate the Xbox Series X error code;

Fix 1. Restart your console

Step 1. Press down on the Xbox main button on the controller

Step 2. When the power options appear, select ‘Restart’

Another way to restart your Xbox is by pressing down on the power button for over 10 seconds.

Fix 2. Uninstall and reinstall the game

It has been noted by other Xbox Series X users that the Fortnite game was causing installation issues. Whether it’s Fortnite or any other game, it is advised you uninstall and reinstall the game.

Step 1. Launch your ‘Home’ screen

Step 2. Click on ‘My Games & Apps’

Step 3. Select ‘Games’

Step 4. Highlight the game you want to uninstall and click on ‘Manage Game’

Step 5. You can now choose ‘Uninstall all’

Once the uninstall has been completed, turn your Xbox off and back on after around 40 seconds.

Go back and reinstall the game.

Fix 3. Update your console’s software

Step 1. Press the Xbox main button on your controller

Step 2. Choose ‘Profile and System’

Step 3. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 4. You should now be able to select ‘Updates’ under ‘System’

Allow your console to complete the update before attempting anything else on your Xbox.

Fix 4. Reset Xbox

There are two options when resetting your Xbox Series X. One will allow you to keep all your saved data, and the other will erase everything off of your console.

We recommend first resetting your console without losing any of your saved information;

Step 1. Access your ‘Settings’ and select ‘System’

Step 2. Under ‘Console Info’ choose ‘Reset’

Step 3. Ensure you click on ‘Reset and Keep my Games and Apps’

If this reset has not worked, you can complete the factory reset on your console. Please back your data up before proceeding.

How to factory reset Xbox Series X

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘System’ followed by ‘Console Info’

Step 3. Now choose ‘Reset Console’ and then ‘Reset and Remove Everything’

Once the factory reset is finished, you will need to set your console up to your preferred settings.


The Xbox Series X console can incur many different error codes, which may come across as daunting, but, with this guide, we hope we were able to help fix your video gaming console from the errors you were experiencing.

It’s always handy to check Xbox server status to see if there is an issue with their service, as this can sometimes be the reason why your console is not operating properly.

If however, the 4 main solutions did not help rectify your problem, we suggest you contact Xbox directly, as you may be experiencing a hardware issue.

You can use this link to get in touch with one of their customer support team members.