If you have inserted a Blu-Ray disc into your PlayStation, and your PS5 won’t read the disc, this will stop you from being able to download or install the game onto your console as well as being able to play directly from the disc.

Sony has manufactured their PS5 disc version to be fully equipped with an ‘Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc drive’ enabling you to play Blu-Ray discs for PS5.

You will also be pleased to know that you will be able to run PS4 discs on your PS5 disc edition.

Your PS5 may not be reading the discs you have put in your console because the disc is damaged, or, your PlayStation 5 is experiencing software issues.

A gentle clean of your disc, or a simple reboot may be the step required to fix this issue with your PS5.

We have produced this tutorial for you, to supply you with all the tools required to get your PS5 back to reading discs, so you can install Assassins Creed onto your console, or play Call of Duty: Black Ops straight from the disc.

Why won’t PS5 read disc

PS5 won't read disc

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Your PS5 won’t read the disc because you have inserted it the incorrect way, the console is experiencing a software issue, or your disc is damaged.

When trying to launch a disc from your PS5, you may see an error on your screen stating;

”Can’t recognize the disc. Make sure it’s not damaged or dirty, and that it’s not inserted upside down”

These reasons can be elaborated;

Reason 1. Disc incorrectly inserted

Inserting your disc the incorrect way is more common than a gamer will think.

Because your console does not come with a ‘This way up’ sticker, it can be confusing which way to insert your disc, specifically when you change it from standing horizontal to vertical, and vice versa.

The graphics side of your disc should always face towards the console when you insert it. (Tip, facing the eject button).

Reason 2. Outdated Software

The software on your Playstation 5 may be outdated which is causing your console to have trouble accepting the disc you are trying to use.

Keeping the software updated will improve your PS5’s overall performance.

Reason 3. Disc not compatible

PS5’s are not able to read certain discs;

  • Discs from PS3 and older as it is only ‘backward compatible’ with PS4 discs
  • Music CDs
  • Burned discs

Your PlayStation will only be able to process genuine gaming discs and DVDs.

Please note, when playing a PS4 disc on your PS5, you will need to insert the disc every time.

Reason 4. A dirty or damaged disc

PS5 won’t read a disc that has been damaged or dirty. Scratches or dust will interfere with the internal disc drive successfully reading the data.

Reason 5. System glitch

Your PS5’s operating system may have just had a temporary system malfunction when you were trying to download or install your PS5 game via the disc.

A malfunction could be your PS5 disconnecting from its internet connection, or your console unintentionally not recognizing the disc successfully.

What to do when PS5 won’t read disc?

PS5 won't read disc

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The first thing you need to do when your PS5 won’t read your disc is to make sure that you are inserting the disc the correct way into the disc drive. Once this has been checked, try changing the positioning of your console from vertical to horizontal, and vice versa.

Fix 1. Clean disc

A dirty or damaged disc will not be accepted by your PS5.

Step 1. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe your disc (preferably microfibre)

Step 2. If you notice any scratches, rub a tiny bit of toothpaste directly on the scratched area, doing so in a straight line, and clean it off.

Tip, blowing into your Playstation’s disc drive will get rid of dust that may be sitting within the console.

You can now reinsert the disc and see if your Playstation 5 accepts it.

Fix 2. Restart your PS5

If your console only had a system glitch when you were attempting to use a disc, rebooting your PS5 will refresh the console’s system.

Step 1. Press down on the ‘Power’ button for a few seconds

Step 2. Once it has turned off, hold off for a minute or two before pressing the power button again

When your PS5 has loaded up again, try inserting the disc again.

You can also restart your Playstation 5 from safe mode if the standard reset did not work;

Step 3. Hold down on the ‘Power’ button to turn your console off

Step 4. Wait a minute before pressing down on the power button until you hear ‘two beeps’

Step 5. Connect your wireless controller to your console and click on the ‘PS’ key for the pairing to take place

Step 6. You will now be able to select ‘Restart Ps5’ 

Once the restart has finished, try your disc again.

Fix 3. Complete a firmware update

Upgrading your PS5’s software will get remove any corrupted files currently within your PS5’s software.

Step 1. From your home screen, go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘System’

Step 3. Now choose ‘System Software Update and Settings’ and then ‘Update System Software’

Step 4. Click on ‘Update Using Internet’

Allow the system update to complete.

Note, you are able to update your PS5’s firmware manually if your PlayStation cannot be connected to the internet.

Is there a PS5 that doesn’t take discs?

Sony has brought out 2 versions of the PS5 console, with one edition not taking discs.

One version is the PS5 ‘Disc Model’ and can accept gaming discs that can be used to install and download games, as well play from the disc inserted.

The second version is the PS5 ‘Digital Edition’. This PS5 cannot take in discs, and relies solely on obtaining games, like Fortnite, via an internet channel where you will need to download the game.

Every other spec on the PlayStation 5 is exactly the same between the two, besides the price, with the Digital Edition being just a little bit cheaper than the Disc Model.


With this tutorial generated to help you fix your PS5 not accepting discs, we hope your PlayStation 5 has now been able to recognize your Cyperpunk disc.

If, however, you still need to make use of PlayStations customer support, you can live chat with an agent, or speak to someone directly.

For any concerns relating to your PS5 having hardware issues, you can call them on 0203 538 2665, however, please complete their troubleshooting questions first, as you will be given a reference number to quote when calling their support team.