When trying to install a game on your PlayStation 5, you may encounter the ps5 error CE-10005-6 which signals that the system has a problem reading the disc you have inserted.

Presented on your screen as “Something went wrong” this error code has been reported by PS5 users that are trying to install a game via disc, and also when trying to download a game. 

Simply removing any dust from your system has been known to fix this error, but if the error CE-10005-6 persists, our quick tutorial will guide you through the other actions you can take to help fix the PS5 error code, so you can finally install and play the game.

What is PS5 error CE-10005-6

PS5 error ce-10005-6

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You will be witnessing the PS5 error CE-1005-6 on your screen when you are attempting to install a game onto your PS5 via a physical disc.

This is due to a problem occurring when your PS5 is reading the disc that you are trying to use.

This error code will also transpire when you try and download a game onto your gaming console.

What causes PS5 error CE-10005-6?

This error code will transpire on your PS5 due to the following possible reasons;

  • The disc you are using to install or download the game is damaged with scratches
  • Gaming disc has dust or debris that is interfering with the disk being read
  • Your internet disconnected while the game was being installed
  • PlayStation 5 server network is down
  • Your PS5’s storage space is too full
  • Wifi connection is slow
  • The Blu-Ray disc is overheating

How do I fix error CE 10005 6 on PS5?

PS5 error CE-1005-6

How to fix PS5 error CE-10005-6

If you are wondering, ”How do I fix error code on PS5” it can be done by following the easy fixes we have outlined for you;

Fix 1. Change the placement of your PS5

As absurd as it sounds, it has been recognized that changing how your PS5 is placed, can in fact help your console read the disc you have inserted as the placement can improve the drive reading your actual disc.

If you have your PlayStation 5 positioned vertically, move it so that it is now placed horizontally, and vice versa.

Fix 2. Free up storage space

PS5 users who have witnessed the error CE-10005-6 on their screen have advised that they have not actually had a physical disc inserted into their console when the ”Can’t download or copy” text appeared.

These PS5 holders fixed this error code by freeing up the storage space on their console.

Uninstall any games or apps that you are no longer using, or need for the duration of installing your desired game.

Fix 3. Clean your disc

Check to see that the physical disc you are using is not covered in dust, or damaged with scratches.

Use a clean, microfibre cloth to wipe your disc. Do this more than once to make sure your disc is completely clear of any tiny debris that could interfere with the disc drive.

The disc drive in your console may be dusty too, blowing into the drive can help get rid of any dust particles placed on the hardware.

Tip, use a tiny bit of alcohol with a cotton pad to really clean the Disk if you notice any tiny scratches.

Fix 4. Check PS5’s server

Your console may be in working order, but the PS5 server is down.

If this is the case, it can cause conflicting information when you are trying to make use of your gaming device.

You can check your PlayStation network here to confirm whether or not the CE-10005-6 error code is due to an internal malfunction, or if it is in fact from your external disc.

Fix 5. Reconnect your internet

If your internet connection disconnected during the install phase of a game via a Blu-Ray disc, you should make sure your wifi router has been refreshed.

The simplest way to reconnect your internet is by removing your wifi router from the mains, after turning it off.

Plug it back in after around 2-3 minutes and wait for your console to reconnect itself.

Doing this should also help the speed of your network connection.

Fix 6. Restart your PlayStation 5

Switch your PS5 off followed by removing its cable from the plug point. Once you have plugged it back in, you can turn your console back on.

Note, do not unplug and plug back in straight after. Wait a few moments to allow your PS5 to completely shut down.

Fix 7. Remove disc

The disc you are trying to use may be overheating while the download or installation is taking place.

Removing the disc and letting it cool down for a while may stop this error code from appearing. ‘

Are PS5 problems fixed?

There have been other issues documented regarding using the PlayStation 5 console.

Other problems have entailed;

  • PS5 crashing
  • Software problems
  • Noise in the background when the console is on

Updating the PS5 software has been known to help get rid of these issues.

How to update PS5 software

You can manually update the software by using this link to download the ‘Update File’ for your PS5.

Follow the on-screen instructions from PlayStation 5 here.


We hope this guide has given you all the tools you needed to be able to fix the PS5 error CE-10005-6 from appearing on your screen when trying to install a game via disc or download.

If for some reason, you are still experiencing issues on your PlayStation 5 console, you can make use of their customer support page, and even make use of their ‘Fix & Troubleshooting’ steps for a more in-depth diagnosis of your problem.

If your PS5 is still under warranty, you may be able to arrange a return for your console to be replaced. Make sure you have completed these steps before sending your PS5 back if the hardware of your device has been damaged.