If your Netflix app keeps buffering when trying to watch a movie try restarting the app to see if this fixes the problem also check that your internet speed is not being affected by an outage to ensure you have the correct bandwidth needed to run the Netflix application.

If this buffering problem continues we have created this simple guide for you, so you can understand why this is happening, and what you can check to try and fix this problem so your videos can play smoothly on Netflix without them stopping and starting whilst they buffer.

Why does Netflix keep buffering

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Why won’t Netflix buffer

We don’t want our Netflix app to keep buffering in the middle of a movie, however, we do want it to buffer as soon as we load up our desired video so it can download all the required data to be able to stream the content without any interruptions.

So why would Netflix not buffer?

Reason 1. Not fast enough internet

Netflix requires a certain amount of bandwidth to be able to stream without any hiccups, as well as be able to download all the data required to stream a full movie.

If your network connection is not good enough, Netflix won’t be able to buffer

  • 3Mbps is required for Standard streaming
  • 7Mbps is needed for High Definition a single device
  • 13Mbps if there are two devices streaming at the same time on High Definition

If you have multiple people streaming Netflix at the same time on the same network connection, this will overload the app, and it will not be able to play smoothly.

Reason 2. Server status is down

Netflix won’t buffer when their server is down.

This can be the case if there is planned maintenance, where they are working on Netflix to improve its performance, or there has been an unfortunate unplanned outage.

You can check the status of the Netflix server by using this link.

Reason 3. App is outdated

If Netflix’s app is outdated, this will interfere with how successful it is when it comes to streaming its content.

Netflix is continuously updating its software to improve the performance of the app and get rid of any bugs or software glitches that may transpire during the current usage of the app.

If you are still using an older version of the app, this may interfere with Netflix being able to buffer successfully as the information sent to the Netflix server can be distorted.

The same goes for the operating system of the device you are accessing Netflix on.

How do I force Netflix to buffer

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How to force Netflix to buffer

Getting your Netflix app to buffer properly so you can watch your movie or series without any further issues can be done by completing these troubleshooting fixes;

Fix 1. Reset your internet router

Resetting your wifi router will refresh the connection Netflix gets and should help eradicate any problems that were interfering with your internet speeds if you did have any.

Step 1. Turn your router off and remove it from the plug point

Step 2. Plug it back in after you have waited a few moments

Step 3. Turn it back on and launch your Netflix app once it has reconnected.

You should be able to play your desired movie series.

Fix 2. Update app and software

Make sure your Netflix is on the latest version, as well as the operating system of your device.

If both of these are updated, you should not have issues with your Netflix not buffering properly.

Step 1. Check to see if there is an ‘Update’ option on the Netflix app

Step 2. If there is an option to update it, click on it

Once the new version has overridden your current app, it is recommended to restart your device to refresh the app and its connection.

Check to see if the operating system on your device is also up to date by confirming if there is a ‘Software Update’ available.

If there is, select ‘Update’. Your device should automatically restart once this update has been completed.

Fix 3. Decrease video quality

Your Netflix will be able to buffer more easily if it is needing to download a movie that is of a standard quality, instead of higher quality, as less data is required to stream the video.

Step 1. On your Netflix app, go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Video Quality’

Step 3. Change the quality setting from ‘High’ to ‘Standard’

Once you have changed this setting, exit Netflix, and log back into it before loading up your desired show.

Can you buffer Netflix to watch offline?

There usually comes a time where you know you won’t be connected to a wifi connection, or have access to a good mobile data network to be able to stream Netflix without being constantly disconnected.

So can Netflix buffer and watch later?

Yes, it can. This is when Netflix’s ‘Download’ button will come into action.

All you have to do is click on the download button when you preview a movie you want to watch.

This will get the movie saved onto your device, and be readily available for when you want to play it offline.

Note, you currently cannot download series, only movies.


No one can be without Netflix, it provides account holders with endless movies and series to watch, with continuous updates to its content, you can’t go wrong with a subscription so it can be very annoying if the video service keeps buffering

The majority of the time, experiencing the buffering sign is not what we want to see on our screens, but it is definitely needed in order for us to be able to watch a show or movie, as long as the buffering takes place before the video plays.

We hope this guide has assisted you in being able to fix the issue of your Netflix when it keeps buffering and that you were able to get back to watching your favorite show or movie.