If your Vodafone app keeps stopping when trying to access your account, try switching off your mobile device, or restarting your laptop as this can help fix the problem. A Vodafone server outage could also be causing the problem, check to see if there is an issue by using this link.

There could be a number of other reasons why your Vodafone App is not working. 

That is why we have created this comprehensive guide to help fix the problem with your application, so you can gain access, and manage your Vodafone account without the mobile app stopping.

Why does my apps keep stopping?

Vodafone app keeps stopping

Why is my Vodafone app stopping

Are you experiencing your apps always stopping by;

  • Continuously freezing
  • Not processing your instructions on the app
  • Automatically exiting out of the app
  • Not responding

The main culprit for these malfunctions to transpire is software errors, or the app’s data is corrupted, or too full. There may be compatibility issues between your app and the device you are using. If your internet connection is not stable, this will also interfere with your apps working successfully. 

It is recommended to always check the server status of your app. If the server is down, your app will not be able to operate properly.

Why does the Vodafone app not work?

Are you asking yourself, ‘Why does the Vodafone app not work?’

Reason 1. Inactive number

Is your Vodafone number still active? Your Vodafone app will not be able to work if it is not connected to a functioning mobile number.

Reason 2. Incorrect contact details

If your contact details have been inputted incorrectly, you will not be able to access your Vodafone app.

You may also be having trouble accessing your Vodafone profile if you are using the wrong password.

Reason 3. Updated information

Your Vodafone app may be delayed in updating your details if you have switched over from ‘Pay As You Go’ to ‘Pay Monthly’ or vice versa.

If you have swapped over to a new SIM, this may also interfere with your new details being recognized on your Vodafone app.

Reason 4. App needs updating

Your Vodafone app may be outdated as a newer version has been made available.

The app will be updated to improve its performance and get rid of any problems that may have arisen in the current version.

Reason 5. Incompatible operating system

The operating software of your device needs to be compatible with the Vodafone app.

Your smart device’s system needs to be updated when there is an upgrade available to ensure all software can work in conjunction.

How do I get my Vodafone app to work

Vodafone app keeps stopping

How to Fix Vodafone app not working

You can get your Vodafone app operating again by using these easy fixes;

Fix 1. Check and reset internet connection

Check to see that your internet connection, whether it’s your Wifi or Mobile data is working properly.

If your network is down, you will not be able to access your Vodafone app. If however, your internet is connected fine, and it is providing you with adequate bandwidth speed, you may just need to reset the connection.

Step 1. Turn your router (or mobile data) off

Step 2. Unplug the router device for more than 2 minutes

Step 3. Plug it in and switch it back on

Once your device is connected again, relaunch your app.

Fix 2. Update Vodafone app

Your app may be needing an update to its latest version, which will better its performance, and provide improved software.

Step 1. Access your Google Play Store (Android device) or Apple App Store (iPhone)

Step 2. Find the Vodafone app

Step 3. If there is an ‘Update’ option, click on it

You can relaunch Vodafone once the app has been successfully updated.

Fix 3. Update Operating System

The device that you are accessing the Vodafone app on, needs to have the latest operating system installed to ensure it is compatible with the Vodafone app.

For iPhone:

‘Settings > General > Software Update > Download And Install’

Tip, enable ‘Automatic Updates’ so your iPhone will automatically notify you when an update is available.

For Android: 

‘Settings > About Phone > Check For Updates > Update > Install’

Fix 4. Clear cache files

Removing the cache files from the Vodafone app will free up space and get rid of any potential faulty files that have been interfering with your application working properly.

Note, if you are on Apple, you will need to delete your Vodafone app and reinstall it to get rid of the files.

On Android:

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Apps And Notifications’ followed by ‘View All Apps’

Step 3. Find and click on the Vodafone App

Step 4. Now press ‘Empty Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’

Confirm this action, and re-enter your Vodafone app.

Fix 5. Re-Download App

Uninstalling (or deleting) the app off of your device, and reinstalling it can fix your Vodafone app from stopping.

Step 1. Uninstall or delete the Vodafone app

Step 2. Go into your app store and redownload Vodafone

Tip, before downloading the app again, restart your device to refresh the data, and ensure all current files from the current version have been erased.

Does Vodafone have a contact number?

You can call the Vodafone Customer Service line by dialing 191 (from a Vodafone number), or 0333 3040 191.

Vodafone does have a Help and Support page online that you can make use of, as well as a Digital Assistant called ‘TOBI’ that you will be able to ask questions directly to. You will find the online chat service on the support page.


We hope our guide has helped you fix the problem with your Vodafone App. 

If the problem is continuing, and the application is still stopping, you can contact Vodafone technical support here or using their 191 contact number.

With over 400 Vodafone shops distributed across the UK, you could also pop into your local store and ask a customer services advisor for help. 

You can find your nearest located store by clicking here and inserting your current location.