Logging into Apple TV + should be an easy process by simply entering your password and email, however, sometimes you may experience a problem when Apple TV plus won’t accept your email address you are using. 

Restarting your Macbook or Laptop should always be the first thing to try if you’re wondering why Apple TV plus won’t accept my email.

If however, this does not resolve the Apple TV Plus login error, this guide will help you find out why the video service is not accepting your email, and also provide the fixes you need to finally log in and enjoy Apple’s great video content.

Why can’t I sign up for Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus won't accept my email

Why can’t I sign up for Apple TV+

You will not be able to sign in to your AppleTV Plus account if you are not receiving the ‘two-factor authentication‘ code.

This could be due to the code being forwarded to the wrong email address, or, you are trying to access your account with incorrect login credentials. 

What other reasons could be causing you to be unable to login into your Apple TV+ account?

Reason 1. Email address already in use

You may be trying to access your Apple TV+ account with an address that has already been used.

Apple only allows one account to be associated with one email address.

If the email account you are trying to use for Apple Plus has already been registered as a ‘rescue’ email address, you will not be able to use that address for a new Apple ID.

Note, this lasts for around one year before you can update this.

Reason 2. Authentication error

Apple TV gives account holders the option to enable the ‘two-factor authentication’ as well as verification codes that can be sent through as an extra security measure when logging into their accounts.

These measures can sometimes become problematic and interfere with users being able to sign into their accounts.

Reason 3. Device issues

The device you are trying to log into Apple TV Plus on may be the reason why you cannot access your account successfully.

Your device could be malfunctioning, or its software could be interfering with the app’s compatibility.

Reason 4. Apple ID server problems

The Apple ID server may be currently down while you are trying to log into your account.

You can keep up to date with the status of the Apple TV+ server by using this link.

Why is my email not working for Apple TV Plus?

Why is my email not working for Apple TV Plus

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Are you concerned your email is not supported by Apple?

All email addresses are supported by Apple, however, there are a few terms that need to be met when choosing your email account for Apple TV. If these are missed, it will cause conflict when trying to access your Plus profile.

These reasons could be;

  • You have not verified your Apple+ email ID with the verification, or two-step authentication code
  • The email address you are trying to use is already taken for a ‘rescue’ or ‘alternate’ address
  • If you are inputting your email incorrectly, it will not get recognized
  • The device you are trying to access your Apple TV Plus on is not trusted

How to login my Apple TV Plus account

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How to login my Apple TV Plus account

You may need to reset your Apple TV email if you want to log into your Apple Plus account. 

Fix 1. Reset Email

Step 1. Access the ‘Settings’ of your Apple TV

Step 2. Select the ‘Accounts’ option

Step 3. Under the Apple ID tab, click on ‘iTunes and App Store’

Step 4. You will now be able to see your current Apple ID’s listed. Delete your Apple ID currently saved

You can also remove any past emails used;

Fix 2. Remove email accounts

Step 1. After going into the ‘Settings’ option, select ‘General’

Step 2. Click on ‘Previously Used Emails’

Step 3. You can now edit or delete the email account currently saved

Once you have made these amendments, you will be able to register with your desired email address.

Have you forgotten the password associated with your Apple Plus email account? If you have, you will need to reset your password that is connected to your email address;

Fix 3. Reset password

Step 1. Go onto the ‘iForgot’ browser page of Apple

Step 2. Input your email address associated with your account

Step 3. Select ‘Continue’ followed by ‘I need to reset my password’

You will now be able to follow the on-screen instructions and request an email to be sent to your account to reset your password.

Note, if you have forgotten your Apple ID, you can click here to find it.

If you have forgotten your Apple ID email, you can find it by completing this simple step;

Fix 4. Recover email ID

Step 1. Access the Apple recovery page

Step 2. Input your details

Step 3. In the email address section, you will need to input your different email addresses until one matches your details

If the email address you are trying to use is ‘already in use’ you will need to first remove it as an account and then try again. This can be completed by following Fix 2.

Fix 3. Reset device

Your Apple TV Plus may be functioning perfectly fine, but the device you are trying to access your Plus account on is malfunctioning.

Reset the device you are using, whether it’s your laptop, mobile device or smart TV.

Step 1. Restart your device by turning it off

Step 2. Pause for a few minutes before turning it back on

Tip, if you are accessing your Apple TV+ on your smart TV, unplug it for a few moments before getting it turned on again.


With exclusive original content, not being able to login into your Plus account can be a very frustrating experience when Apple TV Plus won’t accept your email.

We hope this guide has helped you solve the email entry process, and you have now gained access to your account.

If you find that the video service still does not accept the email you are using, Apple does have a support page you can make use of, as well as a dedicated Twitter page for all your queries and concerns.