Wondering why the Netflix app won’t work on my Sony TV? Have you tried power cycling your TV but still can’t load the Netflix app? In this guide, we’ll show you why the Netflix app has stopped working on your Sony TV and what methods can troubleshoot this issue.

The Netflix app is available on many set-up boxes, blue-ray players, and smart TVs. Sony smart TV models come with a pre-installed Netflix app and you only need to register with Netflix to instantly start streaming the latest movies and TV shows.

However, quite a few users are reporting that Netflix is not working on their Sony TV. The Netflix app either won’t load or show a blank screen. Let’s find out how to fix this issue to get the Netflix streaming back on your Sony TV.

Why has Netflix stopped working on my Sony TV?

Why has Netflix stopped working on my Sony TV?

If Netflix has stopped working on your Sony TV, it could be due to the following reasons.

  • The date and time settings are inaccurate on your TV
  • Network issues are causing the Netflix app to malfunction on Sony TV
  • The Sony TV software is outdated and needs to update for Netflix to work
  • Netflix TV app is outdated or corrupted
  • Netflix app cache on your Sony TV is bulking up with corrupt and junk files

How to fix Netflix not working on Sony TV?

You can fix the Netflix app not working on your Sony TV with the help of the following troubleshooting steps.

Set correct date and time

Sony TV automatically adjusts date and time settings by retrieving the date and time from the network or broadcast signals. However, these settings can be misconfigured due to problems with broadcast signals and network connection, hence leading to the Netflix app issues.

Therefore, you may need to set time and data manually on your Sony TV to work with the Netflix app. To do this:

  • Grab your Sony TV remote and press the Home button
  • Go to Settings → Device Preferences → Date & time → Automatic date & time → set it to Off
  • Now select the date and time manually

Troubleshoot network issues

Most of the time, the apps in any smart TV malfunction due to a problem with the internet connection. The same goes for the Netflix app on Sony smart TV.

To fix network issues, run a quick internet speed test and diagnose WIFI signal strength issues by rebooting your router. If the issue persists, try switching to another network connection to further isolate network troubles at your end.

Update Sony TV Software

Netflix requires your Sony TV to run on its latest software to work properly. Sony’s latest firmware and software updates may have patches that can solve the Netflix app loading issues. To update your Sony TV software:

  • Press Home on your remote and go to Settings
  • Now select Product Support, Customer Support, or Setup
  • Next, select Software update and then select Network
  • Select Ok or Yes to install the update
  • Restart your Sony TV and launch the Netflix app to see if this fix worked for you

Update Netflix app

Updating the Netflix app on your Sony TV fixes the compatibility issues that can result in the smooth performance of the app.

The good news is that the Sony smart TVs come with a pre-installed Netflix app. Therefore, you only need to turn on the automatic updates option on your TV to update the Netflix app. You can do this by navigating to Apps > Google Play Store > Settings > Auto-update apps > Auto-update apps at any time.

Reset Sony TV

Sometimes you need to reset your Sony TV to its factory default to let the Netflix app work smoothly. To do this:

  • Press the Home button on the supplied Sony remote and navigate to Settings
  • Go to Device Preferences and then select Reset
  • Next, select Reset or Factory data reset
  • Finally, select Erase everything and confirm this action by pressing Yes

How do I reset Netflix on my Sony TV?

How do I reset Netflix on my Sony TV?

Resetting the Netflix app on your Sony TV is a quick fix for numerous Netflix errors. You can do this by force-stopping the app.
This process results in a complete app shut down. Therefore, your Netflix app will terminate its current background processes. These background processes eat up useful resources that can cause the app to malfunction on your TV. To do this:
  • Press and hold down the Home button on your remote until you see a task switcher option
  • Now select Netflix from the apps list and then press and hold the Enter or OK button
  • Select the Force close option and press OK
  • Next, go back to the app list and select Netflix to open the app again

How do I clear my Netflix cache on my Sony Smart TV?

How do I clear my Netflix cache on my Sony Smart TV?

Netflix app won’t work on your Sony TV if its cache is full of junk and corrupted files. However, you can clear the app cache on your TV to fix this issue. Before proceeding with this step, make sure that the date and time are set correctly on your Sony TV and your internet speed is satisfactory.

  • Grab the supplied remote, press the Home button, and select Settings
  • Now navigate to Apps > See all apps > Show system apps
  • Under System apps, select the Netflix app
  • Next, select Clear cache and press OK
  • Launch the Netflix app and verify that the app works fine
  • If the issue persists, navigate back to the Netflix app under the System apps and select Clear all data

Clearing the Netflix app cache and app data will permanently remove all files, accounts, and settings. You may need to register with Netflix again to be able to use the app.


Not being able to play Netflix content on your Sony smart TV can be quite frustrating. We hope that this guide helped you use the Netflix app again on your TV. We recommend that you start with the simplest solutions and then proceed with more complex fixes such as resetting Sony TV software and clearing the Netflix cache. Good Luck!!