If you are trying to access YouTube on your Roku and it won’t work, you may be experiencing YouTube not launching at all, the app freezing when you have tried to watch a video, or, been unable to log in to your YouTube account.

A software blip on your Roku or too many screensavers saved onto your smart TV can be the catalyst for the YouTube channel to not work on your device.

Follow on with our easy to read guide to gain a better understanding of why YouTube won’t function on your Roku TV, and what steps you can take to have your online media platform working again so you can enjoy all that YouTube has to offer.

Why is YouTube not working on my Roku?

Youtube won't work on Roku

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YouTube is not working on your Roku due to:

  • There has been a software error on your TV
  • Your internet connection is problematic
  • Your YouTube subscription has ended

Reason 1. Software issue

Roku will automatically complete system updates, however, it is not unheard of if an update does not go through successfully.

This can create system errors, with your Roku in general, or with a specific application.

Reason 2. Erratic internet connection

If your home internet connection is dipping in and out of connectivity, this will affect YouTube being able to load properly on your Roku.

YouTube TV requires at least 3Mbps on a stable connection to stream at a standard resolution. Sometimes, your Wifi connection can disconnect for a short moment, or your network service provider could be down.

Reason 3. YouTube account issues

It’s always important to make sure you are logged in correctly to your accounts. You may have unintentionally entered the incorrect password, or included a typo in your credentials, causing YouTube to not recognize your details.

If you are a YouTube Premium user, your subscription may have expired. If you have updated account details and not amended it on YouTube, the app may have kicked you out.

Reason 4. YouTube or Roku service down

If the YouTube or Roku are experiencing server issues, this will hinder YouTube from loading on your Roku TV.

The app or device may be down due to planned maintenance, or there has been an unexpected service outage.

To check the service statuses:

How to fix YouTube not working on Roku

Youtube not working on Roku

How to fix YouTube on Roku

Users can fix YouTube not working on their Roku by following these easy steps;

Fix 1. Update Roku software

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ from your home screen

Step 2. Click on ‘System’

Step 3. Select ‘System Update’ followed by ‘Check Now’

If an update is available, confirm this. Once it has been installed, restart your Roku and launch YouTube.

Fix 2. Uninstall YouTube app

Roku users have advised uninstalling the YouTube app and reinstalling it has fixed their YouTube from not working on their TV.

Step 1. From the home screen, find the YouTube app

Step 2. Highlight YouTube and click on the ‘Options’ button on your remote

Step 3. Click on ‘Remove Channel’ and confirm

Step 4. Unplug your Roku and wait a few seconds

Step 5. Once your Roku is re-plugged and your TV is on, reinstall the Roku app

YouTube should now launch without any issues.

Fix 3. Reboot your internet connection

Step 1. Turn your Wifi router off at its ‘Power’ button

Step 2. Unplug it

Step 3. After waiting for at least 3 minutes, plug it back in

Step 4. Activate your router

Once your modem is connected to your network, and your Roku has reconnected open YouTube.

Fix 4. Check YouTube account details

Access your YouTube account to make sure your personal and account details are saved correctly.

If you cannot log in, confirm you have entered your credentials without any typos, or an incorrect password.

YouTube may have logged you out automatically, so it may just be a case of logging back in.

Fix 5. Uninstall screensaver(s)

It has been recognized that uninstalling a screensaver (one known as Aquatic Life) off of your Roku has fixed YouTube not opening on Roku.

Step 1. Find the screensaver you have downloaded and uninstall it

Step 2. Restart your Roku device

Step 3. Once your Roku is back on and connected, open YouTube

Your channel should not have any further problems.

Can you get YouTube TV with Roku?

The YouTube app and channel is still available on Roku.

Users can install the YouTube app onto their Roku TV from the Roku Channel store for free, with all Roku TVs being compatible with the streaming service.

If your Roku does not have the YouTube TV app preinstalled, you will need to manually download the YouTube app.

For additional assistance on downloading the app onto your Roku, you can use YouTube’s TV support page.


Now that we have eradicated the YouTube won’t work on Roku problem, you can now have access to YouTube’s movie selections, music, and so much more if you are a Premium subscriber.

If you are still experiencing issues with YouTube not loading on Roku, or functioning sporadically, you should contact Roku’s customer support.

Roku also has a strong community where users ask questions and provide solutions that have worked for them.

For future reference, save this guide as a favourite so it can be easily accessible if something similar happens with your Roku TV.