Your Roku TV can show a black screen when you start your TV. This error can present itself as a flickering, blinking blank screen or a static image with no display at all.

The black screen issue can arise while your Roku still has audio, or, there may be no sound at all with your screen blinking black.

A simple reset of your TV or an update of Roku’s software could be the solution to this issue.

Regardless of how your Roku is experiencing a blank screen, our guide will take a look at all the possible reasons why this problem is occurring, and also provide 7 easy steps that will assist you in fixing this error.

Why is my Roku showing a black screen?

Roku black screen

Why is Roku showing a black screen

Your Roku is showing a black screen because;

  • Your smart TV is experiencing a software issue
  • The resolution setting has been misconfigured
  • There are cables that have not been securely connected
  • An ‘Input Signal’ error
  • Damaged HDMI Port

The Roku black screen issue has not only been experienced on the Roku TV, but also on a TV with a Roku streaming stick connected.

How does a black screen appear on Roku

Owners of a Roku TV can experience a blank screen in a few different forms;

Form 1. A blank screen without any sound

  • Your Roku screen may be completely blank without any audio coming through.
  • This is mainly due to a software issue, or faulty cables.

Form 2. Black screen with audio

  • Sometimes, your TV will still play sounds when the visuals do not come through. This could be due to the resolution settings being incorrect.

Form 3. Roku screen flickering black

  • The images on your smart TV may be showing, but your screen will flicker black after every 30 seconds or so.

Form 4. A blinking black screen

  • Roku’s screen will show imagery, but it will keep on blinking to a blank screen.

How do you fix a black screen on Roku

Roku black screen

How to fix blank screen on Roku

Fix 1. Reset TV

If you are experiencing a black screen while still having audio on your Roku, you can reset your TV with your Roku remote;

Step 1. Press the HOME button X 5

Step 2. Press the UP arrow X 1

Step 3. Click the REWIND button X 2

Step 4. Now press the FAST-FORWARD button X 2 

Allow your TV to complete the resetting process, and wait until it comes back on.

Note, if you do not have a remote, there will be a tiny ‘Reset’ button on your TV that you can press down on (provided you have something small, like a paperclip) for around 20 seconds.

Fix 2. Reboot TV

Step 1. Turn your Roku TV off

Step 2. Unplug it from the mains

Step 3. Plug it back in after a few minutes

Switch your TV back on and check to see if the visuals will show.

Fix 3. Complete a system update

If you are still able to see your TV screen, but it is flickering, you can perform a system update. This will upgrade the software on your Roku, and improve its performance

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘System’ and then ‘System Update’

Step 3. Click on ‘Check Now’

If there is an update available, allow your TV to complete it.

It was recognized that completing this upgrade, fixed the Roku black screen issue for Roku streaming stick users.

Fix 4. Check resolution settings

The resolution settings on your TV may be configured incorrectly, causing your screen to show up as black.

Step 1. On the home screen, go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Find and click on ‘Display Type’

Step 3. Check what resolution your TV is currently set on, and change it to a higher option

Confirm these changes.

Fix 5. Check connected cables

A cable not securely connected will interfere with the normal functioning of your TV.

Make sure all cables are connected properly. If you have a different port available, change over the cable as it could be a faulty port that is causing the black screen issue.

Try using a different HDMI cable if you have one as the problem could ly with the actual cable.

Fix 6. Check picture mode

A flashing black screen on Roku can be rectified by updating the picture mode in the settings section of your Roku TV.

Check to see what picture mode is currently set, and change it to ‘Standard’ if it is on ‘Dynamic’.

Fix 7. Disable Inactivity setting

Your Roku TV has an inactivity function that causes your smart device to go blank if it has been switched on but stayed inactive for around 4 hours, as a way to ‘save bandwidth’

Step 1. Click on the home button and go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Network’ and press ‘Bandwidth Saver’

Step 3. Deactivate this option

No display on Roku TV?

If you are using a Roku Player, or streaming stick, and the display is not coming up on your TV, you need to check that the devices have been connected properly;

  • Check to see that the ‘Power’ light is on
  • Ensure your TV is tuned to the correct ‘Input’ source
  • Make sure cables are properly connected in their ports
  • Double-check that the power cable is inserted  into a working plug socket


We hope our guide has helped you fix the Roku black screen issue. You can save this guide so you can access it easily if, for some reason, this problem reoccurs in the future.

If the blank, or flickering screen still occurs after trying our easy steps, you can make use of Roku’s support page. You can email Roku’s support team directly, or check out their community page.

For the usage of Roku devices, you can always check to see if there is a service outage that is interfering with your visuals, by using this link.