Are you asking yourself, ‘Why won’t YouTube work on my smart TV?’ If so, you might have been confronted with an error code when trying to launch YouTube, or a video won’t play.

This issue transpires from a poor internet connection or faulty installation files. However, it may be the YouTube app or your Smart TV that is causing the setback.

YouTube not working on your smart TV is an easy fix, which is why we have generated this directory for you, to guide you with the right solutions so you can resume access to your YouTube channel, whether it’s free or the Premium version.

Why is YouTube on my Smart TV not working?

Youtube won't work on my smart TV

Why won’t YouTube work on Smart TV

YouTube is not working on your Smart TV because the YouTube has not been installed properly, there is a different streaming service currently playing in the background, or your Smart TV is due for an update.

Reason 1. Installation error

If there has been an interference while the YouTube app has been downloaded onto your Smart TV, it will become ‘incompatible’ with your TV’s software.

This results in the video streaming service not being able to work on your TV.

YouTube may have downloaded successfully onto your television but has a missing file, or some of its data is contaminated

Reason 2. YouTube content is corrupted

If YouTube won’t work on your Smart TV, it could be because the piece of content you are trying to stream is damaged.

YouTube will not be able to play the item and would need to be rectified by YouTube.

Reason 3. Inadequate internet connection

With YouTube being an online video streaming platform, a faulty internet connection, with dismal speeds will inevitably hinder the experience of being able to launch YouTube and play videos without any hassle.

The required bandwidth speeds for YouTube range between 2.5Mbps to 20Mbps, depending on the resolution and quality of the video.

You can check to see your internet speed to ensure you are providing YouTube with an adequate connection.

Reason 4. Software update required

Your Smart TV, as well as your YouTube app, should automatically upgrade to their latest software versions.

In some instances, the update can be disrupted, installed with damaged files, or not take place.

How do I know YouTube is not working on my Smart TV

You will know your YouTube is not working on your Smart TV because you will encounter these setbacks;

  • YouTube will not launch
  • Certain Videos will not play
  • The app keeps freezing
  • You are faced with ‘YouTube is unavailable. Please try again later’
  • YouTube does not work via your browser

How do I get YouTube to work on my Smart TV?

Youtube won't work on my smart tv

How to fix YouTube on smart TV

Fix 1. Restart smart TV

A simple solution to your YouTube now working on your smart TV is power resetting your TV.
Step 1. Switch your smart TV off by the main ‘Power’ button
Step 2. Unplug your smart device and wait for 2 – 3 minutes
Step 3. Plug your TV back in and turn it back on
Launch YouTube to confirm if this fix has rectified the issue.

Fix 2. Reboot Wifi router

Reconnecting your internet is important to refresh the connection with your network service provider if there was a momentary failure.

Step 1. Unplug your router after powering it off

Step 2. Plug it back in after a couple of minutes

Step 3. Turn your modem on and wait for it to reconnect

You can now access YouTube

Fix 3. Update software

Make sure your smart TVs system software has been updated to the latest version.

Smart TVs will have different steps to update their software depending on the brand and version, but you should find ‘System Update’ under the ‘Settings’ option on your TV.

For example, on a Samsung smart TV:

Click ‘Menu’ on your remote > Select ‘Settings’ > Choose ‘Support’ > ‘Software Update’ > ‘Update Now’

With your TV updated to its latest software, you can ensure the YouTube app is upgraded.

On all smart TVs, you should be able to select the YouTube app and check for an ‘Update’ option, alternatively, you can access your Play Store and check to see if you can complete the upgrade there.

Reinstalling the YouTube app will ensure the latest version gets downloaded onto your smart TV.

On a Samsung smart TV:

Go to ‘Apps’ > Select ‘Settings’ > Press YouTube > Click on ‘Reinstall’

Fix 4. Check YouTube content

A specific video may be unable to stream on YouTube because its data is corrupted. This is an issue YouTube will have to amend.

You can, however, check to see if it is the specific video by trying to play different content. If other videos work, this will confirm there is an issue with that certain item.

How do I mirror YouTube to my TV?

If your YouTube app is working on your mobile device, and you want to cast YouTube to your smart TV instead of going through the fixes, you can do this.

Step 1. Make sure your mobile and smart TV are connected to the same Wifi network

Step 2. Launch YouTube on your mobile

Step 3. Click on ‘Cast’ or ‘Airplay’ at the top right of your screen

Step 4. Choose your smart TV

YouTube will now play on your smart TV through your mobile device.


We hope our guide has helped you fix YouTube from not working on your smart TV, and that you can enjoy YouTube TV, or simply browsing on a sizeable screen.

If however, you would like further assistance, you can check out their Help Center which covers a multifold of issues and topics.

If you do not find what you’re looking for, you can contact YouTube’s customer support