Is your Roku device not connecting to your WIFI network? This article will explain in detail why it happens, how to test the Roku signal strength, and what can you do to fix the issue.

Roku TVs and Roku devices need to be connected to the internet to stream content. Furthermore, they require a high-quality signal for seamless operation. Therefore, once that connection and signal strength is lost, you need to troubleshoot the issue to resume that seamless internet pace.

Roku is an exceptional device to enjoy on-demand TV shows and movies. However, a lot of users are experiencing internet connectivity problems which is not letting them stream videos. Let us show you why internet issues affect the performance of your Roku device and how you can solve this problem. Roku Not Connecting To WIFI

Roku Not Connecting To WIFI

Your Roku might be not connecting to the WIFI due to the following reasons.

  • You have poor WIFI Signal strength in your area or home
  • Your internet service provider is experiencing a service outage
  • Other internet devices in your home are consuming all the bandwidth and causing Roku not to connect with the internet
  • Your Roku device is malfunctioning
  • If you are using an Ethernet cable, it may not be firmly connected to the Roku device

How Do I Check My Roku Internet Connection?

The first step to troubleshoot the Roku WIFI issue is to check whether your Roku device has the proper internet speed and exhibits the required signal strength. To check this:

  • Go to the Home screen and scroll down to Settings
  • Navigate to the Network option and then select the Network page
  • First, select the About option to verify that you see connection type, signal strength, IP, and download speeds. If you don’t see any information, it means you are not connected to the internet. However, if you see all the options and still can’t view content, proceed to the next step
  • Select the Check Connection Tool and then press Ok to start the test
  • The Check connection tool will display network connection status, speed, and internal strength
  • If the data is not in the acceptable range, continue with the fixes in this guide

How To Connect My Roku To The Internet?

roku not connecting to wifi fix

If the Roku connection tool test did not help you figure out the cause of the WIFI connectivity issues, you can do the following troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Reconnect Roku

Sometimes, reconnecting Roku to the internet solves many connectivity issues. To do this on a Roku device:

  • From the Home screen, choose Settings
  • Navigate to the Network option and then proceed to the Network page
  • Next, go to Set up connection and then select Wireless
  • Press Ok to continue so that the System starts to scan the nearby Wireless networks
  • Now locate your network on the list and select it
  • Enter the correct password for your WIFI network and click on Connect
  • To see if Roku is connected to the WIFI network, go to the About section under Settings and verify that you see all the network information

If the WIFI error persists, move on to the next troubleshooting steps.

Restart your Roku Device

Sometimes, all it takes is a restart for the Roku device to get rid of various errors( Interlink here with Roku error code 020 article when published) and to function properly. This can solve many temporary bugs in the device. To restart:

  • Again, go to your Home screen and navigate to Settings
  • Next, head over to the System Menu and select System Restart
  • Chose Restart from the System Restart menu
  • Wait for a few minutes for your Roku device to restart
  • Now check if you can connect to your WIFI network

How Do I Reset My Roku Internet Connection?

If your Roku still can’t connect to the WIFI network, there is one last thing you can try and that is to reset the internet connection from Roku’s Settings.

  • Single press the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Head over to the Settings Menu and select Advanced System Settings from the list
  • Next, choose the option of Network Connection Reset
  • Roku will now reset the internet connection by clearing all its corrupted network settings
  • Wait for the Roku to reboot itself
  • Now set up your new network settings and enter your username and password again to recreate a new WIFI connection
  • Again go to the About section under the Settings menu
  • You can now see all of your WIFI network information
  • Play any content and verify that the issue is fixed


Roku is a great option for internet-based entertainment. We hope that this article aided you in fixing the Roku not connecting to the WIFI connection error. However, if the issue persists, troubleshoot your router or modem and ask your internet service provider to fix the WIFI speed at their end.