If your Xbox Series X won’t do 1440P 120Hz, your TV may not have a 2.1 supported HDMI port for your console to connect to.

Sometimes, Xbox users have been able to experience a 1440P and 120Hz display through the use of a 2.0 port with their 2.1 HDMI cable.

The 4K display setting on your Xbox Series X can interfere with your console’s screen. Turning this off has helped rectify this error.

Did you know, having Xbox set to 120Hz can help improve how well you perform in your games due to the quicker image changes? This eradicates latency, so your console will process your requests faster.

In this easy to follow guide, we will explain why your Xbox Series X won’t do 1440P at 120Hz and what steps you can take to help fix this problem if you are making use of a compatible TV or monitor, so you can enjoy your gameplay with a sharper image.

What is 1440 120Hz on Xbox Series X?

xbox series x won't do 1440p 120hz

What is 1440P 1220Hz on Xbox Series X

1440P 120Hz the Xbox Series X is the image resolution and your screen’s refresh rate per second. This is the overall image quality that your console will display on your screen. A 1440 resolution will have a sharper image compared to 1080P. A 120Hz refresh rate means your Xbox image will be able to change 120 times within a second.

These two image configurations are available in the settings section on your Xbox Series X. They should be set to be compatible with the TV your console is connected to.

What resolution is best for Xbox Series X?

1440P is the best resolution for your Xbox Series X to be set to.

The Xbox Series X has a maximum frame rate of 120Fps. Your Xbox Series X will be able to make use of this rate if your TV supports it.

How do you know if your TV supports 120Hz?

If your TV has an HDMI port of 2.1, this will confirm it will be able to support 120Hz. A 2.0 port will support 60Hz, however, some televisions will support 120Hz with a 2.0 port.

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Why Won’t My Xbox Series X Work on 1440P 120Hz?

xbox series x won't do 1440p 120hz

Why won’t Xbox Series X do 1440P 120Hz?

Your Xbox Series X won’t do 1440P 120Hz if your console is not connected to a monitor that supports a 2.1 HDMI port. Your TV will need to contain a 2.1 compatible port for your Xbox console to be able to display the image at a 1440P resolution and a 120Hz frame rate.

Most modern TVs are being manufactured with a 2.1 enabled HDMI port but may have other configurations that could interfere with your Xbox Series X making use of 1440P and 120Hz simultaneously.

Other reasons why your console is won’t do 1440P 120Hz include;

1. Smart TV cannot do 1440P and 120Hz concurrently

Some TVs support 1440P and 120Hz, however, are unable to be set on these at the same time. If this is the case, your Xbox Series X will only be able to make use of the setting that has been enabled on your television.

2. 4K Enabled on Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X users have reported on Reddit that having the 4K resolution turned on in the video mode has interfered with their console operating on 1440P 120Hz.

3. Faulty HDMI Connection

If the HDMI cable that is connecting your Xbox Series X to your TV is damaged or faulty, it can interfere with the quality of the image being displayed on your screen.

It will also need to be inserted properly in the HDMI port to ensure the picture appears without any issues.

How to Get 1440P 120Hz Xbox Series X

xbox series x won't do 1440p 120hz

Xbox Series X

You can get your Xbox Series X to do 1440P 120Hz by making sure you have connected your console to a TV that includes a 2.1 HDMI port and supports the 1440 resolution. Because your Xbox will come with an HDMI 2.1 cable, it will automatically detect the 120 frame rate when it is plugged in. 

If your TV is not compatible with the 2.1 HDMI, you can try using a 2.0 port and see if it will work, otherwise, swapping to a different television if you can be the solution.

How to set Xbox Series X to 1440P

Step 1. Open the Settings on your Xbox

Step 2. Under the ‘General’ tab select ‘TV and Display Options’

Step 3. Click on ‘Resolution’ and change this 1440P

Your Xbox will update this setting and may ask you to confirm if you want to keep the resolution.

Once this has been set, check the resolution setting on your TV or monitor, and make sure you have selected the correct option.

2. Disable 4K Setting on Xbox Series X

Turning the 4K setting off on your Xbox Series X will stop this feature from interfering with the 1440P 120Hz not working.

Step 1. Launch Settings

Step 2. Open ‘TV and Display Options’

Step 3. Under the ‘Advanced’ tab select ‘Video Modes’

Step 4. Untick ‘Allow 4K’

Once this has been updated, refresh your Xbox by completing a restart.

3. Check Xbox HDMI Cable

A damaged HDMI cable connecting your console to your TV may be the reason why your Xbox Series X won’t do 1440P 120Hz.

If it is faulty, try swapping it for a different cable, or potentially, replace it with a new cable.

Note, if your Xbox Series X is displaying a Black screen it can be due to a problematic HDMI cable, so you should be experiencing additional issues if the problem lies with this part of your console.

Can HDMI 2.0 do 1440p 120Hz?

Couple Gaming

2.0 HDMI Cable

Some gamers have been able to experience 1440P 120Hz image quality with a 2.0 HDMI connection cable and port. A 2.0 HDMI does allow 120Fps as well as 1440P if your TV allows it, otherwise, you can experience this display resolution with the use of a monitor. 

Using a 2.0 HDMI cable and/or port will not give you a definite 1440P 120Hz screen, so your best bet to receive this display is to ensure you have a 2.1 HDMI supported cable and port.

Normally, you will know if your screen supports 120Hz because the option will not show up in the frame rate list in the settings section of your Xbox.


We hope after following this guide, that you can now comprehend why your Xbox Series X won’t do 1440P 120Hz when you want to play games, and that you were able to get your display to be re-configured to this setting.

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If you are experiencing further display issues with your Xbox Series X, we suggest you make use of the Xbox Support page. Keep in mind, if the Xbox server is down, you may have difficulty reaching their website.

To check the Xbox service status, you can use this link.