Does your Nintendo Switch have no sound on your TV?

Have you connected your Switch directly, or are you making use of the Nintendo docking station? You can experience audio issues with your Switch if you have an additional device connected to your console.

For example, headphones will prevent any sound to come through your TV speakers. A damaged HDMI cable is another reason why this issue can transpire.

In this directory, we will guide you through all the possible reasons why your Nintendo Switch has no sound on your TV, and supply you with easy solutions you will be able to execute so you can enjoy your gameplay through a larger screen with improved surround sound.

Why Does my Nintendo Switch Have no Sound on TV?

nintendo switch no sound on tv

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Your Nintendo Switch will have no sound on your TV if it does not support ‘Surround Sound’. When you want the output audio from your Nintendo Switch to be played through your TV, you need to set your Switch to the surround sound setting. If, however, your TV is not compatible with this, the audio will not be transmitted.

Additional reasons that will cause your Nintendo Switch to have no sound on the TV include;

1. Sound Settings

Make sure your TV is not set to mute, or the volume is set too low that you are unable to hear anything.

Although unlikely, this can sometimes be the case if the mute or low volume button was accidentally pressed.

2. Headphones Connected into Switch

If you have headphones connected to your Nintendo Switch, the audio will not play through your television even if you have TV mode enabled.

Headphones, whether wired or Bluetooth will override the sound setting on your console.

3. Nintendo Switch HDMI Cable Issues

If the HDMI cable that connects your Nintendo to your TV is not inserted properly, you will experience audio issues.

A damaged or faulty cable will also create no sound through the HDMI on your Switch.

4. Additional USB Device Connected to Switch

Do you have a device connected to your Switch’s dock that is not from Nintendo?

Having additional USB devices connected to your console can interfere with the audio output, and prevent it from reaching your TV.

5. TV Error

Ample Nintendo Switch users who have experienced this very issue, have taken to Reddit and confirmed there was an issue with their actual smart TV that was causing their console to have no sound when connected to their TV.

This could be due to an outstanding software update, or incorrect audio settings.

How Do I Get Sound From My Nintendo Switch to My TV?

nintendo switch no sound on tv

How to fix Nintendo Switch no sound on TV

You can get the sound from your Nintendo Switch to be played through your TV by making sure the ‘Surround Sound’ setting is enabled on your Switch, and that your TV supports this setting. If your television does not support this setting, you will need to change the sound setting on your console to ensure compatibility between your two devices.

If you need guidance on how to change the sound settings on your Switch, we have outlined the three simple steps you need to take;

How do I change the sound settings on my Nintendo Switch?

Step 1. From the Main Menu, launch the ‘System Settings’

Step 2. On the left-hand panel, choose ‘TV Settings’ followed by ‘TV Sound’

Step 3. Change the setting to ‘Automatic’, ‘Stereo’ or ‘Mono’

Your TV should support one of these options. Try each one out to see which one you prefer.

(Did you know; Nintendo Switch is the first-ever hybrid gaming console to be released in 2017. This means it could be used as a portable as well as being connected to a TV, thanks to its screen).

Other fixes you can execute to solve the Nintendo Switch no sound on your TV error include;

1. Check Sound Settings

Make sure your TV is not muted or set to a very low volume. If you have any other devices connected directly to your TV, this will also interfere with the audio coming through from your Switch.

2. Disconnect Headphones

If you currently have headphones connected to the audio jack of your Switch or enabled Bluetooth speakers, disconnect them from your console.

3. Check Nintendo Switch HDMI Cable

Is the HDMI cable connecting your Nintendo to your TV inserted correctly?

If it is, check to see if the cable is not damaged or faulty. You can do this by testing it with a different device

A damaged HDMI cable will need to be replaced.

4. Remove Connected USB Devices

Any USB devices connected to your Nintendo dock while you’re trying to play your Switch through your TV will interfere with the audio output.

Remove these devices before using your TV again, and turn your Nintendo Switch off and on again to refresh its connection.

5. Troubleshoot TV

Your TV may need a system update, or the settings need to be configured correctly.

Check if there is a pending software update available. Most smart TVs will have this under the ‘System Settings’ section.

Check that you have your TV set to display from the correct HDMI port.

Tip, reboot your TV as it may have just experienced a temporary system error.

Can you Replace Nintendo Switch HDMI Cable?

Nintendo Switch no sound on TV

Can you replace HDMI cable for Nintendo Switch

You can replace the Nintendo Switch HDMI cable. The Nintendo Switch cable is standard and does not require a specific model. It is, however, recommended to replace the HDMI cable with one that supports a high-resolution image and sound to ensure you still receive a good quality image. 

You can purchase a standard HDMI cable off of Amazon. If you want to make sure it will be compatible with your Switch, they do stock one that is specifically for the Nintendo console.

You can look at it here.

What is the Nintendo Switch Docking Station?

The Nintendo docking station is used for gameplay on your TV, however, it is not necessary if you do not have one.

Users can connect their Switch to the TV without a dock station.

If you have multiple TVs that you connect your Switch to, the docking station will make it easier for you to move your console between them.

You can take a look at the Nintendo docking station here.

Switch Not Connecting to TV when Docked

Gaming Console

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If your Nintendo Switch is not connecting to your TV when it is docked, it could be due to the docking station being in an error state. This state can transpire the dock does not recognize that your Nintendo Switch has been inserted, or, it has been unable to connect to your TV.

Other reasons why your docking station is not connecting to your TV include;

  • You have connected your Switch and dock in the wrong order
  • There is an issue with your cable or HDMI
  • Faulty Nintendo dock
  • Not enough power is being transmitted

These issues can be checked to get your Switch to connect to your TV when it is docked;

  • Check your HDMI cable
  • Change to a different power supply point
  • Power restart your Switch
  • Update your console
  • Make sure your Nintendo Switch is charged

If your docking station is damaged or faulty, it may need to be replaced.

What is The Correct Order to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV?

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You need to connect your console to your TV in the correct order, otherwise, there is a chance that your Nintendo Switch will either have no sound on your TV, or it will not connect at all. The incorrect order has already been reported as a cause for your Switch to have these issues.

The correct order to connect your Switch is as follows;

Note, make sure nothing is connected

Step 1. Plug in the USB-C Adapter

Step 2. Put the HDMI cable to the docking station

Step 3. Insert the other HDMI end into your TV

Step 4. Place your Nintendo into the dock

Step 5. Switch your TV on and make sure you select the correct input setting

Please note, the Nintendo Lite edition is not compatible with TV mode.


We hope this easy to read guide has helped you make sense of why your Nintendo Switch had no sound on your TV, and that you were able to fix this issue with one of the five simple solutions provided.

If you have completed all steps and you still have no audio, you may need to purchase a new HDMI cable, or replace your docking station if you have confirmed it is faulty. These two items can be found on Amazon, which we have included links to.

With the use of the Nintendo Customer Support page, you can start a repair if there is a more serious problem with your console.If you are having difficulty submitting a repair, you can contact Nintendo Support directly, either by chat, phone, or submitting a ticket.

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