Xbox Series X randomly turns off by itself? Have you tried restarting the hardware but still face the same problem time and time again? In this article, we’ll show you why your console behaves this way and how you can fix the issue by performing easy troubleshooting steps.

Xbox Series X is a next-gen gaming console that was released in November 2020. It delivers a fast load time and a high frame rate at higher resolutions. Furthermore, this console can render up to 8k resolution and can support games at 120 frames per second.

Despite the high-quality features, users are reporting that the Xbox Series X gaming console intermittently turns off by itself. There can be several reasons contributing to the console acting up like that. Let’s find out why it happens and what can you do to fix the issue and get your gaming fun back.

Why does my Xbox Series X turn off by itself?

Why does my Xbox Series X turn off by itself?

If your Xbox gaming console turns off by itself, one of the following factors can be responsible for the issue.

  • Xbox Series X is protecting itself from overheating by turning itself off
  • The gaming console is hard crashing
  • Next-gen games are pushing the Xbox Series X to over-perform resulting in powering itself off
  • Xbox Series is set to turn off automatically
  • Xbox Series X hardware is malfunctioning and needs a repair or replace

How to fix Xbox Series turning off by itself?

How to fix Xbox Series turning off by itself?

Most of the users experience the Xbox Series random shut-off while playing a game on it or navigating through the gaming menu. To fix this issue, you can try the following troubleshooting steps.

Stop Xbox Series X from overheating

Sometimes, the console can turn off when it overheats. This generally happens when you play for long hours. To fix overheating issues on Xbox Series X, do the following checks.

  • Xbox usually overheats due to dust accumulation on the vents. Therefore, make sure that you service your gaming console regularly so that the fan efficiently blows off warm air outside to keep the console cool.
  • If you are using your gaming console in the summer, you can turn your AC on to let the cool air pass through the console.
  • Use your gaming console with intervals while playing high fps games. However, if you can’t take a break, buy an Xbox external cooling fan.
  • Try to avoid placing your Xbox on a rug with long fibers or a carpet as fibrous materials often do not let the air circulate properly through the console.

Check for the correct voltage

To avoid your Xbox Series X turning itself off, you need to make sure that the console is getting the correct voltage. Sometimes, when you connect your gaming console to an extension or surge protector, these accessory devices fail to deliver the proper voltage to the console. To fix this issue, always try to connect the Xbox Series X to the wall outlet directly.

Furthermore, if power fluctuates a lot in your area, opt for an automatic voltage regulator to ensure that the console is getting constant stable power.

Disable automatic turn off

If your gaming console turns randomly turns off, you may have configured the console to shut down automatically after a specific time. To disable this option.

  • Press the Xbox button on the top part of the controller
  • From the last tab on the right side, select “Profile & System”
  • Select “Settings” from the left menu bar and then select “General”
  • To open the Xbox Series X power settings, select “Power mode & Startup”
  • Now navigate to the “Turn off after” option and ensure that the”Don’t turn off automatically” option is checked

Next, play a game on your console for some time and see if the issue persists.

Update Xbox series X

Quite often, software glitches in the Xbox series X can cause intermittent shutoff problems. This issue can be fixed by updating your gaming console. To do this:

  • Make sure that your gaming console is connected to the internet
  • Press the Xbox button located on the top of the controller and then choose “Profile & System”
  • Next, go to “Settings” and then select “System”
  • Now hit on “Updates” to download and install the latest available update

If you see no updates available, it means that your console is already up to date. Therefore, you need to try other fixes in this guide to troubleshoot your issue.

Factory reset your console

You can reset your Xbox Series X to its default factory settings to get rid of the issue at hand. To do this:

  • Locate the Xbox button on top of your controller and select “Profile & System”
  • Next, go to “Setting” and select “System”
  • Now select the “Console info” option and then select “Reset Console”
  • Finally, select the “Reset” option to erase everything

After the reset process is done, power cycle your Xbox and play a next-gen game to see if that method troubleshoots the console turning off issue.

Check gaming hardware

It is possible that your Xbox Series X hardware is malfunctioning and occasionally causing it to turn off by itself. If your device is in warranty, you can contact the vendor to do the necessary repairs to the Xbox. You need to sign in to the Xbox service to check the status of your warranty.

If your Xbox Series X is out of warranty, you’ll be charged for the repair. However, you might be eligible for out-of-warranty service for a nominal fee. Therefore, it is a good decision to register your console after the purchase to avail of this added benefit.

Can Xbox Series X sit on its side?

Can Xbox Series X sit on its side?

You can place Xbox Series X in a horizontal or vertical position. Microsoft has done a good job designing the console and there is no other best position to let it sit. However, placing it incorrectly can cause performance issues.

As per Microsoft standards, it is best to avoid placing the gaming console on its side. Also, you have to leave at least 1.5 inches of the gap on top of the console when it sits in either a vertical or horizontal position.

Furthermore, it is best to leave at least 4cm clearance on the remaining three sides of the console to make sure nothing is blocking the vents. This way, your console will be getting enough ventilation to fix the intermittent turn-off issue.

How do I factory reset my Xbox without turning it on?

How do I factory reset my Xbox


If you are having trouble getting the screen to load, you can factory reset your Xbox Series X in the following way.

  • Press and hold the power button on the gaming console to shut it down
  • Release the power button when the Xbox Series X shuts off
  • Unplug the console from the main power outlet
  • Now wait for 30 seconds and then plug the power cable back into the main wall outlet
  • Press the power again to turn on the gaming console

After the hard reset process, you should be able to view the Xbox welcome menu on the screen. Now you can play your favorite game without having to deal with the intermittent shut-off issues.


If the Xbox Series X turns off by itself intermittently, it can cause great frustration. We hope that this comprehensive guide helped you dig out the causes for this annoying issue and let you explore possible ways to fix this problem in the long term. Now that your console is back up and running like a champ, it’s time to play your favourite next-gen games on it.