Are you confused because your Xbox Series X is on but no image is being displayed?

Thinking to yourself, why is my Xbox on but no picture is showing, and what do you need to do to fix this blank screen problem.

With your Xbox Series X being the latest series to be launched, you wouldn’t expect to experience the Black screen of death after turning your next-gen console on.

We have created this easy-to-follow guide for you to be able to get your Xbox Series X screen back to displaying images in 6 easy fixes.

Why is my Xbox showing a Black screen

Black Screen on Xbox

Xbox Series X Black Screen

You may be experiencing a blank screen on your Xbox Series X after a firmware update. This could be because you are one of the users that have opted to take on the program ‘Xbox Insiders’ which gives you the benefit of automatically receiving the latest updates on your console.

Your Xbox Series X may be showing a Black screen after you have switched it on because the system check failed during the startup process.

During the startup process, the operating system gets validated. If this fails, the system will get notified to not run, stopping the screen to run normally.

Your Xbox Series X may be experiencing this black screen due to a few other reasons;

  • Your console has overheated
  • Connectivity issues
  • Software malfunctions
  • An issue with your power supply

How to fix Xbox Series X Black screen

Xbox console

How to fix Xbox Series X black screen

Your Xbox Series X may be needing a system refresh if your console has had an error with its system update, or just needs to be rebooted.

Fix 1. Power Reset

Step 1. Switch your Xbox Series X off

Step 2. Disconnect all the cables connected to the power supply

Step 3. Wait 2 – 3 minutes

Step 4. Connect all the cables

Step 5. Startup your console again

You have completed a power reset.

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Fix 2. Reset your Xbox Series X Software

Step 1. Press the Bind and Eject buttons together for around 15 seconds

Step 2. Once you hear the second power tone, let go of the buttons

Step 3. You will be on the troubleshoot screen. Select ‘Reset This Xbox But Keep Games And Apps’

Step 4. Your Xbox will now complete a reinstallation

Note, ensure you remember your login details before completing the reset as you will be asked to fill them in after the reset has been completed.

You can now log back in.

A Black screen does not always mean your console is experiencing an error. At times, the system check that gets completed when you switch your Xbox on can take a couple of minutes, causing your screen to stay blank.

If you have waited to see if the Xbox Series X Black screen sorted itself out, and it has not, you can attempt a different way of rebooting up your gaming console. Before you do this, ensure there is no C.D in your Xbox.

Fix 3. Reboot your console

Step 1. Click on the Xbox button until your console has turned off

Step 2. Disconnect the plug from the wall socket and wait a couple of minutes

Step 3. Plug your console back into its power source

Step 4. Select the Xbox button as well as the Eject button

Step 5. Hold both of these buttons down until you hear two beeps

Your console will now be booted up.

Note, completing this reboot will reset your Xbox to a low resolution of 640 X 480. If you want to change this display resolution, you can go into;

System > Settings > Display and Sound > Video Output > Select Resolution

Fix 4. Check your HDMI cable

If you see ‘No Signal’ along with the black screen, this could be due to an issue with your HDMI cable, or the port in your TV.

Step 1. Switch your console off

Step 2. Remove your HDMI cable from its current port

Step 3. Wait a few minutes and replug it into a different port

Step 3. Turn your Xbox back on

If the screen is still blank, test to see if it is your TV port that is the problem by connecting your console to a different TV.

Fix 5. Update your TV’s Firmware

Ensuring your TV’s firmware is updated to the latest version can help prevent you from experiencing a blank screen. Make sure your smart TV is connected to the internet before updating the firmware.

Xbox Screen

Xbox Series X Offline System Update

Fix 6. Complete an offline system update

Completing an offline system update allows you to update the software of your console via a USB device on a computer and inserting it into your Xbox once it has been completed.

Before you download the software onto your USB, make sure there is at least 6 GB of space available, and your USB is formatted to NTFS .

Step 1. On the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter page, download the OSU1 file onto the USB stick

Step 2. Put the USB stick into your computer

Step 3. Open up the OSU1 file

Step 4. Right click on the ‘System Update’ zip folder and select copy

Step 5. Now save this folder to your computer

Step 6. Once the zipped folder has been save, right click on it and choose ‘Extract All’

Step 7. Once the files have been extracted, copy the ‘System Update’ file and paste it onto the USB drive. Ensure this is the only file on the flash drive

Make sure your Xbox is switched off

Step 8. Insert the USB drive into your Xbox

Step 9. Hold down the bind button and the Eject button at the same time.

Step 10. With these two buttons held down, click on the ‘Power’ button once

Step 11. Keep pressing these two buttons until you hear two tones

Step 12. The troubleshooter screen will come up, and select ‘Offline System Update’

The update will now begin, and will take a couple of minutes before it’s complete.


We know how important having your gaming console functioning properly is for you. At Easyfixpro, we have further articles to cover you in the event you experience error code 0x803f9006 or 8015000a. on the earlier xbox console

We hope this guide has assisted you in fixing the Xbox Series X black screen as effortlessly as possible, and that you won’t have to face the Black screen of death again.

If you happen to experience this blank screen on multiple occasions, even with the help from this guide, we would suggest you contact their customer support or get your Xbox’s hard drive checked out.