Is your PS5 trying to complete updates on your games or applications but there is the error CE-10095-5 code appearing on your screen?

This PlayStation error code will transpire if a specific game/app has faulty files, or, your console has experience a system error.

Have you checked if the PSN server is down? This is a common cause for PS5’s to have unsuccessful updates.

With this easy to read directory, we will guide you through everything you need to know on the PS5 error CE-10095-5 code, and provide you with four simple solutions that will help rectify this setback, so you can get back to enjoying the latest versions of your favourite games.

What is The PS5 Error CE-10095-5?

ps5 error ce-10095-5

What is The PS5 Error CE-10095-5?

The PS5 error CE-10095-5 will appear on your screen when your game has failed to update. This error on your console will prevent your game or application from opening successfully because your PS5 is unable to launch the software.

This error code can also be displayed after your game has already been installed on your console when you first launch it. In this instance, it may be accompanied by an error message; ‘Something Went Wrong’.

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What Causes the CE-100095-5 PS5 Error?

PS5 Error CE-10095-5

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The PS5 error CE-10095-5 can be caused if your game is trying to update while your console is in ‘rest mode’. This mode can sometimes prevent downloads from being completed successfully on your console because the device is not fully activated, as the standby mode will limit certain features and functions.

Other causes for the CE-10095-5 error code on your Sony PlayStation include;

1. PSN is Down

If the PlayStation Network is down, your console will not be able to perform standard functions. This is due to your console not being able to reach the Sony server.

All requests will not be processed successfully.

You can check the PSN server status. If it is confirmed it is currently offline, there’s not much you will be able to do, other than wait for the issue to be resolved before you try updating your game again.

2. PS5 Software Error

A software error will stop your console from loading games, completing updates and reading data in system files correctly. This can transpire from faulty cache files stored on your console, or if your PS5 keeps disconnecting from its network connection.

A system glitch can cause the PS5 CE-10095-5 to occur as well as the E-82106o4a error.

3. Lack of PS5 Storage Space

The PS5 error CE-10095-5 will occur if there isn’t enough memory to install the updated game version.

Sometimes, newer versions of a game will be larger in file size because it contains better quality and improved performance.

4. Damaged PS5 Disc

Are you trying to update your game with the use of a disc?

If the game disc is damaged or scratched, the update can become unsuccessful, and you will experience the CE-10095-5 error.

How Do I Fix Error CE 100095 5 on PS5?

ps5 error ce-10095-5

How to fix PS5 error CE-10095-5

You can fix your PS5 from displaying the error CE-10095-5 when you try and update your games by disabling the automatic rest mode feature. Doing so will ensure your console is continuously powered on when the update takes place. You can turn off this automatic feature by following these simple steps;

How to turn off automatic rest mode PS5:

Step 1. From the main menu, open Settings

Step 2. Click on the ‘Power Saving’ setting

Step 3. Choose ‘Rest Mode’

Step 4. Change this to ‘Don’t Put in Rest Mode’

Once this has been confirmed, moving forward, you will need to manually put your console in rest mode.

Other methods you can use to fix the PS5 error CE-10095-5 code include;

1. Update PS5 Software

Updating your PS5’s system files will improve your console’s performance and get rid of any corrupted software that may be interfering with the game updates.

How to Update PS5 Software

Step 1. Put your PS5 into Safe Mode by pressing down on the power button until you hear a second beep

Step 2. Release the button and connect your controller via the USB

Step 3. Press down on the PS button on the controller

Step 4. From the Safe Mode menu select ‘Update System Software’

You should now be able to confirm you want the update to take place over the internet. If a newer version is available, your PS5 will complete the installation.

Note, software updates should occur automatically.

3. Free Up PS5 Storage Space

Lack of storage space will cause the PS5 error CE-10095-5 to occur when your game or application updates because the upgrade can be larger file size.

If you have items that are taking up unnecessary space on your console, uninstall them.

Tip, restart your PS5 after you have removed any applications to make sure all data is erased.

4. Fix PS5 Damaged Disc

A scratched PS5 game disc will prevent any updates of the game if you are downloading it from a hard copy.

We have this guide for you, to assist you in fixing a scratched PS5 disc, so you can still make use of it.

After you have completed one of these methods, this is when you will need to either reinstall the desired game or initiate the update again.

How do You Uninstall a Game on PS5?

Gaming Console

How to uninstall a game on PS5

You can uninstall games or applications off of your PlayStation from either the Home menu or the Game library section. Upon doing so, it is recommended that you delete the saved ‘game data’ to ensure all files are removed. 

When the PS5 error CE-10095-5 code appears on your screen during a game or application update, it can be due to the game files being corrupted or containing faulty data.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game that won’t update due to the PS5 error code will help eradicate this problem on your console.

How to Remove Games from PS5 Home Screen

Step 1. From the Home Menu find the game and highlight it

Step 2. Click on the ‘Options’ button on your gamepad

Step 3. Scroll down and click on ‘Delete’

Confirm by choosing ‘OK’

How to Remove PS5 Games from Library

Step 1. Open the Game Library from the Home Menu

Step 2. Press down on the ‘Installed’ tab at the top

Step 3. Highlight the game and press the ‘Options’ button

Step 4. Press ‘Delete’

You will now be able to confirm you want to go ahead with the removal.

How do You Delete all Saved Data From a Game?

Step 1. Open Settings from the home screen

Step 2. Click on ‘Saved Data and Game/App Settings’

Step 3. Choose ‘Saved Data PS5’ followed by ‘Console Storage’

Step 4. Select ‘Delete’

Step 5. Tick all the files you want to remove

You will now be able to confirm. Your PS5 will erase all data left on your console associated with the games or applications you have recently uninstalled.


With this guide, we hope you now understand what the PS5 error CE-10095-5 is, and why it appeared on your console’s screen.

The four easy fixes provided should help you fix this issue, allowing you to complete the necessary updates on your games or applications.

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If you are still experiencing issues with your PS5 displaying the CE-10095-5 error code, we advise that you make use of PlayStation’s online troubleshooting page.