Nintendo is a top-rated gaming company, which is used by many people all over the world. From mobile games to Nintendo Switch and beyond, most of us have used a Nintendo product in our lives.

It’s an accessible platform and great for all ages. However, if you are trying to gain access to your account but are unable to do so, this can be concerning. With more users reporting difficulties gaining access to their accounts, we are more than happy to help you resolve your Nintendo can’t login to my account issues.

If you’re looking for information on resetting your password, Nintendo Network IDs or using their online services, we have all the information you need to know.

Nintendo can’t log in to my account

Nintendo can't login to my account

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If you are unable to login into your Nintendo account, please complete these steps to allow you to regain access to your account:

  1. Head on to the Nintendo website
  2. Enter the email address you use to sign in or select the social account you’ve used previously
  3. If you’ve forgotten your password or you do not remember setting one up, click ‘forgotten password.’
  4. You should then receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  5. If you have set up the two-step verification, the next thing to do is launch the authenticator app on your smart device, then enter the code displayed by Nintendo.

If you’ve not received the email to reset your password, be sure to check your spam filters, as this can sometimes be flagged.

Unable to sign in using a Nintendo Network ID

Unfortunately, it appears that Nintendo has since removed this method, so those who previously logged in this way are now unable to do so. This also applies to creating a new account this way.

Using social media to log in to Nintendo

One of the easiest ways to log in to any website or program is by finding your social media of choice. Using a social media service to sign in should allow you to use your profile as expected.

How to access My Nintendo

If you’re unsure what my Nintendo is or how to access it, we’ve got all the information you need to know right here.

What is My Nintendo?

My Nintendo is a reward program that provides exclusive offers, rewards, and in-game content. By using Nintendo apps, or buying games online, you can earn points. You can then exchange your points for current offers. Sometimes you can even redeem your points for exceptional limited edition items such as phone cases.

How to sign in to My Nintendo

If you’re looking to go on to My Nintendo for the first time but aren’t sure where to find it, here’s how:

  1. Head on to my Nintendo, and if you’re looking to create an account, you can do this here.
  2. If you have existing details, you can also use these.
  3. Type in your email and password, then you will be asked for a verification code on your email address.
  4. Enter this, and you should be able to gain access.

Once you’re on my Nintendo, you can search the store can view how many points you have, find out how to earn more rewards, and exchange your current points for rewards. Whether you’re looking for merchandise, downloadable content or in-game items, you can find all of this on My Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch can’t access store

Nintendo can't login to my account

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During times of new releases that are highly popular, you can expect a delay when it comes to downloading a game. You may be unable to access the store for several hours if there is a large amount of traffic currently trying to access the store. If you are looking to purchase a highly anticipated game, it’s worth preordering, as your Nintendo Switch will download the software ready to play when it’s released.

Nintendo advises of other issues which you may be encountering. If you’re unsure whether the server is down or your wifi, Nintendo recommends checking their Network Maintenance page for further updates.

If you are unable to load the Nintendo e-shop, some easy troubleshooting fixes may be of help:

  • Turn on flight mode on your Switch, allow 10 seconds, then turn it back on again. If this does not work, power off your Switch, and try to reconnect to the internet again.
  • Make sure your system is running the latest system update – you can check this in the settings
  • Verify your internet is working successfully by testing other devices on the same network.

How to get online shop without account?

Nintendo advises in order to use their online services, you must make an account that involves you accepting an online agreement. However, to access the store, you don’t need an online membership, just the details in which you are signed in to your Switch with and a wifi connection.

How to add someone to family plan Nintendo?

Nintendo can't login to my account

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Adding someone to a Nintendo family plan is a lot easier than it may seem. With the family plan being one of the more reasonable online gaming offerings. If you’re looking to add members to your family group, here are the easy steps to do so.

  1. Sign in to your Nintendo account
  2. Once you’re signed into Nintendo, click your Mii picture at the top right
  3. Then it should load another screen where there is a list of options
  4. Click family group, then add member
  5. Next, you need to get the person’s email who is looking to join your family plan.
  6. When you have this, and you’ve entered it, they will be a part of your family plan as soon as the other person accepts.

Whether you’re a newbie to Nintendo or you’re looking for ways to regain access to your account, we are happy to help with any further information you may require at this time.