Finding your Virgin media booster not working, especially when you are paying for fast speeds and are not getting them can be very frustrating.

When you are in a different room to the router the WiFi should still work however, this isn’t always the case.

Therefore Virgin media provides a Booster to their customers in order to get the internet moving around the house even in black spots.

Unfortunately, even when you’ve set this up they may not work correctly, there could be issues with pairing, flashing lights on the device, or the placement of your Booster. Although these issues are also frustrating, luckily they all have fixes. Therefore we have broken down the Virgin Media Booster not working down into some easy troubleshooting fixes. Once you have these issues resolved your Booster should work as expected.

Why is my Virgin Media Booster not Working

Virgin Media Booster not Working

Photo by Stephen Phillips via Unsplash

If you are left wondering why your Virgin Media booster is not working, here are some of the possible reasons why you are having trouble.

  • The booster is plugged into an extension
  • Your router is down
  • The device hasn’t been installed correctly
  • The wifi booster is overheating

How to fix Virgin Media Booster not Working

If you find your Virgin Media booster isn’t working as it should be, here are some troubleshooting methods to try.

Fix 1. Turn off the power to your booster

In order to fully reboot your booster, you need to unplug it from the mains, allow 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Once you have done this it may take a few minutes to reboot. Please allow this time to pass before trying to use it again or you may get a further error.

Fix 2. Try a different socket

Although this may sound obvious, trying a different socket in the room may fix your issue. If your socket is faulty, or not in an open space, it may not be able to get the same signal strength as it would elsewhere.

Fix 3. Plug into the mains only

Using an extension cord to plug your booster into, can cause the booster not to function to its full potential. This is due to the power having to go through a further device in order to reach the mains. Whereas if your booster is plugged straight into the mains it doesn’t have to travel so far.

Fix 4. Pair your router and booster again

If you’re unable to get any WiFi to your booster, it’s worth setting them up again. By doing this, you are able to reset the connection. Here’s how to do this with ease:

  1. Plug the Booster into a mains socket near to your hub, make sure this is the mains as opposed to an extension or similar
  2. The power light should switch on and start flashing
  3. Next, hold the WPS button on the booster and hold for 10 seconds, then release
  4. The wireless and power lights should start to blink
  5. Next, hold the WPS Virgin Media button on your hub until the light starts blinking, this will copy the details from the hub to the booster
  6. When this stops blinking and goes off the copying process is complete, the power light will stay on.
  7. Provide 10 minutes for it to do any required updates.
  8. Finally, move this Booster to an alternative location where you want to set this up.

Fix 5. Factory reset the booster

If you’ve set up your boosters following the above instructions but are still getting nowhere, the next step would be to factory reset the booster. In order to do this, you will require a pin or similar. To use this, press the reset button on the side of your booster. This will then be refreshed. However, this step will now require you to reset it up again using the steps in Fix 4.

Fix 6. Check your service status

If none of the above fixes have worked for your WiFi booster, we’d recommend checking your Service Status to find out if you are having any issues with Broadband. On the Service Status page, you can run tests on your kit e.g. your Booster, check for local outages, and even arrange a new kit if needs be.

What do the lights on my WiFi booster mean?

It is normal for your WiFi booster to have white lights on. This is expected when the power is on, when updates are being done or when setting it up for the first time. However, if your lights are a different colour something may be erroring on your device. Here’s what the other colored lights on your device mean.

Flashing red light on the device

If your connection light is flashing red whilst your power light is solid white this means the device is ready to be paired, this may take up to 2 minutes.  However, if you notice this does not change or the red light goes solid rather than flashing, this means the device did not pair correctly. Unfortunately, this means you will need to manually reset your Boosters.

Amber light on WiFi booster pod

This light will only appear when connecting a second pod. The connection lights will appear orange on both devices, before eventually flashing green.

Are the Booster pods free?

Virgin Media advises these Booster pods come at a charge of £5 per month. However, if you have the Ultimate Oomph or Gig1 Fibre Broadband package then these will be included.

Do my Boosters need fitting by a professional?

These Boosters are easy to set up at home, simply plug them in and they should connect. However, if you’re having further issues with this, please use our troubleshooting guide above in order to get this fixed for you.


We hope these troubleshooting techniques have resolved any issues you are having with your Virgin Media Booster. However, if you are still unable to get your booster to work, contact Virgin Media via live chat or email regarding this as they may have sent out a faulty device. If this is the case unfortunately you will be unable to fix this yourself.

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