Are you a regular user of Reddit but have noticed an increase of bugs? You’re not alone. With Reddit being such a popular site, it can experience issues, such as Reddit going down, being unable to comment, or being unable to upvote a post.

Based on Reddit being highly reliant on comments from the communities of its subreddits, left being unable to interact with content causes issues. With many users believing they’ve been shadowbanned or completely blocked from a subreddit, which is the majority of cases this isn’t true.

Therefore, we have looked into this issue and have some easy troubleshooting techniques in order for you to be able to comment on Reddit once again.

Why am I unable to comment on Reddit?

Unable to comment on Reddit

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There are a variety of reasons you may not be able to comment on Reddit, if you find yourself experiencing issues with Reddit, here are some of the common reasons you may not be able to comment:

  • Your account has been banned
  • Reddit is down
  • You’ve been removed from the Subreddit
  • You need to update your app

Here’s how to fix the Reddit comment error

Unable to comment on Reddit

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If you find yourself unable to comment on Reddit, here are some of the key issues and how to troubleshoot them with ease. To allow you to be able to comment on Reddit again quickly:

Is Reddit is down?

To find out whether Reddit is down, the Down Detector is a great indicator as to whether a site is having issues. If you notice a high number of reports in recent days, it is likely that this is down. However, if this does not appear to be an issue, it is worth looking into our other troubleshooting techniques.

Limit how many comments you make

If you comment on various subreddits or threads in a short period of time this may be flagged as spam. When you are flagged for spam, then you may not be able to comment again for some time. You are usually warned of this, however, sometimes this isn’t advised.

Your app needs updating

If your Reddit app is outdating, this can stop you from commenting. Especially if the commenting error is a bug. By updating your app, you are removing any bugs which may have been resolved in a new update. Here’s how to update your Reddit app:

  1. Head to the App Store / Google Play Store
  2. Search Reddit at the top
  3. You should see the word ‘update’ or similar
  4. Allow a few minutes for this to update

Try using the web browser version

Most Reddit users prefer the app over the web browser, however, if you are having commenting issues on the app, it is worth trying on the desktop. If you are able to post comments via the desktop, then the issue is with the app. However, if you are still experiencing issues with commenting, this is likely an issue with Reddit.

Disable your VPN

Although VPNs are great for disguising your location and keeping your information private, occasionally using them can impact Reddit.

There are a few ways in which your VPN could be impacting Reddit, these include:

  • Reddit may be banned in the country you are trying to connect to.
  • The site bans IPs from the VPN provider
  • Your VPN keeps dropping out

In order to fix any of these issues disconnecting from your VPN may be able to resolve the error.

However, if you are still encountering these issues after disabling your VPN, keep reading to find out further troubleshooting fixes.

Clear your Reddit cache

Clearing your Reddit cache can be beneficial to help with the removal of temporary data. A Cache exists to keep data from previous visits to a site to make it load faster and be more efficient. However, these can also hold a lot of data and slow down an app or website. This also applies to bugs, if there is a bug with an app, this is likely to be stored.

How to clear Reddit cache on iPhone

If you are using an iPhone and want to find out how to clear the Reddit cache, here’s how to do so in 5 easy steps:

  1. Head on to settings
  2. Select ‘General’ then find ‘iPhone Storage’
  3. Search for the app you want to find e.g. Reddit
  4. Then tap ‘Offload App’, this will remove the app from your device
  5. Finally, redownload the app and the cache will be cleared.

Clear your cache on an Android device

When using an Android device clearing the cache is a different process to an iPhone. If you’re unsure how to clear your Android cache, here’s how to do so with ease:

  1. Open your Settings and select ‘Storage’
  2. In the list pick ‘Other Apps’ which will provide you with a list of apps on your device
  3. Search for Reddit, and select it.
  4. Then click clear storage

Although this may slow down websites in the short term. You will acquire more storage space, and allow the apps to get refreshed.

Can I comment on an archived post on Reddit?

Unfortunately once the post has been archived you can not comment on this or vote on any existing comments. The thread can be archived by the original poster, moderators on the subreddit, or have been removed altogether. Usually, a post closes comments after 6 months, however, it can be longer or shorter depending on the moderators in the Subreddit.

If you notice you are having a similar issue to a previous thread, open a new one to start the conversation, especially if the thread is fairly old.


Reddit is a great social news tool that is ideal for those who enjoy forum-style communication. However, if you are having issues with Reddit after following our troubleshooting tips, we’d recommend using an alternative web browser to the one previously tested on.

Are you having a different issue with Reddit? Here’s how to fix this with ease: