Has your PS4 tried to complete a software update but your screen appears with the error code SU 30746 0?

The PS4 error code SU-30746-0 is associated with an outdated software version, that is not compatible with Sony.

Along with the PS4 firmware error code, the console can get frozen during a system update. So how can we stop these problems from occurring?

You can help prevent the SU 30746 0 error code on your PS4 by making use of the console’s safe mode feature.

With this guide, you will learn what exactly the SU 30746 0 error code means and how to fix it. In the solutions, using safe mode is included in all four fixes, so we will also make sure you understand how to get your PS4 out of this mode if it gets stuck.

What is Error Code SU-30746-0?

su 30746 0

What is error code SU 30747 0?

SU-3746-0 is an error code that appears on a PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro when your console has incurred an issue when it has tried to install the latest software update. This is because the system on your console cannot find the correct update file. 

What causes the PS4 error SU-30746-0?

The PS4 error code SU-30746-0 is caused when the firmware update that your console is trying to install is no longer supported by Sony. This is because the firmware is older than the oldest version that Sony currently accepts for any offline use.

Another possible reason why your PS4 system update was unsuccessful includes;

  • There was a system glitch during the firmware update
  • Loss of internet connection

Even though the software update your PS4 has attempted to do was rejected, you can fix the SU 30746 0 error on your console.

How to Fix Error Code SU-30746-0


How to fix error code su-30746-0

You can fix the SU-30746-0 error from appearing on your PS4 by making sure a software update is successfully processed on your console. Your console will need to be connected to a good internet source. To complete the system update, simply go;  Settings > System Software Update.

Note, before you proceed with the system software update, make sure you delete the update file in the notifications folder from the PlayStation 4 function area.

If this download fails on multiple occasions, you may need to complete the PS4 system update through the use of a USB.

You can complete the following additional methods to fix the PS4 error code SU 30746 0 from your display.

Fix 1. Start PS4 in Safe Mode

Step 1. Turn your PS4 off completely

Step 2. Hold down the Power button until there are two beeps

Step 3. Once you hear the second beep let go of the power button

The safe mode menu should now appear on your screen.

Step 4. Connect your PS4 controller with its USB cable

Step 5. Press the ‘PS’ button to pair your controller

Step 6. Now choose ‘Restart PS4’

Your console will reboot in safe mode, and you should be able to complete the system update by selecting it from the main menu.

Fix 2. Reinstate PS4 to Default Settings

Reinstating your PS4 back to its default settings while in safe mode has been reported as a method that has stopped the SU 30746 0 error from appearing.

Step 1. Turn your PlayStation off

Step 2. Click the ‘Power’ button until you two beeps sound

Step 3. After the second beep release the button

Step 4. Insert your controller’s cable to connect it to your PS4 and click the PS button

Step 5. From the menu press down ‘Restore Default Settings’

Confirm you want to go ahead by pressing ‘Yes’

Fix 3. Re-Initialize PS4 in Safe Mode

Please note, this step will cause you to lose all data and saved files that are not already saved to the cloud. It will put your PS4 back to its ‘default’ state as well as reinstall the system software.

Step 1. Put your PS4 into ‘Safe Mode’ (See Fix 1)

Step 2. From the safe mode, menu choose ‘Initialize PS4’

Select ‘Yes’ to confirm you want to proceed and allow your console to complete the process.

Fix 4. Repair PS4 Software Files

The PS4 error SU-30746-0 will occur on your PS4 if your system files on your console are corrupted, or certain files are missing.

If the software does not get amended through a standard reboot of your console, you may need to download a third-party program to fix and restore the software on your PS4.

Restoro is a great tool for this which you can download for free.

Why is My PS4 Frozen on System Software Update?

su 30746 0

Why is my PS4 stuck on a software update?

If your PS4 is in the process of completing a software update but freezes in the middle of doing so, this would be due to your console overheating. Overheating will cause your console to stop responding during the update because it will not be able to function properly.

You can prevent your Sony PS4 from overheating by making sure you have positioned it in a well-ventilated area, without other items placed on top or below it.

Other causes for your PS4 to freeze during a system software update are;

  • PS4 power failure
  • Error with the PlayStation 4 hard drive
  • Corrupted files

to fix your console from getting stuck during an update, you can execute the following simple solutions;

  • Restart PS4
  • Start your console in safe mode (see fix 1)
  • Check power cables

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PS4 Stuck in Safe Mode

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PS4 stuck in safe mode

Your PS4 will get stuck in safe mode if there is a system issue with its software. This could be due to corrupted files, or there is certain information that has been erased from its operating files. Your console could have had a momentary software glitch that has caused your PlayStation to freeze on safe mode. 

Other causes for your PS4 to be stuck in safe mode include;

  • PS4 cable is damaged or broken
  • Operating system is not compatible
  • Internal hard drive problem
  • Lack of power

To fix your console from being stuck on the PS4 Black screen when in safe mode, there are a few simple solutions you can action;

  • Check your PS4 cables
  • Update your console’s operating system
  • Restart your PlayStation 4
  • Rebuild PS4 database (Restart PS4 in Safe Mode. See Fix 1)

If none of these solutions works to fix your PS4 from being stuck in the safe mode loop, you may have a more serious issue with the hard drive of your PS4.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now understand what the SU 30746 0 error code is, and why it will appear on your Sony PS4.

If none of our four simple fixes stops this problem from occurring on your console, or your system update still gets frozen, we recommend you make use of Sony’s customer service as there may be a more serious issue with the internal components of your PlayStation.

You can check out their troubleshooting guide or you can contact their support team if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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