Have you unintentionally blocked someone, and know you need to know how to unblock someone on Warzone?

To block and unblock someone on Call Of Duty Battle Royale is a simple process and can be done in a matter of a few seconds.

Unblocking a player on Warzone will allow them to have access to your open seats, and be able to play alongside you in taking down other players so you can be the last man standing.

With this easy to follow guide, you will understand everything you need to know when it comes to blocking a player, as well know how to unblock someone on Warzone so they can be a part of your open tournaments again.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Warzone?

How to unblock someone on Warzone

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If you block someone on Call of Duty Warzone, the player will not be able to play with you. Blocked players will not be able to see when you are online, and will not have access to join any games you have created as they will not be shown on the ‘Open Games’ tab.

Will you know if someone blocked you on Warzone?

The only way another Warzone player will know you have blocked them is if they try and join your game. If they do, they will receive a notification stating that they have been blocked.

Because your open seats will not appear for them, they will only be able to try and access your game if another player sends them a direct link.

Another way in which a player can check if they have been blocked is if they add you as a ‘Friend’.

What happens when you block someone on COD?

  • Blocked players will not see your Open Seats
  • Open tournaments you created will not appear
  • A ‘B’ will show next to the blocked player’s name so you will know which games they have entered
  • If the blocked player sends a message in chat, it will not be shown. (A link will be provided if you do decide you want to read it)
  • They cannot send you an invitation to Team Ladder

Note, if you block another player, it will not interfere with getting matches in against someone else in a ladder, quick-match or coin game.

How to Unblock Someone on Warzone

How to unblock someone on Warzone

How to unblock someone on COD Warzone

You can unblock someone on Call of Duty Warzone by accessing the Social Menu from your account. From here you can open the ‘Friend Request’ page. There should be a ‘Blocked Players’ tab which you can select. Here, all the players you have blocked will appear. Go onto the chosen player and click on ‘Unblock’.

If you are playing COD Warzone with a gaming console, you can access the Social Menu by pressing the triangle button on your controller.

Here is a step by step on how to unblock someone on Warzone;

Step 1. From the Main Menu of Warzone, click on the triangle button on your PS4 or Xbox controller

Step 2. On the ‘Social Menu’ select the ‘Friend Request’ tab

Step 3. Click on the ‘Blocked Players’ tab that appears at the top

Step 4. Select the blocked player you want to unblock

You will now be able to confirm the unblock.

What happens when you unblock someone on Warzone?

When you unblock someone on COD Warzone, the player will have access to join your open seats and tournaments again. If they send a message, it will no longer be hidden for you, and the ‘B’ next to their name will be removed.

You and the unblocked user will now be able to play together.

How to Block Someone on Warzone?

You may have blocked another Warzone player accidentally without actually knowing how to. Knowing how to block someone on Warzone is beneficial if the user is trolling or harming your game.

Step 1. Launch the ‘Social Menu’ from the main screen

Step 2. Select the ‘Recent Players’ tab at the top

Step 3. Press on the player profile you want to block

Step 4. Click on the ‘Block Player’ option

The blocked user will no longer have access to your games.

Why is Remove Friend Locked on Warzone?

How to unfriend someone on Warzone


If you are trying to ‘remove a friend’ on Warzone but it is not allowing you to make any changes, this will be because that user has already removed you from his friend list, or he has blocked you. When this happens, your rights to ‘Manage’ the friendship gets revoked.

You should see a ‘locked’ symbol by the user’s name if this is the case.

Another reason why the remove friend option is locked would be if the player is from a different system playing CoD and is using the crossplay feature.

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How to Remove a Friend in Warzone

If you want to remove a friend from your friend’s list, you can do so by following these simple steps;

Step 1. From the main screen, access the Social Menu

Step 2. Click on the ‘Friends’ tab at the top

Step 3. Find the friend you want to remove and select their profile 

Step 4. There should be three dots by the user’s name. Click on this

Step 5. Press ‘Remove from Friends’ 

That user will no longer appear in your friend’s list.

Why Are My Friends Not Showing on Warzone?

how to unblock someone on warzone


If your friend’s list is not showing up on your Call of Duty Warzone menu, this could be due to an issue with the COD server. You can check the server status of Warzone to confirm whether or not there is an issue. If the is a problem with the server, you will need to wait until it gets fixed before normal features will work again.

There have not been any definite reports about what exactly causes your Warzone friends list to not appear, however, there are a few issues that may cause this error, such as;

  • A momentary system glitch
  • Corrupted software in Warzone’s folder
  • Pending update

There are a few troubleshooting methods you can action to help fix your friend’s list from not appearing.

How to Fix Friends Not Showing up On Warzone

If you want to fix your friend’s list from not showing up on your Warzone profile, you can fix this problem by completing one or a few of the following fixes;
  • Restart your console
  • Enable your offline friends to show to check your online players have not moved to offline
  • Update your app
  • Disable cross-play
  • Reboot your COD Warzone

Once these have been checked, you can launch your friend’s list again and check that the users are showing up on your screen.


With this guide, we hope you now know how to unblock someone on Warzone, as well as how to manage your friend’s list.

It’s important to remember, that if the Call of Duty server is down, you may encounter issues with your friends not showing on Warzone.

If you are experiencing any further problems with your COD Warzone, we suggest you check out their Call of Duty Support page where you should be able to find a solution to your query.

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