If your PS4 has a flickering screen when you are trying to use it, it is an issue that can be fixed with four simple solutions.

Your PS4 screen will flicker in game if the resolutions setting has been set too high, or your TV is not compatible with your console configurations.

Experiencing no signal when you are trying to use your PS4 is also knows as the PS4 White light of death, and can be eradicated with the same steps as that of the PS4 flickering lines issue.

This easy to follow guide will delve into why your PS4 has a flickering screen, as well as elaborate on the four steps you can take to fix this problem, so you can get back to playing your favourite games and making use of any other downloaded app on you console.

Why does my PlayStation 4 Keep Flickering?

PS4 flickering screen

Why is my PS4 flickering

Your PS4 will have a flickering screen if the settings on your PS4 have not been configured correctly, to make them compatible with your TV screen. This will include the level you have set the resolution of the image from your PlayStation. If it is too high, your TV screen may incur difficulty displaying the image without flickering if it cannot support high definition. 

Other reasons why your PS4 will be flickering on and off include;

Reason 1. Damaged PS4 HDMI Cable

If the HDMI cable that is being used to connect your PS4 to your TV is damaged, the image seen on your screen will be distorted and will flicker on and off.

A faulty cable will result in a loss of connection between the two devices and interfere with what is seen on your screen.

Reason 2. PS4 Output Setting

There is an output setting named ‘Deep Colour Output’ in your PS4 settings. If this setting is enabled, it can sometimes cause your PS4 to have a flickering screen.

Reason 3. Incorrect PS4 HDMI Mode

The mode for your HDMI port on your TV needs to correlate with the PS4 version you are using. If your TV supports a 4K image and you have a PS4 Pro, your HDMI port should be set to the 2.0 mode.

A TV that does not support high-definition will need to be set to a lower HDMI port mode. If this is incorrect, it can be the cause for a flickering Black screen on your Sony console.

Reason 4. HDCP Error

HDCP is the ‘High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection’ settings that are by default, enabled on your PlayStation 4. This is to ensure you can have access to protected digital shows and games.

If this is turned off, or there is an error with this setting on your console, the output video from your PS4 will have display issues.

How to Fix PS4 Flickering Screen

PS4 flickering screen

How to fix PS4 flickering screen

You can fix the PS4 flickering screen issue by changing the resolution setting on your console. If your TV is struggling to display an image the higher resolution setting may not be supported and will need to be set lower. You can change this on your PS4 by following these four simple steps;

Step 1. Access ‘Settings’ on your console

Step 2. Click on ‘Sound and Screen’

Step 3. Choose ‘Video Output Settings’

Step 4. Select ‘Resolution’

You will now be able to amend this to a lower setting to help prevent your PS4 screen from blinking.

Note, a non 4K TV will need to have a resolution of 1080 or lower.

Additional fixes you can execute on your console that will help fix your PS4 stuck on a flickering screen problem include;

Fix 1. Replace PS4 HDMI cable

If your HDMI cable is damaged, you will need to replace it. This will ensure you get a proper connection between your PS4 and TV so there are no problems when transferring the data between the two.

You can first test out a different port to see if the current one you are using is faulty.

(Fun Fact; The PlayStation two was able to play Netflix only with the use of an exclusive disc that was manufactured in the Brazilian market).

FIX 2. Change PS4 Output Setting

If ‘Deep Colour Output’ is currently turned on, you will need to disable this setting to help stop your PS4 from displaying a Black flickering screen.

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’ on your PS4

Step 2. Select ‘Sound and Screen’

Step 3. Choose ‘Video Output Settings’

Step 4. Click on ‘Deep Colour Output’ and turn it off

You will now be able to relaunch your PS4. It is advised to exit out completely before to make sure the console is refreshed with the updated configuration.

Fix 3. Update PS4 HDMI Mode

If you are an owner of a PS4 Pro and your TV is 4K enabled, you will need to check that your HDMI mode is set at 2.0

A standard PS4 connected to a TV that cannot display a high-definition image will need to be set to 1.4 or on auto.

Check to make sure your mode corresponds with your console and TV.

Fix 4. Check PS4 HDCP setting

There could be an issue with the HDCP setting on your console. You may need to reset your PS4 or disable the HDCP configuration.

How to Power Reset PS4:

Step 1. Unplug your TV from the mains

Step 2. Take the HDMI cable out from both devices

Step 3. After a couple of minutes, reconnect the HDMI and plug your TV back in

This will reset your console including the HDCP.

How to Disable HDCP on PS4:

Step 1. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘System’

Step 3. Here you will be able to untick ‘Enable HDCP’

If you turn the HDCP off and does not stop the PS4 flickering screen problem, we suggest you re-enable it. Keeping it off can interfere with being able to stream certain programs and movies from online services such as Netflix.

PS4 Flickering No Signal

PS4 flickering screen

PS4 flickering screen no signal

If your PS4 is flickering with a ‘no signal’ error on the screen, this will confirm your TV is not receiving an adequate amount of signal through the HDMI cable that is connected to your PS4 console. This problem arises because your HDMI cable is damaged, or the port it is connected to is faulty.

Your TV will not be able to display the image associated with the game or application you are using on your PS4. Instead of seeing ‘No Signal’ you might also experience the PS4 no HDMI signal White light on your screen, also known as the ‘PS4 White light of death’ error.

How Do I Fix My PS4 When it Says No signal?

Just like Fix 1. for the PS4 flickering screen problem, testing the HDMI cable and checking that the port is not damaged will help you confirm if you need to replace your cable with a new one.

It is also advised to check your TV’s connection as this could be causing the interference with your PlayStation console.

Once this has been checked, you should not experience the PS4 screen flickering with static.

PS4 Lagging and Freezing

Girl playing video game

PS4 Lagging and Freezing

If your PS4 is lagging and freezing when you are trying to play, or make use of an online streaming application, you could be dealing with an internet connection problem. Your PS4 needs to be connected to a stable network in order to process your requests and reach the PSN server.

Additional reasons why your PS4 is lagging and freezing can arise from;

  • The game you are attempting to play is causing your PS4 to crash
  • The PlayStation server is down
  • Your PS4 disk space is too full
  • Corrupted software is on your console

If you want to stop your PS4 from lagging and freezing you can execute these four quick solutions;

  • Test a different game to check if it is a specific game that is causing the problem
  • Free up space on your console
  • Restart your PS4
  • Complete a system update

Your Sony PlayStation should not incur any further setbacks.


With this guide, we hope you now understand why your PS4 was experiencing a flickering screen, and that one of our solutions were able to stop this error on your Sony.

However, you are still having problems with your console, there may be an issue with your TV’s hardware, or an underlying fault with your PS4.

If that is the case, we recommend that you make use of PlayStation’s support page.

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