If you know how to add TikTok captions to your video uploads, you will be able to improve your engagement with other users and increase your following base.

Adding a caption to your video is easily done, however, if you make a mistake and only realise after you have posted your content, you will need to re-upload it onto your page.

In this easy to follow guide, you will learn how to add TikTok captions, make an edit, and understand how your content can reach viewers worldwide with the TikTok translating feature.

What Is a TikTok Caption?

How to add a TikTok caption

What is a TikTok caption?

A TikTok caption is a short description or explanation that gets added to your video that viewers can read to help them understand what the point of your video is, or why you have recorded that piece of content. A caption helps improve engagement with your current followers, attract new users from the FYP, and connect with other accounts.

Are you wondering why you should add a caption to your TikTok video?

If you add a good enough caption, you can create an emotional reaction with the viewer that will cause them to;

  • View your profile
  • Check out more of your content
  • React to your video
  • Follow you

Adding a caption to your TikTok video is just as important as when you post a photo to your Instagram account. A caption on your video makes your content more accessible and helps TikTok users that may have difficulty with hearing.

Now that you know the importance of adding a caption to your TikTok video, how do you add one?

How To Add TikTok Captions

How to add a TikTok caption

How to add TikTok captions

You can add a caption to your TikTok video manually, during the editing phase when you upload your content onto your profile. This step is available after you have recorded, or uploaded your video and can be completed along with any edits you may want to make to your recording.

Here’s a step by step on how to manually add a caption on TikTok

Step 1. Record or upload your video

Step 2. If you have finished recording or uploading, press the ‘Next’ button

Step 3. Click on the ‘Text’ or ‘Captions’ button

Step 4. Add your caption

You will be able to edit the font and colour if you want to.

The social media app has also brought out the TikTok automatic captions feature, where the app will generate your caption automatically based on what your video upload.

How do I turn on Auto Caption on TikTok?

Step 1. Complete the recording process of your video

Step 2. Click on the ‘Check’ button to proceed onto the editing step

Step 3. Select ‘Captions’ which should be on the right side of your screen

Step 4. You will be prompted to ‘Turn on Auto Captions’

Step 5. The caption will be populated

You can still edit the caption if you do not want to leave it as is.

(Fun Fact; Ever wondered what the most viewed TikTok video is worldwide? With 2.2 billion views it is a video from Zach King, who created a piece of content of him supposedly ‘flying’ on a broomstick from Harry Potter. The second most viewed video scores 1.7 billion views).

Can You Edit TikTok Captions After Posting?

How to add a TikTok caption

Can you edit a TikTok caption after posting?

Yes, you can edit a caption after you have posted your video to your account. However, this cannot be done internally on TikTok, as the app does not give you the option to change your video once it has been posted. The only way to edit your TikTok video is by reposting it. 

So, how to change your TikTok caption after posting can be done by;

Step 1. Access your profile and go onto the video you need to amend

Step 2. There should be three dots that appear on your screen. Click on them

Step 3. Select ‘Save Video’

Your video will be saved into your gallery folder on your phone.

Step 4. Re-upload the same video with the correct caption and edits

Once the video has been uploaded make sure you delete the original post so you do not have a duplicate.

How Do I Translate a Caption on TikTok?

Thinking at phone

Can you translate a TikTok caption?

If you are watching uploaded TikTok videos from your FYP, and the caption is in a different language, you should automatically be given the option to click on a ‘translate’ button that will change the caption to the language your TikTok profile has been set to.

This is an automatic feature of TikTok and is also available in the comments section of your videos.

With the app being an international social media platform, videos will be uploaded in many different languages, which is why the translate button will be readily available for you to decipher captions.

If you are translating a caption or comment and it does not change into your preferred language for your profile, your language setting may be configured incorrectly.

How to Change Language in TikTok App:

Step 1. Click on the ‘Profile’ button

Step 2. Access ‘Settings and Privacy’ by selecting the three lines

Step 3. Under ‘Content & Activity’ press ‘App Language’

Step 4. Choose your preferred language

Whatever language you select, your TikTok FYP, comments and captions will appear in this choice.

Can You Translate TikTok Lives?

If you come across a live broadcast from a TikTok creator and they are speaking in a different language, you won’t be able to translate what they’re saying. This is purely based on the language preference of the user.

You should, however, be able to translate a comment that has been posted by holding down on the message.


With this guide, we hope you now have an in-depth understanding of what a TikTok caption is and how to add TikTok captions to your videos.

Including a caption on your uploads has many added benefits and will help improve your engagement with other TikTok users. Along with TikTok’s translating feature added in the app, you can post content with confidence knowing that TikTok accounts around the world will be able to understand your captions, and hopefully, like your content.

If you are experiencing any issues when you’re trying to include a caption, or make use of the TikTok automatic caption function, we suggest you contact the apps support team by using the ‘Report a Problem’ option in the settings section of the mobile app, or by searching for your query on TikTok’s Help Center.

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