The Sony Smart TV is one of the best televisions you can own. It has crisp picture quality and the sound transports you to the world you want to immerse yourself in. It also costs a pretty penny. Therefore, when the Sony Smart TV suddenly stops working and shuts off unprompted it can be a major disappointment, and extremely annoying. 

Fortunately, it’s not an uncommon one and doesn’t always denote something sinister or unfixable. There are many, perfectly reasonable reasons your Sony Smart TV can turn off by itself. This article will discuss them all and how you can conduct quick easy fixes for all of them. 

So, let’s not panic, and find out what’s bothering your Sony Smart TV.

Check Your Sony Smart TV Cables

Sony TV Off

The Sony Smart TV like most devices operates through a power cable. It also uses many cables to connect with other devices to display their functions on its screen. It could be that one of them or all of them is the reason behind the automatic shutting off. 

One of two things could be happening. Either, your power cable broke or your Sony Smart TV isn’t receiving enough power to function properly.

In the first option, you need to check the integrity of your power cable. Check for any visible signs of damage like frayed ends or cuts and broken bends in the cable. Most of the time you won’t be able to see any physical sign of breakage or corruption. Another way to check if it’s faulty is to use a replacement cable and see if that solves the issue. If you face no more problems with a new cable it must mean the old one broke. 

For the second you’ll need to change the power outlet to see if the one you’re currently using is faulty. Smart TVs like Sony’s need an appropriate amount of power to function properly. If they don’t receive it they shut down automatically. To stop them turning off by themselves you should try another outlet. 

Check Power Strips/Extension Cords 


A lot of people use power strips and extension cords for both ease as well as surge protection against their electronics. The problem with this is that the power strips restrict the amount of power the Sony Smart TV can extract for its use. Machines designed to operate at a certain level of power will not function properly if denied that amount of power. If power surges are a frequent occurrence in your part of the world then it makes sense to use them. But beware that the Smart TV will shut off on its own from time to time. 

Just as you did above, check to see if there are any errors or breakages in the power cable of the power strip or the power outlet it is attached to. 

Check the Software/Firmware

TV Turn Off

The Sony Smart TV is made up of many components. Each is essential in making sure it works to the best of its abilities. Some of the most important components are the firmware and software. The firmware, in particular, is responsible for creating the interface of the Smart TV as well as delivering other features. Outdated firmware can corrupt these functions and force your TV to stop working mid-function. 

Firmware issues are usually looked on by professionals but there is one thing you can do to troubleshoot it at home. Navigate to your smart TVs Settings and check if any firmware updates are available for your Sony. If one is available, choose the update and let it install completely. Once the update is completely installed you can shut down your TV and restart it after a while. Hopefully, this will be enough to circumvent any software issues your TV might have been facing and will stop it from turning off by itself while you’re in the middle of watching something. 

Check Your Sony Smart TV Remote Sensors

Sony Smart TV

It isn’t necessary that a Sony Smart TV automatic turn-off is a problem with the TV itself. It could be that one of its peripheral devices is causing the issue. All TVs come with remote control and though the common complaint with them is the fact that their functions and buttons aren’t sensitive enough, maybe in this instance the opposite is the case. 

It is highly likely that your Sony Smart TV remote is constantly transmitting commands to your TV and one of them is to shut down automatically. Our advice is to cover the remote sensor or take out the batteries to stop it from functioning at all and check if the TV still turns off. If the TV stays stable and shows no signs of shutting off automatically it means the remote was the culprit and needs replacing. 

Check Status of Peripheral Devices 

Gaming consoles and other peripheral devices are usually connected to the Sony Smart TV for an immersive gaming experience. When you’re busy on a quest and the TV suits off, it retains your data, and you can start off where you left off, but it makes the experience less than ideal. But have you considered that your connected devices are the pines causing the sudden shut-off?

All devices give off signals and they might be disrupting the functions of your Smart TV. Try to disconnect a few of the devices and see how your TV functions with these devices off. If it performs better and doesn’t shut off it means they are the reason the TV is acting up. 

After all the troubleshooting of the Sony Smart TV, if the issue still occurs, you should consult a professional to see what exactly is wrong. If you still have a warranty, that’s even better. You can file a complaint with Sony and have them check what’s wrong with the Smart TV and replace one for you if it’s unfixable. 

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