A simple toggle of the audio settings on the sound menu may be the answer to your Sony TV sound not working, if not, a system hard reset should do the trick.

However, if you are finding it hard to diagnose the loss of audio on your Sony TV, we have created this comprehensive guide to help get to the source of the problem.

With these 5 easy fixes, you will be watching your favorite programs with the sound fully restored to the speakers of your Sony smart TV.

Why is my Sony TV sound not working

No sound

Why does my TV have no sound

Have you accidentally changed the speaker settings on your Bravia TV? Your smart TV may be experiencing no audio due to;

Reason 1. Incorrect audio input setting

Your audio output setting may be configured to play sound through a different speaker, or you may have previously had a headset connected which has changed the default settings of your TV.

Reason 2. Hardware failure

The internal hardware of your Sony XR may have experienced a fault or glitch that has affected the sound function of your smart TV.

If you only make use of the built-in speakers of your TV, and these have been damaged, your audio will not come through.

Reason 3. Sony is muted

The mute setting may have been activated on your Sony TV, or the volume has been put extremely low causing your Sony TV to seem like the sound is not working.

Reason 4. Corrupted software

The software of your Sony TV may be corrupted from contaminated files.

If this is the case, the normal functioning of your TV will be hindered and a reset or reboot will be required to refresh the software, or an update will be needed to remove the current data on your TV.

Reason 5. Loose cables

If your connection cables are loose or contain too much dust or debris in the connecting ports, this may potentially interfere with the audio of your TV working successfully.

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How do you get the sound back on your TV?

TV with Speaker

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If you are experiencing no audio from your Sony Bravia TV, and now wondering, ‘How do I fix the sound on my LED TV’, there are 5 easy fixes that you will be able to use to get your Sony back to providing you with its Acoustic Surface Audio features.

Fix 1. Check mute and volume settings

Before proceeding with anything else, make sure your TV is not set to mute, and that the volume of your Sony is not too low.

It is normal to push the wrong button on our remote and not be aware that we have muted our TV.

Fix 2. Check output settings

If your Sony is set to the wrong input setting, it will try and play the audio through that designated setting.

You may be expecting to have the sound play through the internal speakers of the TV, but there is an external speaker connected, which is what your Sony is set to.

Step 1. Go into the ‘Sound Settings’ of your Bravia

Step 2. Check that the ‘Audio Output’ setting is set to the correct speaker if you are using an external speaker or the internal speakers of your TV.

Note, make sure no headphones are connected to your Sony.

Fix 3. Check for software update

The sound from your Bravia may be glitching because your TV is trying to work on outdated software.

Before you check for a software update, DO NOT unplug your TV

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Customer Support’, ‘Setup’ or ‘Product Support’

Step 3. Choose ‘Software Update’

Step 4. Press ‘Network’

You will now be able to confirm a software update if one is available.

Fix 4. Check connected cables

If you have a DVD player connected or any other cables linked to your Sony Bravia, make sure they are all connected securely.

Ensure there is no dust or debris in the ports. If there is, clean them out with a dry cloth.

Fix 5. Power reset TV

Your Sony Bravia may just be needing a reset to refresh its software.

Step 1. Turn your TV off

Step 2. Unplug your Sony and wait a couple of minutes

Step 3. Plug your XR back in

Turn your TV back and on and check to see if the audio is now playing.

Note, if you disconnect your Wifi router as well for a few minutes, this will refresh the internet connection and can assist with your TV’s reset.

How do I reset the sound on my Sony Bravia TV?


How to reset sound on Sony Bravia

If you have continuously made changes to your sound settings on your smart TV, and your Sony’s TV sound is now not working, you may want to reset them back to their default settings;

Step 1. Go into the ‘Sound Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Sound Adjustments’

Step 3. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’

Step 4. Choose the ‘Reset’ option

You will now be required to confirm this reset.


We hope our guide has helped fix the sound to your Sony TV.

Be sure to save our page to your favorites in case you have any further issues with the television’s audio.

If you are still experiencing a loss of sound from the Sony TV, you can make use of their customer support page as well as make use of their Sony Community.

Sony also has a live chat option you can make use of if you need assistance right away.

In rare cases, there may be a problem with the hardware of your Sony television. If this is the case, you can contact a qualified TV technician online, by chatting to an agent on Just Answer. These individuals will help you as best as they can, and provide you with further advice for an external contact if they are unable to sort your issue out.