Do you want to survive longer during combat, and wondering how to roll in GTA 5?

Knowing how to complete this action in the popular Rockstar game, whether you are on PlayStation or Xbox will help you fight longer, and defeat your enemies. This action can be done with ease, however, the necessary buttons required will depend on what console you are using.

Besides the roll feature in GTA 5, enhancing your character’s skills will improve your performance, and make the most out of challenges, whether it’s during Flight School, or at the shooting range.

In this guide, you will learn how to roll in GTA 5 with short simple steps, as well as be provided with additional information that could potentially help you to roll faster so you can get away from your opponents without being positioned in the open near your attackers.

What is Roll in GTA 5?

How to roll in GTA 5

What is roll in GTA 5?

A ‘roll’ in GTA 5 is a method you can use to dodge shots aimed at you to take you out. If you know how to roll in GTA 5, you will be able to move quickly to each side as well as change your position with enough time to survive longer. A roll in Grand Theft Auto is a defence tactic and can be utilised to protect your character from danger such as bullets and moving cars.

You will be able to roll to safety and get to hiding spots in a shorter space of time. This is to make the game more challenging for players.

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How to Roll in GTA 5

How to roll in GTA 5

Rolling in GTA 5

You can roll in GTA 5 by simply using a specific button on your controller and aiming in the desired direction that you want your character to go in. You can roll in four different directions only. The buttons required on your controller will depend on which console you are using to play GTA 5 on.

We will go through how to roll in GTA 5 during combat with the different available consoles;

How to Roll in GTA 5 PS4

Step 1. Aim your character in the direction you want to move

Step 2. Press the ‘Square’ button on R1

(Fun Fact; You can find a frozen alien in the prologue of GTA 5, Getaway Sequence. In the mission, the three characters (Michael, Trevor and Brad) will direct you over railroad tracks. You will go under a bridge if you turn right instead of following them. Once you have done so, get out of your car. You will see a frozen alien in the ice).

How to roll on GTA 5 PC

Step 1. Face the target

Step 2. Click on the jump button

Note, the jump button should be by default, the spacebar.

How to Roll in GTA 5 Xbox One

Step 1. Aim your character

Step 2. Press the X button

Knowing how to combat roll is beneficial in keeping your character alive and avoiding any danger. A roll will interfere with your enemy’s aim and make you harder to hit when in combat.

Players have encountered a GTA 5 combat roll glitch where other users have rolled a lot faster than the standard pace.

How do You Roll Faster in GTA?

No setting or button combination will get you to roll faster in GTA 5. Everyone in the game should roll at the same speed, however, there has been previous speculation that a character will roll faster if their shooting skill is ranked higher.

How do You Increase Your Shooting in GTA 5 Online?

How to roll in GTA 5

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

You can increase your shooting skill by taking your character to a shooting range. You can get to one by opening your map and finding the closest Ammu-Nation that contains a shooting range. This method will allow you to improve your shooting level without needing other players and being interrupted.

When you enter the shooting range and amend it to your desired settings, if you change the ‘Number of Challenges‘ to unlimited, you will be able to shoot for as long as you want.

Note, it will not matter what gun you decide to shoot with, as whichever one is used will increase your skills.

Other ways to increase your shooting in GTA 5 will require other characters in the game. For example;

  • Find a hiding place and instigate a fight with the Police.
  • Hitting a large number of online players
  • Winning headshots

What are the benefits of a high shooting skill?

Having a high shooting skills is not for nothing. Besides the possibility that it may be a factor to roll faster in GTA 5, a high level in the shooting will improve the quality of your character by;

  • It will dampen the recoil
  • Quickens your reload time
  • Increases ammo capacity
  • Improves accuracy

If you decide you want to complete GTA 5 gun challenges with another player, your skill will raise depending on how well you do;

  • Gold Medal = 3%
  • Silver Medal = 2%
  • Bronze Medal = 1%

Tip, practice your aim in an Ammu-Nation before you enter into a gun challenge to improve your chances of winning Gold.

What Are The Main Skills in GTA 5?


Photo by Artem Budaiev on Unsplash

Besides the shooting skill, there are six other skills that you, as a player, can improve on through playing strategically and completing certain tasks and actions. Depending on which character you have chosen to play with, will determine what level your skills are defaulted to. Eg; Trevor is a pro at flying, so his flying skill is set to 100 when you start, whereas, Franklin, who has never flown before, is set at zero. 

The other skills that your character can work on are;

1. Stamina

This is how long your character can run, swim or cycle at full speed before they start losing health due to tiredness.

You can increase this by practising these activities. Every 175 meters run (cycled or swam), your stamina will level will increase by 1%.

2. Strength

This skill determines how resilient your character is when it comes to how powerful they are. A high strength level will improve certain things such as; climbing ladders, agility and help you manage damage being done to your character.

You can improve your strength score by making hits in combat and playing sports. Your strength will increase by 1% for every twenty punches you throw. Killing cows in Grapeseed Farms will improve this skill too.

Tip, play golf and/or tennis to help improve this skill.

3. Stealth

This skill will improve when you stay unnoticed. If you complete silent takedowns during this mode, your score will improve.

Your stealth status will increase by 1.5% for every two stealth matches, and with every 37 meters walked in this mode will improve by 1%.

4. Flying

You can improve your flying skill by staying airborne for longer periods and winning challenges in flight school.

If you get a Gold Medal your skill will increase between 3% and 5%. Every ten minutes spent flying will also increase your score by 1% as well as flying under a bridge.

5. Driving

A good driving skill will allow you to pop wheelies with more ease. You will also find you will have more control when driving in the air.

To increase your driving skill you will need to hold wheelies for longer and landing in a square position when you complete large jumps.

Your driving skill will improve by 1% with every second spent driving in the air.

A successful stunt jump will increase your skill between 2% and 3%. Driving without coming into contact with anything will also help.

6. Lung Capacity

This is how long you can hold your breath while being underwater. After a while, your health will start to decrease.

To improve this skill, you can practice swimming and diving. Attending yoga will also help your lung capacity to increase.

With every minute you swim underwater, your skill will improve by 2%.

Tip, swimming underwater with scuba attire will aid in improving this skill.


With this easy to read guide, we hope you were able to follow with ease, and that you now know how to roll in GTA 5 on whatever console you may be using.

With the additional information on having high shooting skills, and making the most out of the other six main GTA skills, you should be able to enhance your character’s performance and excel in combat.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Rockstar game, we suggest you make use of their support page where you should be able to find all the necessary answers to any queries regarding Grand Theft Auto V.

Keep in mind, if the GTA 5 server is down certain features and functions may be inaccessible.

(Quiz Time; if you turn right instead of following the three main characters, what will you see? Fill out your answer in our comments section from the online form provided).