Sony TVs can experience issues from their screens automatically dimming, to having a red light blinking continuously.

People have informed us that their Sony TV flashes red, and are looking for answers, if you are one of these people you have come to the right place to find out why your Sony TV is flashing red, and how to fix it.

Sony TVs will flash a red LED light when it has acknowledged there is an internal hardware problem with the power management system. The number of red blinks will suggest what internal part of the TV has had a malfunction.

Easyfix is here to guide you in fixing the blinking red light on your Sony TV in 4 easy steps.

Why does my Sony TV flash red 4 times

Sony TV flashes red

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If your Sony TV is blinking 4 times, this may be due to an issue with the main board of the TV.

If you disconnect the backlight and panel and the blinking red light persists then this will confirm the issue is with the motherboard.

The issues on your mainboard could be due to the following;

  • The backlight on the power supply board is faulty
  • The LCD board has a backlight that has stopped working
  • The voltage is changing on the power supply board

Note, if your Sony Bravia TV is blinking red light 8 times, you would need to complete a specific reset method.

My Sony TV flashes red then shuts off?

Sony blank TV screen


TVs are generally well equipped with outlets at the back to allow heat to pass through them to prevent the TV from overheating.

Your Sony TV could be flashing red and switching off due to these outlets being blocked by dirt, trapping the heat, and not bringing in enough air to keep the interior parts cool.

When your Sony TV temperature rises, it will send an error code, the red blinking light, followed by automatically switching off. This will happen continuously until your Sony TV has cooled down.

You can prevent your Sony TV from overheating by checking that there is no dust stuck between the vents, and only try switching on your Sony TV once it has had time to cool down.

Two other potential reasons could be;

  • Your Sony Bravia TVs software needs to be updated
  • There is a break in the internal hardware of the TV

How do I fix my Sony TV blinking red 4 times?

Screwdriver and Spanner

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Fixing your Sony TV from blinking 4 times may not be as daunting as you think. Here are 4 easy fixes to guide you;

Fix 1. Perform a Hard Reset

Completing a hard reset erases all built-up errors that may stop your Sony Bravia from functioning properly, and may even assist in the retuning of your Bravia TV.

Step 1. Switch off your Sony by unplugging everything from it

Step 2. Remove your TV from the main power source

Step 3. Wait approximately 3 minutes

Step 4. Put all plugs back in and switch your Sony on

Step 5. If you had any devices connected to your Bravia, you can now reconnect them

The hard reset has now been completed, and you can try switching your Bravia TV back on.

Fix 2. Plug Sony Bravia directly into the wall

If your Sony is working through a power board, there may be a problem within the board or the board has active surge protection.

Step 1. Remove the TV from current power outlets, wait a few minutes

Step 2. Plug directly into the socket of the wall

You can now attempt to switch your Sony TV on.

Fix 3. Complete a Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset will set your Sony Bravia back to its original settings, getting rid of any built-up errors through using your TV.

Step 1. Select ‘Home’ on the remote

Step 2. On your remote, select ‘Settings’ then ‘System Settings’ then ‘Customer Support’

Step 3. Choose ‘Factory Settings’

Step 4. Press ‘OK’

The factory reset has now been completed and you can turn your TV on.

Note, if you are unable to see the TV screen, complete the hard reset first for the TV (as mentioned before) and follow these steps;

Step 1. Hold the ‘up’ arrow on the remote

Step 2. While holding the ‘up’ arrow, push and release the power button on the TV itself

Step 3. Wait for the TV to turn back on before you let go of the ‘up’ button (you might have to press the power button a second time)

Now check to see if the red light is still blinking on your Sony Bravia TV.

Fix 4. Check for a Software Update

If your Sony Bravia TV is a newer model and can connect to the internet, you can check to see if there is a software update outstanding that you can complete.

Why is my Sony TV Blinking Orange?

Sony TV blinking orange


Your Sony Bravia TV may be flashing amber due to an active timer being set on your TV. This can be easily reset if you do not want a timer to be activated on your TV.

There are two types of timers you can activate on your Bravia TV;

Sleep Timer

  • This timer will cause your TV to turn off after a specific amount of time

 On/Off Timer

  • This timer will automatically turn your TV on and off at a certain time during the day

Note, you can check your timer settings and make any changes by going into the settings on your TV


We all expect our TVs to switch on without any disturbance, so when you’ve come to watch your favorite football team play but if you find your Sony TV flashes red and is switching off, it’s no surprise you’ll want answers on how to fix this error as quickly as possible.

We hope this guide has helped you sort out your Sony Bravia TV flashing red 4 times, as well as switching off, and that you can keep hold of these 4 easy fixes for any future occurrences.