Smart TVs make your life so much easier, allowing you to customize your devices and encouraging a more coordinated existence. But they are machines and can experience glitches and errors that make their function less than expected. One of the most frequent complaints is that the Samsung Smart TV keeps turning off by itself. 

The Samsung Smart TV is a king amongst TVs. It’s aggravating to have your Samsung Smart TV shut off automatically without any command especially since smart TVs are an expensive investment.

But don’t worry. This is a common issue and there are many ways you can troubleshoot them at home. 

Update your Samsung Smart TV software 

Samsung Smart TV

Smart TVs, just like your phones and tech devices, require constant software updates. Your Samsung Smart TV also requires software updates to keep functioning at its optimum capacity. If your TV hasn’t been updated it will show up in errors like an unprompted shutdown. Though these software updates happen automatically, they can sometimes go undetected by the TV and require a manual update. 

To install the latest software update:

  • Turn your TV on 
  • Go to the Samsung Smart TV Settings 
  • From the menu select Support
  • Click on the Software Update option
  • Select the Update Now button

 Updates take about 30 minutes to install. Don’t turn your TV off while the update is being installed. If the TV accidentally turns off during this time the TV can suffer greater damage. Wait till the update is complete to restart it.

Check the Samsung Smart TV Eco-Solution settings 

Smart TV Turning Off

A lot of devices have an energy-saving mode. In the Samsung Smart TV, these are labeled as Eco-Solutions. These settings ensure that the TV shuts off if there is little to no activity. It also uses less power to function. Samsung Smart TV needs a certain level of power to work at its best. Eco-Solution could prompt automatic shutdowns, so check if you’ve selected this option. 

  • Go to Samsung Smart TV Settings by using your remote
  • In the menu select the General option
  • Select the Eco-Solution tab
  • Then, Select the Auto Power Off option
  • Lastly, Select Off 

Sleep Timer is enabled 

Samsung TV Off

While we’re at it, let’s check other settings to make sure they aren’t causing the problem as well. One of these settings to look out for is the Sleep Timer. As the name suggests, the Sleep Timer automatically shuts your TV off after the selected preset time has expired. To check the status of Sleep Timer, and to disable it in case it has been enabled follow these instructions:

  • Go back to Settings
  • Select the General menu
  • Click on the System Manager 
  • Select the Time option
  • Click on the Sleep Timer
  • Select Off if it was switched to On

Your surge protector is faulty 

Many households use surge protectors with their electronics especially if they live in areas where sudden power surges can leave destroy their devices. The problem with surge protectors though is that they can be faulty. A faulty surge protector will do more harm than good and can be causing your Samsung Smart TV turning off issue  itself.  

The easiest way to check is by removing the surge protector from your TV’s power cable and inserting the power cable directly in the power outlet. Test to see if the TV still shuts down automatically.

There is a connection error

One of the possible reasons your Samsung TV may keep turning off is if it’s in connection to external devices like game consoles and they turn off suddenly. This can happen due to a shaky connection, forcing the TV to turn off.

Unplug the power cables of external devices and turn them off completely before plugging them back in again. This will ensure  appropriate connections. An uncertified, generic HDMI cable can also cause your Samsung Smart TV screen to appear black. This is due to a connection error. Switch to a certified HDMI cable for better functionality and to avoid your TV shutting down unannounced. 

If external devices are not in connection, check the settings and set the Sources to TV. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Sources option
  • Select TV option

Recalibrate your Samsung Smart TV 

Sometimes, your Samsung TV, like most devices, needs a Soft Reset to refresh and readjust the TV so it can function better. Simply unplug the TV from its power outlet for at least 30 seconds. Finally, plug it directly into an outlet that you know works properly and turn your TV on again.  

There may be defects in the motherboard

The motherboard is like the main circuit board of your Samsung TV. It controls all of the processing that happens to give you picture-perfect clear viewing. A defective motherboard may be the issue causing your Samsung Smart TV to keep turning off by itself. 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fix a defective motherboard on your own unless you have the technical skills. Take your TV to an authorized Samsung repair shop if your warranty is still in place. This is a rare occurrence, but it can’t be ruled out.

Check for inferior capacitors

A bad capacitor can cause the TV to keep turning off. The capacitor’s job is to supply your TV with power. A faulty or defective capacitor fails to provide appropriate power to the TV and can result in your Samsung TV turning off repeatedly. 

Replace your capacitor with a more efficient and high-quality option. Don’t do this yourself if you don’t have the skills. Hire a professional.  

Your Samsung Smart TV might be overheating

Running your Samsung Smart TV for an extended period without breaks can cause it to overheat and turn off by itself to preserve the system within. Devices are programmed to initiate an immediate shut down when the internal temperature reaches a specified point. 

If you have a tendency of leaving your TV on for extended periods of time, try to avoid this. You can invest in this-party cooling stands if your use required the TV to run for long periods of time. 

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