When the robot vacuum Roomba won’t connect to your network, you will have limited access to the automated features.

Performing a quick device reset, followed by ensuring there is no disruption in service from your internet service provider should be the first two actions you take to connect your Roomba to the network.

If the Roomba is still failing to connect, our step by step guide will take a look at all the possible reasons that the auto vacuum won’t connect to the internet, and provide you with the necessary fixes you need, to get your iRobot connected today.

Why won’t my Roomba connect

Roomba won't connect to network

Why won’t Roomba connect to network

Your Roomba vacuum cleaner won’t connect to your network if there is a problem with your Wifi, or your iRobot is experiencing issues with its internal software.

Reason 1. Home network issue

If there is a problem with your home Wifi, your Roomba won’t be able to pick up the network to connect to.

The robotic hoover requires a strong connection that will allow the device to stay connected while it moves around to different areas of your home.

Your network service provider could be down when you’re trying to connect your Roomba.

Reason 2. Not enough network range

Your network range may not be reaching certain areas in your home where your vacuum cleaner is moving to.

If your Roomba is too far from your router, it will not be able to establish a connection.

Reason 3. iRobot software issue

If the firmware of your Roomba is problematic due to contaminated software, this will interfere with your robot functioning properly, hampering the connection process.

The internal network receiver in your Roomba could be experiencing issues.

Reason 4. The home base is placed too far

You need to place the home base of your Roomba near your Wifi router.

If you have positioned it too far away, this will interfere with the device connecting to your network.

Reason 5. The initial setup process was not done correctly

When you complete the initial setup phase of your Roomba, it needs to be done properly with the iRobot mobile app.

Why is your Roomba WIFI flashing green?

Your Roomba should flash green or blue when you first connect it to your network. If you did not have a green light flashing when you first set your Roomba up, this will mean the process was not completed successfully.

Reason 6. Incorrect network frequency

Roomba vacuum cleaners will work on a frequency of 2.4GHz. This frequency provides a larger range compared to 5GHz.

Most of the time, there is confusion between this frequency and 5GHz. A few of the Roomba models do not support 5GHz.

How do I reconnect my Roomba to my network?

Roomba won't connect to network

How to connect Roomba to network

You can get your Roomba connected to your network by checking your home internet connection and the software of your vacuum cleaner. 

Fix 1. Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection to make sure it is providing a strong, secure connection.

Your network service provider might be down for maintenance, in which case you would need to wait until it is back up and running.

To check if your network is providing adequate bandwidth speeds, you can click here. 

Fix 2. Bring the home base closer to your router

Moving Roomba’s home base closer to where your Wifi modem is positioned will help the signal strength between your network and vacuum cleaner.

Fix 3. Reset your Roomba

Your Roomba will automatically update its software when it is connected to your Wifi, and when it is placed on its home base.

If you think your smart vacuum is experiencing a software issue, you can do a hard reset on your device.

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Before proceeding with this step, keep in mind this will erase all saved data on your Roomba. You will need to set your vacuum to your preferred settings again.

How to factory reset Roomba:

Roomba Model Buttons to push Result
600 & 800 Series  Dock, Spot Clean & Clean One beep & release
900 Series Dock, Spot Clean & Clean All LED lights to light up
S & I Series Home, Spot Clean & Clean White light around the ‘Clean’ button will flash
E Series Home, Spot Clean & Clean Hold down for 20 seconds and release
Roomba Combo Reset button under the lid Hold for 10 seconds and release

Once the factory reset has been completed, you can proceed with completing the setup phase again.

Fix 4. Reconnect Roomba

If you did not connect Roomba in the right order, you will need to reconnect your vacuum cleaner to ensure you see a green light.

How to reconnect Roomba to Wifi:

First, make sure you have the iRobot app on your device and that it’s working;

  • iOS software needs to be a minimum of 13.0
  • Android software needs to be a minimum of 7.0

Step 1. Turn your Bluetooth on and make sure your Roomba will be able to find you

Step 2. Use the iRobot app on your mobile to connect to your Roomba

Step 3. Edit the name of your vacuum cleaner (it will default to ‘Roomba’)

Step 4. Choose the correct Wifi network and input your password (make sure you put it in correctly)

Step 5. Make sure your vacuum is on its home base

Step 6. Select the ‘Home’ and ‘Spot Clean’ button simultaneously for 2-5 seconds or until you hear a ‘beep’

Step 7. You should see a green or blue flashing light

Step 8. On the mobile app, click ‘I Pressed the Buttons’

You can now select ‘Continue’ to confirm your device has been connected successfully.

Roomba incompatible routers

You may have a Wifi router that is incompatible with the Roomba vacuum, which is why your robot cleaner is not connecting to your network.

Make sure your router is not the problem for your connection issue;

Make Model
Cisco RE1000
D-Link DIR-300
Logitec LAN-W300N/RSB
Microsoft MN-700
Motorola SBG6580
Sagemcom F@st 5260
Time Warner Arris DG860A
Western Digital My Net AC1300-J2F


Can you fix an incompatible Roomba router?

Not all incompatible routers can be fixed to get your Roomba connected, however, there are a few that you can troubleshoot;

Make Fix
Cisco Change security setting to anything but WEP128 (WPA2 may need more than 1 setup attempt)
D-Link Try setting up more than once
Microsoft iOS app may need more than one setup attempt
Motorola Change security setting to anything but WEP128
Western Digital Change channel width to ‘Auto’


Once connected to your network, returning to dust-free vinyl floors, compliments of your Roomba are now made possible.

If you have followed each of the steps in this guide, but for some reason, the Roomba still won’t connect to your network you can contact their customer support team directly on 0208 8653171 or 01 247 54 28 (for Ireland).

If you prefer to send them an email, you can complete their online form.

In rare cases, there may be a problem with your vacuum hardware so returning your device to the manufacturer could be an option if all else fails. 

Make sure you check out iRobot’s return instructions.