Have you opted for a Roomba vacuum model 600, 700 or 800 because of its automated features, and now it’s giving you the error 14 code?

An error code on your Roomba is a sure sign that your vacuum is experiencing some type of issue, but what does the Roomba error 14 mean, and are you able to fix it? With the Roomba vacuum manufactured to work at an optimum level, if anything is not working at its best degree, an error code will appear.

The Roomba error 14 is connected to the functioning of the bin section of the vacuum. We have created this easy-to-follow guide for you, so you know exactly what to do to amend the bin area of your Roomba and anything else that may be aiding in this error code, so it can get back to excelling in cleaning your floors.

Why does my Roomba keep saying error 14


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If you have a Roomba model 600, 700, or 800, you may be witnessing an Error 14 or Error 1-4 on your hoover.

This error code relates to the bin part of your Roomba vacuum.

An error code could be coming up on your Roomba for the bin because it has not been closed securely, or parts of the bin are faulty, causing the bin to be seen as not installed properly.

This then means the Roomba will not begin the cleaning process because it is seen as there is no bin for the contents to go into.

Another reason why your Roomba may be experiencing this issue is if you perhaps haven’t cleaned out the bin area for quite some time, causing it to become too full.

How do I fix Error 14 on Roomba

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How do I fix my Roomba error

If you are asking yourself, ‘How do I fix my Roomba error’, this can be done in a few simple steps.

Fix 1. Clean your Roomba

Error 14 on your Roomba is transpired because your bin is seen as not installed. So the first thing to do is to ensure you have completely cleaned its contents and that there is no more trace of built-up dust and dirt in the bin as well as on its connectors.

Step 1. Turn your Roomba over so its bottom is facing upwards

Step 2. The screws on the bottom of the Roomba can be unscrewed

Step 3. Once the bin has been unscrewed, disassemble the parts so you can get inside.

It is advised to use a hairdryer to blow out all the dust that is surrounding the fan in the Roomba. A brush is also a good tool for cleaning the contents in the center of the vacuum.

Step 4. Clean out every other part of the vacuum, eg; the vent

Step 5. Move the fan in the vacuum to make sure it is moving smoothly and without getting stuck

Step 6. Put the Roomba back together again, screwing it closed.

Your Roomba should now detect an installed bin.

Fix 2. Reinsert the bin

Your Roomba may not be recognising that the bin has been installed because you did not insert it back in properly.

Removing the bin and reinserting it, making sure you have done so correctly may just do the trick and install the bin securely without any errors.

Fix 3. Reboot the battery

Removing the battery from your Roomba will reset any changes you have made, and remove any bugs or faulty software that may be causing the Roomba to inadvertently suspect that no bin has been installed.

Remove the battery and wait a couple of minutes before placing it back in.

Fix 4. Reset your Roomba

Resetting your Roomba is similar to rebooting the battery, and can help reset the Roomba’s software.

Step 1. Press down on the ‘Clean’ button for 20 seconds

Step 2. Repeat Step 1 another two times

Step 3. After the third time, your Roomba will turn back on. Wait a minute or two before attempting to switch on the cleaning mode.

Your vacuum should now recognize that a bin is installed.

Fix 5. Check the Roomba is securely closed

Your Roomba may not detect an installed bin because the bin has not been properly closed in or some of the connections are too loose where your bin gets assembled.

Check to see that everything is connected securely as a tight fit will ensure the bin gets recognized.

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Fix 6. Replace the bin

Replacing the bin would be the last resort if you are still experiencing the error 14 code.

If your bin happened to be faulty, a new one would eradicate any issues with not being able to pick up the bin being installed.

A bin replacement can be found on the iRobot website, or even on Amazon or Ebay.

How do I know when Roomba bin is full

With the Roomba vacuum being run by technology, it has an iRobot app that you can use to tell your Roomba what to do and even schedule it to turn on and complete a clean.

You will be able to see if your Roomba bin is full by using the iRobot app on your mobile device, otherwise, there will be a dustbin light that will flash red on the top of your Roomba, confirming that it is full and needs to be emptied.

It is recommended, however, to empty out your bin after every use as this will prolong the longevity of your device and avoid any issues, like error 14 that may come with a bin that is too full.


With the Roomba vacuum series being the next best thing when it comes to having a cleaning device, we understand that if you are experiencing an error on your hoover, you would want to sort the issue out as quickly as possible.

We hope this guide has provided you with all the necessary information you needed to be able to fix the error 14 from appearing on your Roomba, and that we have supplied you with enough knowledge to be able to look after your Roomba vacuum so it can last longer than the estimated maximum of 5 years.

If you have any other queries or concerns regarding your Roomba, you can make use of their iRobot support page.