Are you wondering how to install Netflix on your Sony Bravia TV, or perhaps you are a new account holder of a Netflix subscription, and you need to add the app to your device?

Installing Netflix onto your Sony is a simple process, and can be completed in three easy steps depending on the make and model of your television.

After following this guide, you will know how to install Netflix on your Sony Bravia TV, how to keep the app updated, and how to troubleshoot your streaming app if it is being problematic.

How to install Netflix on Sony Bravia TV

How To Install Netflix On Sony Bravia TV

How To Install Netflix On Sony Bravia TV

There are three ways in which you can install Netflix onto your Sony Bravia TV. The first option is to use your Sony remote if it includes the ‘Netflix’ button. This button will take you straight to the login page of Netflix. This feature is available when your Sony has the app preinstalled. 

Before you can download Netflix, you need to register your Sony if you have not already done so.

How do I register my Sony Bravia TV?

Before Netflix will work on your Sony Bravia TV, you need to register your TV to activate the on-demand service, if you do not already have a Sony account.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote

Step 2. Select ‘Network’

Step 3. Choose ‘Activate Enhanced Features’

Step 4. Follow the on-display instructions until you get a code

This code will be needed for when you access the Sony website.

Now that your Sony Bravia TV is registered, it will now be able to access Netflix.

1. Use Netflix enabled remote

Does your Sony remote include a red, Netflix button?

Step 1. Press the Netflix button

Step 2. Select Sign-In

  • If ‘Sign In’ does not appear on your screen, choose ‘Yes’ to ‘Are you a member of Netflix.’
  • If you do not already own an account, you will need to create one first

Step 3. On the login page, type in your username and password

You will now be able to continue to your Netflix library.

If Netflix won’t accept your email address when you try and log in, we have this guide for you to take a look at.

2. Use ‘Video’ or ‘Apps’ from your Menu list

Step 1. Access the  ‘Video’ or ‘Apps’ from your menu list

Step 2. Find Netflix and select it

Step 3. If you already have an active Netflix subscription, you will be able to sign in or select ‘Yes’ to ‘Are you a member of Netflix’

Step 4. Enter your credentials

Your Sony Bravia will now be connected to your Netflix account.

3. With a wireless keyboard remote

Certain Sony TV’s will include a wireless keyboard remote, that can be used to set up the Netflix service on your device.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Home’ button on the keyboard

Step 2. Choose ‘All Apps’

Step 3. Find Netflix and select it

Step 4. You will now be able to press ‘Sign In’

Make sure you input your credentials correctly, and press ‘Continue’.

Once Netflix is has been activated on your Sony Bravia TV, you need to make sure your device is connected to a stable internet connection that provides good bandwidth speed.

This is to ensure your Netflix does not experience buffering issues.

How do I update Netflix on my Sony Bravia smart TV?

Now that you have Netflix activated on your Sony Bravia TV, it’s important to make sure the app stays updated with the latest versions to ensure optimal performance.
(Did you know; you can customize how your subtitles appear on Netflix? You can change the transparency, font and the colour. Head into the account section and look for ‘Subtitle appearance’.)


How do I update apps on my Sony Bravia TV?

Step 1. Access your Google Play store
Step 2. Get into ‘Settings’
Step 3. Click on ‘Auto-Update Apps’
Step 4. Now choose ‘Auto Update Apps at Any Time’
This will ensure all apps on your Sony Bravia TV are updated without you having to do it manually.
If you have only just enabled this function, and you want to confirm that Netflix is currently updated, you can find the Netflix app on the Play Store and check for an ‘Update’ option.

Why won’t it let me create a Netflix account?

  • ‘Sorry, we are unable to complete the sign-up process now. Please try again later’

If this error is being displayed on your screen when you are trying to create a Netflix account for your Sony Bravia TV, this will typically mean that you are inputting incorrect information.

You need to make sure the following information is correct;

Billing information. This is your payment details. If this includes an error, Netflix will be unable to authorise your subscription.

If your information is correct, but your account details still won’t be accepted, you will need to contact your bank.

Why has Netflix stopped working on my Sony Bravia TV?

How to install Netflix on Sony Bravia TV

Netflix won’t work on Sony Bravia TV

Has Netflix stopped working on your Sony TV? If you are finding Netflix to be problematic on your Sony Bravia TV, the Netflix Server may be down. This could be due to planned works on the service, or an unexpected issue has transpired, and the Netflix technicians are working on the app. You can check the Netflix server status to stay up to date with any current issues.

If your streaming service is not working on your Sony Bravia TV, there are a few solutions you can try that we will touch base on. For an extensive directory on the matter, we have already generated a guide for you to follow.

  • Check the Netflix service status. If the server is down, you will need to wait until the issue has been rectified.
  • Try a different piece of content on Netflix to see if the problem is with the program
  • Access Netflix on a different device to see if it is your account or your Sony Bravia that has the issue
  • Empty the Netflix cache files
  • Make sure the date and time is configured correctly
  • Update your Sony software
  • Power reset your TV

If you can’t connect to Netflix on your Sony smart TV, then there could be an issue with your network connection, and you may need to reset your router.


With this in depth guide we have created for you, we hope you were able to successfully install Netflix on your Sony Bravia TV without any complications.

To ensure continuous performance of the video app on your device, we recommend that you save this directory as a favourite for you to easily access again in the future, for when you may experience issues trying to launch Netflix, or stream content.

If the problem on your Sony Bravia is still not rectified, we suggest you contact Netflix directly, as well as Sony, in the event that the problem is hardware related.

You can make use of Netflix’s support page where you will be able to start a live chat with one of their agents.

To get in touch with Sony, you can either email them, or speak to them using their live chat feature (open Monday- Friday, 09:00 am to 6:00 pm).