Are you an owner of a Roomba vacuum series and you are now having trouble with an error 5 code?

Our lifestyles have had vast improvements through technology, one of which from automated devices like the Roomba vacuum.

With these gadgets making our lives simpler, and easier, specifically in the lifestyle area, it’s no surprise that when your Roomba suddenly starts showing an ERR5, you want to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

With the Roomba error 5 being a charging error, you want to ensure you are doing all things necessary to put an end to this issue, which is why we have created this easy-to-read directory for you, so you can get your Roomba back to charging successfully.

What is Roomba error 5

Roomba Vacuum error on charger

What is error 5

The Roomba error 5 on your iRobot vacuum is code for there being a ‘Charging Error’ with its system.

Experiencing the charging error on your hoover means that your Roomba is unable to charge properly.

It will therefore not be able to function adequately due to not being able to receive any power.

What causes Roomba error 5

Error Code

What causes error 5

The Roomba error 5 can be caused by a few different reasons;

Reason 1. The battery is not contacting the docking plate

If you are using a docking plate to charge your Roomba, first of all, your Roomba should put itself onto the docking plate without you manually setting it on it.

If the battery is not making full contact with its charging plate, this will create the error 5 code to take shape as it will not receive a successful charging unit.

Reason 2. The yellow tab is still connected

If you have purchased a new battery, you may have forgotten to remove the yellow tab that is placed in the battery compartment.

Removing this piece out of where the battery is should get rid of the error 5 issue.

Reason 3. There is dust and dirt in the charging dock and battery

If dust and dirt have accumulated in the charging dock and within the battery components of the robot, this will interfere with the functioning of the Roomba.

Remove any dust with a clean, dry dust cloth off of the charging plates as well as around the battery in the Roomba.

It is recommended to remove the battery so you can clean it all around it as well as the area where the battery is situated.

Reason 4. The charging cable is faulty

If the cable connected to the charging dock and the plug point is faulty, it will not give any power through for the Roomba to be able to charge.

Whether you use the charging cable directly into the vacuum, or via the docking station, it will interfere with the successful charging of the hoover.

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Reason 5. The software is malfunctioning

If your Roomba is experiencing faulty software, this may cause any type of error to crop up on your hoover when trying you make use of it.

A reset can be completed by pressing down on the power button for around thirty seconds and then repeating this action another two to three times.

If you are trying to do the reset but the charging error keeps popping up, complete the reset step while the Roomba is sitting on charge.

Reason 6. Your battery is too depleted

If you are using a battery in your Roomba that continuously needs to be charged with a laboratory charger, this may be causing the error 5 to come about.

You can replace your battery with a new one, that will be able to charge the standard way for a Roomba.

How do I fix error 5 on Roomba

Fixing Tools

How to fix Roomba error 5

You can troubleshoot your Roomba by completing the following steps;

Fix 1. Reset your Roomba

Besides resetting your robot by holding down on the power button for thirty seconds, you can attempt to do a complete reset by pressing down on the ‘docking’ and ‘spot’ buttons simultaneously for around fifteen seconds.

Once this has been down, you would need to charge your Roomba for a minimum of 16 hours with the charging cable plugged in directly to the vacuum (do not use the docking plate).

Fix 2. Do a complete clean

Just like many of the other errors that a Roomba can experience, one of the main fixes is to do a complete clean of the hardware.

This makes sure no dust or dirt can get into the crevices around the battery and the docking plates which could cause issues.

Removing the battery and cleaning inside and around with a clean cloth will do the trick.

Fix 3. Reinsert the battery

Removing the battery and reinserting it may just fix the error 5 issue. Completing this action will refresh the Roomba and start it up again without any possible glitches.

When reinserting the battery, it’s important to make sure you put it back correctly as any part misplaced will cause the battery to malfunction.

If your Roomba cannot pick up an installed battery, it will showcase a further error.

Fix 4. Unplug the docking plate

You may need to reset the docking plate of the Roomba’s hardware.

Unplug the plate from its power source and wait at least sixty seconds.

While you are waiting, it is recommended to clean the place with a cloth to ensure there is no debris on the charging plates that could potentially get in the way between the battery and the dock.

Fix 5. Complete a Factory Reset

Completing a factory reset will get rid of all saved settings and preferences that you have made on your Roomba.

This can be done from your iRobot app on your device, as long as you are connected to the same wifi that your Roomba is;

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Remove/Factory Reset’

If you need to do a factory reset with only your Roomba connected to Wifi, you can click here.


Relying on an automated device can be a stressful experience when it suddenly appears to have a functioning error that you know nothing about.

We hope this guide has provided you with everything you needed to know to get the Roomba error 5 fixed as quickly as possible, and given you all the necessary information to be able to look after your Roomba and know what to look out for in the future.