Are you wondering why your PS5 turns on and off by itself? Have you tried restarting the game console, but the issue still exists? This guide will show you how to troubleshoot the intermittent ps5 turning-on issue without replacing your console.

The PlayStation 5 is the successor of the PlayStation 4 and was developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. With better graphics, smoother play, high refresh rates, and excellent game loading speeds, PlayStation 5 sets the bar high in the gaming console industry.

However, PS5 has its fair share of issues, and you may notice that the console sometimes turns on or off by itself. Let’s find out why this specific problem occurs. Afterward, you can follow the guide to find some potential fixes.

Why does my PS5 turn on by itself?

Why does my PS5 turn on by itself?

So you have shut down your PS5 and TV, but in a few seconds, you hear a beep, and the console turns on by itself? Check out the following reasons to find the source of the issue.

  • You have connected your TV to PS5 via HDMI or a passthrough device, causing it to turn on when you switch on the TV.
  • You have activated the rest mode option in PS5.
  • PS5 turns itself on when it tries to download the latest updates or upload saved data to cloud storage.

How do I stop my PS5 from turning on automatically?

How do I stop my PS5 from turning on automatically?

To stop your PS5 from turning on automatically, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Turn off internet connectivity in Rest mode

PS5 “Stay connected to internet” feature under Rest mode utility allows the console to turn on by itself to download the latest updates and to upload data to the cloud. You can disable the feature so that the console will connect to the internet while you are playing the game or the device is active. To do this:
  • On the PS5 main Dashboard, select the Settings gear icon.
  • Select the Power Settings menu in the left pane and select “Features Available in Rest Mode.”
  • Next, disable the “Stay connected to the internet” and “Enable Turning On PS5 from network” options.

Disconnect HDMI device link

Your PlayStation 5 console can also display the odd behavior if the HDMI Device Link is active within the console settings. In this case, any HDMI-connected device such as Blu-ray or soundbar can turn on your PS5 console. To fix the issue, you need to disable the HDMI link.

  • From the main PS5 Dashboard, go to the Settings menu.
  • Now select the System menu from the list.
  • In the left pane, select HDMI, and toggle the Enable HDMI Device link” option to the off position.”

Turn off remote play

If you suspect that a device is switching the PS5 power on via Remote Play, you can disable the feature to fix the issue. To do this, go to the PlayStation 5 Settings menu and select Remote Play under Systems. Now toggle the “Enable Remote Play” option to off position.

Check remote batteries

A few users noticed that the PlayStation 5 always showed the media remote icon when powering itself back on. To fix the issue, users threw some new batteries in the remote, and the problem went away. We assume that somehow when the battery gets low, the remote sends mixed signals to the console via Bluetooth, causing the malfunction.

PS5 turns off by itself

How do I fix my PlayStation that turns off by itself?

If your PS5 turns off by itself while you are playing a game, any one of the following reasons can be the culprit.

  • You have not installed the latest firmware updates to the PS5 console.
  • The PlayStation 5 gaming console is overheating.
  • Power Saving settings on the gaming console are misconfigured.
  • Playstation5 is experiencing hardware issues.

How do I fix my PlayStation that turns off by itself?

How do I fix my PlayStation that turns off by itself?

Try the following fixes if your PlayStation 5 turns off by itself.

Check overheating issues

If your PS5 is overheating, it can cause the console to turn off by itself. Check the following signs to confirm the overheating suspicion.

  • You are touching the PS5, and it feels hot.
  • The console fan is constantly running or exhibiting loud and storage noises.
  • PS5 games are loading slower than usual.
  • Black or white spots/lines appear on the TV screen while you play a PlayStation game.

Configure Power Saving settings

Sometimes, PS5 aggressive Rest Mode settings under the Power option can cause the console to shut down automatically. If you suspect it to be the case, try disabling the Rest Mode option in the following way.
  • Go to Settings –> System –> Power Options –> Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.
  • Select the “During Media Playback” option and disable the “Don’t put it in Rest Mode” feature.
  • Finally, disable the “Don’t put it in Rest Mode” feature next to the “While Playing Games” option.

 How do you download updates on PS5?

 How do you download updates on PS5?

If the above fixes fail to fix the PS5 turning off by itself issues, try downloading the latest firmware on the console. You may have disabled the auto-update feature on PS5. However, the new version may contain a patch for the bug that could be the source of the problem. To update the firmware on your console:

  • Press the PS button on the PlayStation 5 controller.
  • Now select Downloads & Uploads and then choose the Downloads / Copies option.
  • On the right side of the screen, select Update System Software.
  • Finally, choose the Update option and wait till the new version is installed.

Alternatively, you can install the latest updates on your PlayStation through a USB.

To do this, create an Update folder on your USB drive. Next, download the latest software update and save it in the USB Update folder. Connect the USB to the console and choose “Update from USB Storage Device” under the PlayStation 5 Software Update option.


It can be very frustrating if your PS5 is turning on or turning off by itself. We have tried to list the best fixes for the issue on hand. However, if you are still facing the problem, contact a PlayStation technician to figure out the hardware and software issues of your PlayStation 5 gaming console.