Have you opted to stream your Hulu app on your Smart TV, but for some reason, it keeps going black?

Are you concerned there may be an issue with your TV, or your Hulu app is faulty and causing glitches when you’re accessing its content?

These are all valid concerns when your Hulu keeps going black on your Smart TV, and will be addressed in this easy to follow guide we have created for you, so you can know exactly why this issue has suddenly transpired, and what steps you can take to prevent it from occurring again.

Why does my Hulu screen keep going black

Black TV screen

Why does my Hulu keep blacking out

Have you opted for the ‘No Ads’ plan on Hulu?

This is an additional add-on you can include on your Hulu subscription to eradicate ads playing in between your TV programs so you can watch without any interruptions.

If you do have this optional extra, it has been reported that your Hulu screen will go black on your smart TV for the duration of an ad that should be playing (if you did not have the ad-on).

Your Hulu screen should go back to normal, however, you can click on the ‘Play/Pause’ button to get it started up again.

This is only one possible reason, your Hulu screen could be going black due to a few more issues;

Reason 1. Faulty Update

You may have updated your Hulu app recently and the black screen has suddenly started to appear. This could be due to the new software from the update being corrupted, containing bugs that are interfering with the operation of the Hulu app.

Reason 2. Hulu servers are problematic

If Hulu is experiencing issues on their server-side, either because of planned maintenance or there is an outage, this will interfere with your app streaming.

You can keep up to date with the functioning of Hulu’s servers by using ‘Downdetector’. This page will confirm if Hulu is experiencing any issues at any given moment.

If Hulu is down, you will have to be patient until they sort out the issue before you can go back to watching Hulu without any setbacks.

Reason 3. Faulty cache files

Cache files is temporary data that is stored on your device to aid in the overall performance of an app, to improve its loading time, and create a better user experience, however, sometimes these files can become too full after a long period of time and start causing the Hulu app to become problematic.

They can also become corrupted, which would start causing glitches on the app, eg, a black screen.

Reason 4. Browser extensions

If you are making use of browser extensions, this could be interfering with the functioning of your Hulu app, as your Hulu may not be compatible with the extension you are using.

This will create conflict between the two, hence, causing your Hulu to have a black screen on your Smart TV.

Reason 5. Not enough bandwidth

Hulu requires a certain amount of bandwidth to be able to stream efficiently, without any complications.

If your internet connection is not good enough, with a stable speed, Hulu will not be able to load properly.

The minimum requirements for Hulu: 

Hulu Library (TV programs and movies) – 3Mbps

Live TV (additional add-on) – 8Mbps

HD 4K option – 16Mbps

Note, you can attempt to watch Hulu with a lower resolution at 1.5Mbps 

How do I fix the glitch screen on Hulu

Smart TV technology

How to fix Hulu black screen issue

Troubleshooting Hulu’s black screen issue can be completed in a few easy steps;

Fix 1. Power reset your internet connection

Completing a power reset on your Wifi router can help refresh the connection between your smart TV and your internet connection.

Step 1. Turn your Wifi off at the router/modem

Step 2. Unplug it from its power source

Step 3. Wait a few minutes before plugging it back in and switching on your router

Note, unplug your TV for a few minutes as well to ensure a full reset of your devices.

Fix 2. Reset cache data

Removing the built-up cache data on your device will get rid of any corrupted files that have been saved onto your smart TV as well as clear up space so new data can be saved.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ 

Step 2. Select ‘Applications’

Step 3. Click on ‘Hulu’

Step 4. Press on ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’

Your cache files will now be empty.

Note, Smart TVs may have different steps when getting to the clear cache option of an app depending on the brand. These steps are based on Samsung.

For steps any other smart TV, click here.

Fix 3. Uninstall and Reinstall the app

Removing the Hulu app off of your smart TV and reinstalling it will get rid of any faulty software that has been downloaded or has arisen over the course of the app being used.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ on your smart TV

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps’ and then ‘System Apps’

Step 3. Find Hulu 

Step 4. Select ‘Uninstall’

You can now go into your play store and redownload the Hulu app.

Fix 4. Update software

Your Smart TV may be due to an update on its software as well as the Hulu app.

Updating software will get rid of any corrupted files that is interfering with Hulu streaming successfully.

Updating the Hulu app 

Step 1. Go into your ‘Google Play Store’ 

Step 2. Find ‘Hulu’ under your apps

Step 3. If there is an option to update, select this

Updating TV software

Step 1. Select ‘Settings’ from your home screen

Step 2. Go into ‘Help’

Step 3. Click on ‘System Software Update’

Step 4. Choose ‘Check for a system software update’

Step 5. Confirm this action by clicking ‘Upgrade now’

Note, a software update can take around an hour depending on your internet, so do not panic if it is taking longer than you thought.


We understand how frustrating it is to be engrossed in a TV program or movie, and you keep getting interrupted with your screen going black.

It’s even more infuriating if you have opted to get rid of ads playing on your Hulu app, but you are now experiencing a black screen in place of an advert.

We hope this guide has assisted you in understanding why you are experiencing a black screen on your smart TV when you are trying to stream on your Hulu app, and that you have been able to fix this issue with the easy steps we have given you.

You can make use of Hulu’s customer support page for anything else you may want to query.