Have you found your PS5 won’t connect to the internet? this can happen with both versions of the console, the standard and digital edition as they are both supported by a web connection.

You may think this is a problem with the (Ps5 server), however, this fault can be caused by a problem on your end because the PlayStation simply cannot connect to your Wifi network.

To help you diagnose the source of this connectivity error we have constructed a simple guide to assist you in connecting your PS5 to the internet.

Why is my Ps5 not connecting to the Internet

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If you are seeing ‘Cannot Connect to the Wifi Network’ on your PS5 console, or something alike, this will indicate that it is experiencing an issue connecting to your modem.

There are a few reasons why your Ps5 Won’t Connect To Internet

Reason 1. Your Wifi router is positioned too far away from your PS5

Reason 2. Other devices are interfering with the connection between your console and router

Reason 3. There is a complication with your Wifi router or modem

Reason 4. The internal hardware of your console is faulty

How do I fix my internet connection on my PS5

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Ps5 Won’t Connect To Internet:

Fix 1. Re-enter your wifi password on your console

You may have entered it incorrectly when you initially came to connect it. Make sure you have the correct password by checking it on your router. (It is normally on the back).

Fix 2. Power reset

Shut your PS5 completely down and wait a few minutes. Turn your console back on, and see if it will connect automatically.

Fix 3. Reboot your Wifi router and/or modem

Switch your Wifi router off and wait a couple of minutes. Turn it back on and make sure your PS5 and any other devices are connecting back to it.

Fix 4. Move your Wifi router and PS5 closer together

The distance between your PS5 and Wifi router could be too far for your console to get adequate signal strength.
Positioning them closer to each other may resolve the signal issue so long as you do not put the router behind a wall or any other obstruction that could interfere with the signal between the two.

Fix 5. Make use of Playstation’s support page.

Ensure you select ‘My PS4 or PS5 can’t connect to the internet’ and follow the steps.

Fix 6. Reset your router

This is different from restarting it, as this will cause your router to go back to its factory settings where you will need to set up your network from the start. Keep in mind this will cause all your other devices to get disconnected.

The steps on how to reset your router:

Step 1. While the router is still plugged in and switched on, press down on the reset button (little button at the back of the router) and hold it for 30 seconds.

Step 2. Take the router out of its plug point for 30 seconds and carry on holding down the reset button.

Step 3. Plug the router back into its power source (still holding down the reset button) and switch the router back on by holding down the power button for 30 seconds.

Fix 7. Reset your PS5 to its factory settings

If you decide you want to reset your PS5 to its factory settings, keep in mind this will erase all saved data so you will need to make sure you complete a backup before wiping everything off.

Settings > System > System Software > Reset Options > Reset your console > Reset

Fix 8. Complete the Network test on PS5

Completing the Network test from your PS5 will check that you connect to the Playstation Network (PSN). Once this has run successfully, it will let you know the results.

Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection

You can test your internet speed by using this link.

Fix 9. Use an Ethernet cable

Using an ethernet cable will give your console a direct network signal to the router/modem and will alleviate any signal issues between the two.

Join your console to the modem/router by plugging in the ethernet into both devices

The steps to update the network settings on your PS5 to ethernet;

Network > Setting > Set Up Internet Connection > Select Wired Lan 1 > Connect

You have successfully updated your network settings on your console from Wifi to ethernet.

How do I reset my internet connection on my PS5

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How to reset wifi connection on PS5

When you switch your PS5 console on, it will automatically connect to your default Wifi network that you originally connected it to. If you have entered the password incorrectly, you will need to remove this default network and reconnect it with the correct password.

The steps to remove the default network:

Step 1. On your console, go into Settings

Step 2. Select ‘Network’

Step 3. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 4. Choose the network you have connected your console to

Step 5. Disconnect from the network

Step 6. Select ‘Delete’

You can reconnect to your Wifi network.

What is the best DNS settings for PS5

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DNS Settings

If you find your Wifi network and the connection between your console and router are both working, you can change your DNS settings.

The DNS (Domain Name System) server on your PS5 is what changes domain names into IP addresses, so you can gain access to all the different gaming servers on the web.

Changing the DNS on your PS5 can improve your network connection and minimize loading times on your console. Some DNS servers experience more traffic than others, so changing this can improve the quality of service you get on your console while being connected to the internet.

The 2 best DNS for PS5 are;

(Please note, the first set of numbers is the Primary DNS, and then the secondary)

  • Google ( ;
  • Cloudfare ( ;

Followed by;

  • SafeDNS ( ;
  • DNS Advantage ( ;
  • OpenNIC ( ;
  • OpenDNS Home ( ;
  • Dyn ( ;
  • FreeDNS ( ;
  • Yandex.DNS ( ;
  • DNS.WATCH ( ;
  • Alternate DNS ( ;
  • SmartViper ( ;
  • Verisign ( ;
  • Comodo Secure DNS ( ;
  • UncensoredDNS ( ;

Where are the DNS settings on PS5

The DNS settings of your PS5 will be found under the settings on your console

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ 

Step 2. Select ‘Network’

Step 3. On the Network page, choose ‘Settings’

Step 4. Choose ‘Set Up Internet Connection’

Step 5. Find the name of the network you are currently connected to and click on it

Step 6. Select ‘Advanced Settings’

Step 7. Choose ‘DNS Settings’ and change it from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Manual’

Step 8. This is when you would now put in the primary and secondary DNS numbers

Step 9. Click on ‘Ok’

Your console will now do a network test.

Final Note

If you happen to experience a further error, ‘Something Went Wrong’ on your PS5, you can click here for one of our manuals to help you rectify this issue.

With this guide, we hope you have been able to get your PS5 back to being connected to your Wifi network as quickly as possible.