Are you experiencing the warning; ‘Your PS5 is too Hot’ on your screen? A PS5 will keep overheating if its PSU (power supply unit) is drained, or there is not enough ventilation around the console.

If you have placed your PlayStation too close to the floor, and you are not cleaning out the dust build-up, your console will be more prone to overheating.

Have you been hearing your PS5’s fan running, or loading times have started to increase? These are signs that your gaming console is becoming too hot.

There is a lot to consider when you are dealing with an overheating PS5, which is why we have created this simple directory to guide you through everything you need to know, and supply you with easy prevention methods so you can get back to enjoying Fortnite without your console shutting down in midst battle.

Why does my PS5 keep overheating

PS5 keeps overheating

Why is my PS5 overheating

Your PS5 keeps overheating because you’re playing a game that is putting too much strain on the PSU (Power Supply Unit), or your console’s air vents have been blocked. 

Reason 1. Strained PSU

The power supply unit is what gives your console energy to operate. If this becomes exhausted, it will overheat and cause your PS5 to shut down.

A ‘graphically demanding’ game (eg; Grand Theft Auto V) requires your PS5 to process a large amount of power which increases the strain on your console.

Reason 2. Decreased airflow

Your Sony console needs constant ventilation to prevent overheating.

If you have positioned your PS5 in a place that is too restricted, the heated air from inside the gaming device will get trapped and the cold air from outside will not be able to get in to cool it down.

Reason 3. Clogged vents

Just like in any device, dust and debris can build up over time.

If you are not checking your console and keeping it clean, the vents will start to get blocked and trap the heated air from when your PS5 is running.

Placing your PlayStation in a confined space will increase dust build-up.

How do you know if your PS5 is overheating

You will know if your PlayStation 5 is overheating because a warning sign will appear on your screen, stating; ‘Your PS5 is too hot. Turn off your PS5, and wait until the temperature goes down.’ 

Your PS5 will also shut down automatically if it has already reached its maximum heat threshold.

There are other signs you can look out for an overheating console;

  • You will be able to hear your PlayStation’s cooling fan
  • The device is very warm when you touch it
  • Your game start slowing down
  • Loading times will increase
  • Your screen will suddenly change to a solid colour
  • Images will be distorted

(Did you know; Sony’s first electronic item was a rice cooker. It never became successful because it either undercooked or overcooked the rice.)

How do I stop my PS5 from overheating?

PS5 Keeps Overheating

How do I keep my PS5 cool?

You can stop your PS5 from overheating by actively keeping it cool. This can be done by actioning these simple steps;

Fix 1. Position your PS5 in a well-ventilated area

Make sure you position your PS5 in a space that is NOT enclosed.

Your console needs to be able to receive cool air around it so it can ventilate the heated air from within your PlayStation.

This includes keeping it away from a wall or corner.

Fix 2. Keep your PS5 higher than the floor

Dust accumulates mostly on the floor because of its weight, so placing your PS5 on a higher surface will decrease the likelihood of your console getting dust build up in a short period.

Fix 3. Place your PlayStation 5 on a hard surface

Placing your PS5 on a carpeted floor, or a fluffy surface will only increase the chances of your console getting blocked from the fibres.

Put your PlayStation on a hard surface, and do not cover it with a cloth, or blanket.

Fix 4. Clean the air vents

Sony has advised the best way to clean the air vents is by using a ‘low powered’ vacuum cleaner.

Using this device will bring out the accumulated dust and debris without taking your PS5 apart.

You can also use a microfibre cloth for the larger, exterior areas, and soft brushes if you want to try and get into your console.

Fix 5. Check your games

There may be a specific game you’re trying to play that is putting too much strain on your PlayStation.

Check to see if your Sony console is overheating only when a certain game is running.

If the game is via disc, try the digital copy and vice versa.

Fix 6. Check the positioning of your PS5

It does not make a difference if your PlayStation is positioned vertically or horizontally, however, if your console is currently placed vertical causing it to not have much free space around it, changing it to stand horizontal may help.

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How long can you play PS5 before it overheats?

There isn’t an exact time limit for your PlayStation to run before it will overheat.

Overheating transpires from dust build-up, no ventilation, or a strained PSU which comes from the game itself. If you look after your console, you should not experience your PS5 continuously overheating.

It’s not advised to keep your PlayStation on overnight, but if you had to do so on a rare occasion to download a digital copy of a game, it would not be the end of the world.


With this guide, we hope you now understand why your Sony console has been overheating and how to recognise the warning signs.

If you have tried all 6 fixes and you are still experiencing your PS5 becoming too hot, there may be an internal hardware issue with your PlayStation.

You can use this link to go through Sony’s troubleshooting steps.