Does your Xbox Series X show red lines on screen? Sometimes when you turn it or launch a game, you can get vertical or horizontal red lines on the screen. Don’t worry; this guide has several techniques that you can try and resolve the red lines issue.

Microsoft’s most recent console, the Xbox Series X, launched in November 2020. It brings high-end gaming to your living room with faster loading times, improved performance, 4K graphics, and Xbox Game Pass at its core. Furthermore, you can get an instant library of 100+ high-quality games, including Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, and many more with the Xbox Game Pass.

However, a few users report the Xbox Series X displaying vertical or horizontal red lines while launching a game. Afterward, users have to unplug or restart the console to eliminate these red lines, but it happens frequently. Occasionally, the Xbox Series X shows a blinking light on the console.

Why does my Xbox Series X have red lines on the screen?

Why does my Xbox Series X have red lines on the screen?

If you’re facing the issue with the Xbox Series X displaying red lines on various parts of the screen, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Misconfigured video output resolution on the console.
  • Xbox Series X has a problem with your A/V cable or connection.
  • The console’s data or hard drive is corrupt.
  • Your Xbox Series X has encountered a hardware failure.

 How do I fix Xbox Series X red lines on screen?

There are several techniques to resolve Xbox Series X red lines on screen while launching a game, whether these lines are vertical or horizontal. The correct video configuration or changing the A/V cable might resolve the issue. We recommend performing a complete power cycle before trying any fixies listed below. 

Power cycle Xbox Series X

  • First, press and hold the Xbox button on the front of the console for at least 10 seconds to completely shut down.
  • Now, unplug all the cables from your Xbox Series X and wait 5 minutes.
  • Reconnect all the cables back into the console.
  • After that, press the Xbox button to turn on the console. If the issue persists, you should move to the next solution.

Note: Repeat these steps if you don’t see the green boot-up animation while restarting the console. 

Check your console screen resolution settings

When configuring your Xbox console for 4K gaming, be sure to position your console within 2 meters of your TV so that the cable can reach. If you are using a different type of HDMI cable, it may impact your video quality and cause red lines on the screen. 

Follow these steps for appropriate display configurations:

  • First, press the Xbox button and click on the Profile & System.
  • Now, click on the Settings> General> TV & Display option.
  • After that, select the best resolution for your TV’s specifications ( 720p, 1080p, or 4K UHD). 

If your Television is 4k compatible, check that 4K video is active on your console’s 4K TV details screen. To check the activation, follow these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button and click on the Profile & System.
  • Go to the Settings> General > TV & Display options
  • Select the 4K TV details from the options.

The 4K TV details screen examines a variety of visual settings to see which are compatible and enabled on your Television. The capabilities of your TV will be automatically detected and transmitted to the console. If there’s any issue while configuring, the next step will assist you in configuring TV settings.

Configuring Xbox Series X with 4k TV

Skip this step if you see green ticks for features on Xbox Series X, your 4K TV correctly configured. Follow these steps if you are facing a configuration issue:

  • First, you need to check the HDMI cable by using different devices.
  • If you are using any intermediate device to pass the HDMI signal, such as a receiver, it must support HDMI 2.1
  •  Alternatively, you can connect Xbox’s HDMI directly to the TV.
  •  Ensure that the relevant HDMI port on the TV is set to ‘Enhanced’ mode.

If the firmware on your television is not updated, make sure to update it; without a firmware upgrade, some TVs would not even accept a 4K120 signal over HDMI 2.1.

Check A/V cable and connectors

Loose wires and connectors frequently cause the Xbox console to show red lines on the screen. So, check that all console and TV cables are appropriately plugged. Follow these steps to resolve the Xbox Series X red lines issue which appears in various parts of the screen:

  • First, turn off both your Xbox Series X and your television.
  • Remove the cords from your console’s A/V port as well as the TV’s A/V ports.
  • Connect the cable to the A/V port on your console and plug the A/V connectors into your TV.
  • Now turn on your television and Xbox console to see if the issue persists. Still, if the Xbox Series X shows the red lines on the screen; try different cables.

Reset your Xbox Series X  to fix red lines on screen

If none of the fixes mentioned above will resolve the issue, red lines might appear because of corrupted data or hard disc. So, the factory rest might resolve the problem, follow these steps:

  • First, press the Xbox button and choose Profile & system.
  • Then, select the Settings> System> Console info from the drop-down menu and click on the Reset Console.
  • Once you click on it, you’ll see these three options; Reset and remove Everything, Reset and keep my games & apps and Cancel.
  • Just click on Reset & Remove Everything.

The Xbox console begins the process of erasing and resetting itself to the default settings. After a complete reset, see if the problem persists, then there will be a hardware issue. 


We hope that this guide will assist you in resolving the issue with your console displaying red lines on several parts of the screen. Most of the time, users could get rid of red lines that appear on the screen while launching the game on Xbox Series X. However, if none of the techniques resolves the problem, contact Xbox customer service and get your console replaced.