One of the worst problems to deal with is the PS5 Scratched Disc issue. The PS5 is one of the most sought-after gaming consoles on the planet. From a user-friendly interface and availability of popular games, it’s no wonder the PS5 has been flying off the shelves.

However, there have been some issues with the console that can make the experience less than ideal.  One of the most commonly reported problems is that the PS5 disc version won’t read discs. Sometimes it’s because the disc is scratched but at other times it won’t read the disc at all.

This can be disappointing and a little frustrating too. But there is a solution. We have a number of ways you can troubleshoot this issue on your own.

Why is Your PS5 Scratched Disc Not Readable?

PS5 scratched disc

Dealing with an issue without knowing what exactly is causing the problem can be harder to resolve because you don’t know what needs fixing. The reasons why your PS5 won’t read scratched or regular discs can be many. 

Some of the most common causes are:

Scratched or dirty discs

Let’s start with the disc in question. The PS5 comes with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive; it shouldn’t be hard for it to read discs at all. Check the condition of your disc. Is it dirty? Does it have a small layer of grimy fingerprints on it? Is it scratched beyond repair?

A glitchy PS5 console

In some cases, the problem may be some random bugs in the system. A plus side is that these are fairly common and can go away just as quickly as they develop. This usually happens if you leave the PS5 running for too long. Not letting your console rest for a few hours can result in random glitches. 

Game Files Are Corrupt

Another reason you could be facing this issue is that your game files are corrupt. This happens in many ways. A bad system update is installed, a system update is interrupted, or there are problems with the storage device. The internal SSD or the external hard drive you’re using could have corruption.

Malfunctioning hardware

Unfortunately, a lot of times the problem lies with the disc reader itself. Malfunctioning hardware isn’t uncommon. Remember, the PS5 is a machine and out of all the components, the disc reader is most likely to stop working. 

How To Fix Your PS5 Scratched Disc Unreadable Problem


We’ve made a list of proven solutions for you to try to fix this issue:

Clean your discs

To avoid the issue of disc reading, clean your discs properly because the PS5 has a lot of features but internal disc cleaning isn’t one of them. Use a soft clean cloth to clean your discs. Don’t use isopropyl alcohol cleaners because they can damage your discs. You can use a damp microfiber cloth and start cleaning from the inside out with small circular motions like cleaning glasses. 

Keep a note of the error code.

Usually, when the PS5 refuses to run a disc it will give you an error code. These are clues as to what’s exactly wrong with the disc and why it won’t read. Make a note of the code because it will help you identify the problem and troubleshoot it correctly.  

Search Google for a solution using the code. 

Go for a classic reboot for PS5 Scratched Disc

Anyone who has been around technology long enough knows that sometimes a simple reboot can do the trick. Just shut down your PS5 like you normally would, unplug it from its power source, then wait at least 30-60 seconds before you plug it back up and start it again. Now, check if it reads the disc. 

Try running the PS5 on Safe Mode and restart.

The chances of a reboot working are high, but if it somehow fails to resolve the issue then you can turn to starting your console on Safe Mode. The Safe Mode is a software environment curated to allow the PS5 to run on bare functionalities. Here is how you can do it:

  • Firstly, shut your PS5 down by pressing the Power button
  • Secondly, once the system has shut down, press and hold the Power button till you hear the second beep. After that, it usually takes seven seconds
  • Then, connect one of the controllers to the USB cable. Press the PS button on your controller; it’s the button between the L and R stick.
  • Once the PS5 has entered Safe Mode you will have  seven options. Finally, from the options choose Restart PS5.

Finally, just reset your PS5.

ps5 scratched

If none of this works and the issue persists then you have no choice but to return the software aspect of the console to its factory state. Though it should be noted that resetting your console at this point won’t guarantee that it will start reading discs again. But since there isn’t much else you can do try resetting it as the last resort. 

Start your PS5 on Safe Mode as shown in the option above and choose the 6th option from the seven given to you. This will reset your PS5.

Final Thoughts on PS5 Scratched Disc

If you’ve tried all the fixes under the sun and it still won’t read the discs then the only option that remains to you is to either refer back to the manufacturer or get professional help. If your PS5 has a warranty you can ask Sony to fix it. They are very good at getting these problems sorted and you should have your console back and running good as new in no time. But if the warranty has expired you can consult a professional who can fix any internal issues for you. 

We hope this was helpful and that you get to enjoy your PS5 without glitches. Check out our PS5 Error Code: Everything You Need To Know And How To Fix Them and My PS5 Keeps Turning Off By Itself: Here’s How To Fix Your Sony Console guides here.