Is your Xbox Series X controller not charging?

This issue with your gamepad will transpire for different reasons, depending on if you are using AA batteries, the Xbox rechargeable battery pack, or the HDMI cable.

Luckily, these parts for your Xbox controller are easily replaceable and can resolve the problem of your Xbox controller not receiving enough power.

We have created this simple guide for you to follow, so you can understand why your Xbox Series X controller is not charging, as well as provide you with effortless fixes so you can get your Xbox gamepad to be fully charged, and carry on playing without any further disruptions.

Why Does My Xbox Series X Controller Not Charge?

xbox series x controller not charging

Why won’t my Xbox Series X controller charge?

Your Xbox Series X controller won’t charge if the charging cable is faulty. This is one of the most common causes for your controller to to continuously have a depleted battery. Along with the USB-C cable, if the charging port (where your cable connects) is damaged, power will not be transmitted through to charge your Xbox controller.

If you are making use of the Xbox Play and Charge Kit, the USB-C cable will come with a rechargeable battery. Besides experiencing issues with the cable, the battery can incur issues too.

We will expand on the other possible causes for your Xbox Series X controller not charging;

1. Problematic Xbox Rechargeable Battery

Your Xbox Series X controller will work wireless, however, if there is a fault with your battery, it will not recharge properly, or, not keep the power once it has been disconnected from charge.

2. Xbox Series X Firmware is Outdated

If the firmware on your Xbox Series X is needing to be updated, this can sometimes interfere with your controller charging or not.

Outdated software can be a catalyst for system errors on your console.

3. Damaged Internal Components on Xbox Controller

Have you recently dropped your Xbox Series X controller?

If an internal component of your controller is broken or damaged, it will prevent the controller from charging properly.

4. Dust Build Up in Charging Port

It has been previously noted that if the charging port gets dust and debris built up within its components, it can stop your controller from charging.

How to Fix Xbox Series X Controller not Charging

Xbox Series X controller not charging

How to fix Xbox Series X controller not charging

You can fix your Xbox Series X controller not charging by checking your USB-C charging cable, and replacing it if it is damaged or faulty. You can check your Xbox USB by connecting it to a different device. If it works, then you know your cable is functioning.

If this is the case, this will confirm you will need to further troubleshoot your Xbox Series X controller;

1. Replace Xbox Series X Battery Pack

If your Xbox rechargeable battery is faulty, you will need to replace it. You will not be able to make use of a battery if it does not keep the charge once it has been taken off charge.

Standard batteries will lose power over time and will need to be replaced.

2. Update Xbox Firmware

Updating the software on your Xbox Series X will help eradicate any current system errors on your console. This will improve the performance and get rid of any corrupted files that may be stopping your controller from charging.

How to Update Xbox Series X Controller

Step 1. Turn your Xbox Series X on

Step 2. Click on the main Xbox button on the gamepad

Step 3. Get to the ‘Profile and System’ tab and press ‘Settings’

Step 4. From the left-hand side, choose ‘Devices and Connections’ followed by ‘accessories’

Step 5. Choose your controller and select the three dots

If an update is pending, you will be able to click ‘Update Now’ from the left-hand side.

Tip, it’s worth checking if your console has a due update in the system settings, however, this should update automatically.

3. Replace Xbox Controller

If your Xbox controller is damaged because an internal component is damaged, you may need to replace your controller or make use of a spare one if you have one.

4. Clean Xbox Charging Ports

If the charging port on your Xbox controller has a build-up of dust, it can prevent a successful charge.

You can clean the port by using compressed air, or, blowing hard into it. If you notice there is quite a bit of debris, you can use a toothpick (anything small and non-metal) to gently take it out.

Replace Xbox Series X Controller Parts

Xbox Series X controller won't charge

Xbox Series X controller parts

If you have been unable to fix your Xbox Series X controller from not charging, you will probably need to look into replacing either the HDMI cable, battery or controller, depending on what part has been damaged. 

If you have a TV that supports a 2.1 HDMI cable, you should stick to purchasing the same cable your Xbox Series X came with.

Why should you use a 2.1 HDMI cable for Xbox Series X?

A connected 2.1 HDMI cable will give you an improved frame rate, meaning your Xbox Series X will perform better, with a higher quality display, and faster image changes.

Your Xbox will perform better with this cable. You can check out this cable on Amazon.

Xbox Series X Rechargeable battery

If you are making use of a rechargeable battery, you can purchase a new pack that includes the USB-C cable on Amazon, so you can replace both parts for your Xbox controller.

You can check this deal out here. The battery will fully charge within four hours, so you can get back to playing with your wireless controller. It will last for up to thirty hours after a full charge, depending on how often you’re on your console.

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For more serious issues that require you to replace your Xbox Series X controller, you can purchase one from Amazon. Here, an HDMI cable will be included, which is always good to have a spare if your current one is still working.

Amazon has multiple different controllers you can choose from. Here, is the standard Xbox Core Wireless edition.

How to Know if Xbox Series X Controller is Charging

Xbox Series X Controller

How to know your Xbox Series X controller is charging

You will know your Xbox Series X controller is charging because there will be a battery icon displayed on your screen. This image will include a little plug with a white bar. This bar will determine how much percentage your battery is charged up to.

Once your battery is fully charged, the bar will be completely white.

The Xbox Series X controller does not have a charging light. The light on the controller will, however, blink continuously when the battery has been drained to warn you it needs to be charged, or, the AA batteries need to be replaced.

Where Can You Find the Charging Icon on Xbox Series X Controller?

If you want to check the battery percentage of your Xbox Series X controller, you can find it on the dashboard screen.

All you need to do is press the Xbox main button. The battery logo should be at the top right of your display.


We hope this easy to follow guide has helped you understand why your Xbox Series X controller was not charging, and that you were able to fix this issue with one of the four simple solutions provided.

If you are not making use of AA batteries to power your controller, and you need a replacement battery pack or HDMI cable, be sure to check out the links we have included to help you make the right purchase.

For a more serious issue, such as a hardware issue with your Xbox console, you can make use of the Xbox support page where you will be able to contact their support team.

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