Are you trying to process a payment on the PlayStation Network but all you’re left with on your PS4 screen is the E-82106O4A error code, and an unsuccessful purchase?

The E-82106O4A issue can be caused by incorrect payment details or an issue with the debit or credit card you are using. 

This error on PS4, as well as PS5 should fix itself, specifically if it is due to the PlayStation Network being down, however, there are ways in which you can get around this setback.

With this guide, you will learn exactly why you are experiencing the E-82106O4A error on your Sony console, as well as be given four simple workarounds that you will be able to action on your PlayStation so you can proceed with renewing your PS Now subscription, or becoming their newest member. 

What Is E-82106O4A?


What is E-82106o4a?

E-82106O4A is an error code that will appear on your PS4 when you are trying to subscribe to PlayStation Plus or PS Now to become a member. This is due to the PS platform rejecting your payment, stopping your purchase from being able to be successfully processed.

Why might you be experiencing the error E-82106O4A when you are trying to renew your PS subscription or become a new member on a PS4 or PS5?

Why is there E-82106O4A?



Error code E-82106O4A will transpire specifically when you attempt to process a payment on PS Plus or Now. This will happen when you try to renew your current subscription, or you are trying to become a new member. Your payment will be unsuccessful.

Reason 1. Updated card details

If you have updated your details on a payment method that are already saved on your PS account, this can create an issue when you want to proceed with making a payment, if your details have not been amended.

An expired card that you are trying to update may also cause this PlayStation error code.

Reason 2. PSN Server is Down

If the PlayStation Network is down, you won’t be able to make an active payment on the PS platform. Whether you have your saved card details or just inputting your payment details, it will not go through.

If error E-82106O4A code has appeared on your screen, you can check the PlayStation’s server status to confirm if there is a fault with your account or not.

Reason 3. Network Error

Your PS4 (or PS5) needs to be connected to a stable internet connection to process your payment successfully for the PlayStation Plus platform.

If the payment times out due to a weak network, your request will not go through and you may see E-82106O4A.

Reason 4. Software Issue

Your Sony console may be experiencing a software issue that is causing a problem with your payment method on PS Plus.

This could be from a temporary system failure, or corrupted files are on your console.

How to Fix Error E-82106O4A


How to fix E-82106O4A

The PS error code E-82106O4A will normally fix itself on the PlayStation Plus/Now platform. If E-82106O4A is caused because there is an issue with Sony’s server, it can sometimes take a day or two before it is fixed, and you can proceed with completing payments. 

If you do not want to wait to renew or take out a new subscription, you can troubleshoot your PS4 to try and get around the PlayStation error code E-82106O4A;

Fix 1. Check saved card details

First and foremost, you need to check that the card details currently saved on your PS Plus account are correct as if this information is wrong, will you more than likely experience E-82106O4A when you make a purchase.

If your card details are correct with this error code transpiring, you can re-register your card information to refresh the information or use a different card.

Note Before; if you remove or edit your card details ample times in a short space of time, you may get blocked from inserting any more information.

Fix 2. Sign In And Out of PSN Account

There may have been a momentary error on the PlayStation Network. Sign out of your account and restart your console before you log back in.

This will refresh your connection, and erase any faulty data that may transpire on your console from the system fault.

Fix 3. Use an Alternative Payment Method

The PS4 error E-82106O4A could be occurring when you are trying to make a payment using a debit or credit card.

Try a different payment method to see if it will go through. This can include;

  • PayPal
  • Adding funds to wallet
  • Pay by mobile

You could attempt a different type of bank card if that is all you have. Eg, a debit instead of a credit card.

Fix 4. Change PS Store Email Address

Other PS4 users have reported that changing the email address linked to your PS Store profile fixed the error code E-82106O4A from preventing them to make a payment.

You can update your email address from your profile on a computer, or through the PlayStation Network settings.

How to Change PSN email on PC:

Step 1. Open your account

Step 2. From the navigation section, access ‘Security’

Step 3. Select ‘Login ID’

You should now be able to submit a new email address.

How to Change PSN email on PlayStation:

Step 1. Open ‘Menu’ and select ‘Settings’

Step 2. Access ‘Account Management’ followed by ‘Account Data’

Step 3. Choose ‘Login ID’

A new email address will now be able to be inputted.

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What is The Difference Between PS Plus and PS Now?


Is PS Plus and PS Now the same?

PS Plus and PS Now are both Sony services that are optional add-ons for PlayStation users. These subscriptions paid monthly will supply PS4 and PS5 holders additional benefits that include having access to downloadable games. Although PS Plus and PS Now sound similar, there are differences between the two;

What’s the difference between PS Now and PS Plus:

PS Plus PS Now
Online Multiplayer Gaming Do not need to download games to console
Download Free Games Download certain games to console
Saving to the Cloud Available Large library of 700 + games to play online
Access to free games with a subscription Stream on demand games with a subscription

Deciding on whether to subscribe to PS Now or Plus will depend on what you’re after. Both cost the same each month. If you’re after an online multiplayer games, PlayStation Plus would be the better bet.


With this guide, we hope you now fully understand what the E-82106O4A error code is, and why it has appeared on your screen when you have tried to process a payment on the PlayStation Network.

Whether you already have an account with PS Plus/Now, or you are trying to become a new member, we hope you were able to fix this error on your PS4.

If you are still experiencing issues, we recommend you make use of Sony’s PlayStation Support page. Here you should find the answers you’re looking for with PlayStation’s extensive Help guide. If, however, your query is still not answered, you can use the ‘Online Assistant’  button that is made available for you.

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