Is your PS5 controller not charging when you connect the charging cable, or when your console is in rest mode?

Did you know, the charging port on your PS5 Dualsense controller can accumulate dust, which can prevent it from charging successfully?

Changing your current USB connector, or updating your PS5’s firmware are only two simple solutions that can help fix your PS5 controller from not charging.

We have generated this easy to follow guide, to advise you on why the PlayStation controller may not be powering up, as well as provide you with four straightforward fixes that you will be able to complete, so you can get back to playing Black Ops without worrying if your PS5 controller is going to run out of battery.

Why is My PS5 Controller Not Charging?

PS5 controller not charging

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The most frequent cause for your PS5 controller to not charge is a damaged charging cable. A faulty charger cable will not transmit the necessary amount of power required to charge up your Dualsense, and stop it from being able to operate without being connected to a constant power supply.

As well as the actual charging cable being the issue, the port that your PS5 controller cable is connected to could be damaged.

Your PS5 controller will not be charging if the following issues have occurred;

1. Dust Build Up in PS5 Controller Charge Port

Thanks to Reddit, other users who have experienced the same issue with their PS5 controller not charging. They have advised this occurred due to a build-up of dust and debris in the charging port of their controller.

2. Interrupted PS5 Firmware Update

Your PS5 controller will experience charging problems if the latest firmware update was interrupted due to a loss of connection.

If corrupted software was installed onto your PlayStation during the download of the firmware, this will also prevent your controller from charging properly.

If there is a pending firmware update for your controller or console, this could interfere with the device not charging.

3. PS5 Controller Battery

Your PS5 Dualsense will have an internal battery that is what gets charged so you can make use of it wireless.

If this battery is completely drained or is unable to charge, your controller will no longer work.

4. PS5 Hardware Issue

An internal hardware issue of your PS5 console can be the reason why your Sony controller is not charging.

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How to Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging

PS5 Controller not charging


You can fix your PS5 controller from not charging by replacing the cable and checking that the current charging port you are using is working. You may not be able to tell if the PS5 cable is damaged just by looking at it, so trying it with a different electronic device will confirm if it is the reason why your Dualsense is not receiving any power.

If you are making use of the front-facing USB port on your PS5 instead of the rear port, change this up and see if that gets your PS5 controller to charge.

Other fixes that will stop your PS5 Dualsense controller from not charging include;

Fix 1. Clean PS5 Charging Port on Controller

Your PS5 controller will not charge if there is too much dust built up in the charging port where the cable connects in to.

You can use compressed air to clear this out or try blowing quite hard into the area as that has helped get rid of the debris.

If you have the PS5 charging station, power your controller using that instead of using the cable.

Fix 2. Update PS5 Firmware

Whether there is a pending firmware update waiting to be installed or your previous PS5 software update was interrupted, completing a new firmware install will help eradicate the issue that’s causing your PlayStation controller to not charge.

Your PS5 should automatically advise you when an update is available for your controller, however, you can manually update your PlayStation console’s software.

For in-depth steps on the different options, you can use to complete the PS5 firmware update, click here.

Fix 3. Check PS5 Controller Battery

If the internal battery of your PS5 controller is the problem, you will need to replace your controller.

Does your controller work when it’s connected via its charging cable but not when you are using it wirelessly?

If the Dualsense cannot keep the battery charged without being plugged in, then you will have an issue with the battery within.

Fix 4. Reset PS5 Controller

Did you know there is a tiny little pinhole at the back of your PlayStation controller that you can press to reset your controller?

You will need a toothpick or safety pin to be able to access the button.

First, make sure your PS5 is turned off and your controller cable is connected before you complete the reset.

Why is My PS5 Controller Not Charging in Rest Mode?

PS5 controller not charging

PlayStation Controller

Your PS5 controller will not charge in rest mode if you have not enabled the specific feature within the settings section of your console. Power will only be supplied to your connected controller if you have set the ‘Supply Power to USB Ports’ on. This setting is found under the ‘Rest Mode’ tab of your PlayStation.

This setting can be turned on in four simple steps;

How to charge PS5 controller in rest mode:

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’ on your console

Step 2. Select ‘System’ followed by ‘Power Saving’

Step 3. Choose ‘Features Available in Rest Mode’

Step 4. Now click ‘Supply Power to USB Ports’

You can either change this to ‘Always’ or ‘Three Hours’ depending on your preference.

This will allow you to charge over devices connected to your PS5 console while it is sitting in an idle state.

How to know if the PS5 controller is charging in rest mode:

You will know your PS5 Dualsense controller is successfully charging in rest mode because there will be a blinking Orange light that will appear.

Once your controller is fully charged, the Orange light will disappear.

How do I check the battery level on my PS5 controller?

PS5 controller not charging

How to check PS5 controller battery level

You can check the battery level on your PS5 control by launching the control centre on your console, and opening the accessories tab. Here, you will be able to see a battery icon with several bars. These bars will determine how much battery percentage your controller currently has. 

Here is a step by step guide on how to check the battery life of your PS5 controller;

Step 1. Press the ‘PS’ button

Step 2. From the ‘Control Panel’ select ‘Accessories’

Step 3. Navigate to the ‘Accessories Folder’

Your PS5’s battery level will be displayed here for you to check.

It’s always handy to know what level percentage your battery is on when you’re using a wireless controller. This is to ensure your controller doesn’t switch off in the middle of your game.

Once fully charged, the PS5’s internal battery in its controller can last anywhere between 12 to 15 hours. This will depend on how action-packed your PS5 game is, for example, Assassins Creed IV.


With this simple directory, we hope we were able to guide you through understanding why your PS5 controller may not be charging and what you can do to fix this problem to prevent it from occurring again in the future.

If however, this issue persists even after executing all four fixes you may have a more serious PS5 error with your controller and should make use of the Sony PlayStation troubleshooting guide.

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