The occasional playback issue is common with streaming services. Discovery Plus has also had its share of problems with the app and browser. Recently, users have reported the Discovery plus error 0C-C009 frequently during live streaming. There are also reports of the issue occurring when trying to account information or even during login. 

Discovery Plus was launched at the beginning of 2020 and is available on several platforms, including iOS, Android, Xbox, and web browsers. As of last year, it has acquired over 20 million subscribers and counting. It features shows drawn from its channels as well as brand-new, original series. 

Streaming issues related to the software have been most commonly reported. Some of the issues can also stem from the mode of streaming used. Regardless of the cause, this guide can help you fix error 0C-C009. 

Why Do I Keep Getting an Error Message on Discovery Plus?

How to Quick Fix Discovery Plus Error 0C-C009

As a live streaming service, Disney Plus requires an active internet connection. Connectivity issues may be the culprit behind this error. Issues with app installation can also lead to faulty functioning. Check to see if the error may be caused by:

  • Poor internet connection interfering with streaming 
  • External applications interfering with Discovery Plus
  • System issues, such as possible malware
  • The app is not updated 
  • Pending software or system updates that cause incompatibility with the Discovery Plus app    

Before trying any other fixes, check on your internet connection. If it appears to work fine on another device, you may have a different problem. You can also check if fixing another error takes care of the problem. We have a list of solutions that can help you if it doesn’t.

How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 0C-C009 

How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 0C-C009

Internet connectivity is the most common reason behind streaming issues. It may even work fine on other devices yet still be causing this error. Slow internet speeds and bandwidth can create issues with such apps. If you are sure the internet is not the issue, try one of these fixes. 

Clear cache and temporary data

Data piling up in the cache can slow down app performance. Overload can cause the app to crash and result in playback errors. To clear the cache:

  • Log out of the app and close it.
  • Open ‘Settings’ on your device 
  • Locate the Discovery Plus app. On an Android phone, it will be located under ‘Apps.’ On an iPhone, scroll down to the end.
  • Click/tap on the ‘Clear cache’ option

Once the cache has been cleared, you can log back in and try again. If the Discovery Plus error 0C-C009 still shows up, you may need to start over. Delete the app from your device, which will clear all saved data associated with it. Reinstall the app and check if the issue is fixed.   

Restart your device

The issue may stem from a system overload, as well as too much a collection of cached data. These can also be cleared by simply restarting your device. Keep in mind that the device needs to be completely turned off and then back on for this fix to work. Turn off the device, wait 1 minute, and then restart it. 

The device you are using to stream may also be responsible for some issues. You can determine if this is the problem by streaming on a different device. If that is the case, try device-related fixes to resolve the problem. 

Reboot router and modem

If the internet issue is occurring across devices and while using multiple apps, the problem may be connectivity issues. The reboot can deal with connectivity problems by resetting to default settings. It can also take care of too many uninvited users on the network slowing down your connection. To reboot your router:

  • Turn off your router and modem. This can be done by holding down the power button on the back. You should also unplug it from the outlet.
  • Wait about 1-2 minutes before restarting the router. 
  • Plug it back in, and then turn it on. Wait for all the lights on the modem to turn green.

Test your internet again after restarting your router. You should also check if you are now able to stream without issue. If possible, you can also try using an Ethernet cable for your internet connection.

Check DNS settings

Your Domain Name System (DNS) settings allow online access through your domain name. Issues with the DNS can prevent you from accessing online services despite a working internet connection. You can reset these settings on Windows by:

  • Type and select ‘Run’ in the Start bar
  • Type ‘CMD’ in the window that opens and press Enter. You can also open Command Prompt
  • Type’ ipconfig/flushdns’ and hit enter 
  • Restart your device

To reset these settings on Mac:

  • Open ‘Applications’, click on ‘Utilities’, and open ‘Terminal.’
  • Type’ sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder’ and hit enter
  • Restart the device

Flushing the DNS can fix connectivity and security issues. It is effective in resolving technical issues. However, use it as a last-resort fix if no other method works. 

Why is Discovery Plus Not Working 

How to Fix Discovery Plus Error 0C-C009

The Discovery Plus app may become overloaded, causing it to crash. If the app or website keeps crashing or does not load, close the app or browser. Clear the cache and try re-accessing the site. You can also close the app and restart it. Additionally, you should also check if both the app and your device system are up to date. If not, update them and try again.  


The popularity of Disney Plus as a streaming site is somewhat offset by the viewing and playback issues. While the site has shown some issues here and there, support teams are also working on providing solutions. In the meantime, our suggested fixes should help do the trick.

If the Discovery Plus error 0C-C009 persists despite trying all these fixes, you may have a more severe issue at hand. It is best to reach out to the support team for help. They can figure out the issue if the problem is with the app itself.