Netflix won’t work on your Phillips TV if there is not enough local memory on your device, or your internet connection is not providing fast enough speeds for its content to play without buffering.

Have you checked if the Netflix server is down, or if there is an unassigned IP address on your smart TV, as these two issues will interfere with Netflix working on your Android TV.

A quick reboot, or a system update will most likely help fix this problem you are experiencing. This guide will provide you with further details on why your Netflix app won’t work on your Phillips TV, and elaborate on the easy solutions you can try that will get your app streaming again without any further hiccups.

Why is Netflix not working on Philips TV?

Network won't work on my Phillips TV

Why won’t Netflix work on Phillips TV

Netflix will not work on your Phillips TV if its local memory is too full, your network service provider is down or there is an outstanding software update that needs to be completed. With the smart Philips TV being an Android device, there could have been a faulty install from the Google Play store. 

Reason 1. Full memory

When you download an application onto your Phillips Smart TV, it will be installed into its local memory. If this memory becomes too full, your Netflix app may not work.

This can cause your Netflix app to keep buffering more than usual, and end up not launching on your smart TV at all.

Reason 2. Netflix server is down

When the Netflix server is down, your streaming app will not work on any smart device.

You can check to see if their server is down, either for planned maintenance or an unexpected issue, by checking here.

Reason 3. Poor internet connection

If your Phillips TV is not connected to a strong network, you will experience issues when you come to launch your app or download a specific movie.

Netflix recommends the following internet speeds;

  • 3Mbps – Standard quality
  • 5Mbps – High Definition
  • 25Mbps – Ultra High Definition/4k

If your network service provider is not supplying you with adequate bandwidth, or your internet line is too congested, your Netflix app will not perform.

Reason 4. Incompatible Philips TV

Is your Netflix app not working on your Phillips when you are trying to watch in Ultra HD?

This resolution is not available on certain 2017 and 2018 Android-based Phillips TVs. Your smart TV also needs to be able to support streaming Ultra HD at 60Hz.

If your TV is older than a 2014 model, this could also be a reason why your Netflix app is not working on your Phillips.

Note, if your TV cannot support the screen’s resolution setting, you may experience a black screen. 

Reason 5. Software issue

The Netflix app may need to be updated from the Google Play store, or, your Phillips firmware is faulty, and needs to be refreshed, or upgraded.

Software issues will interfere with the general functioning of your app and device.

Reason 6. Unassigned IP address

Netflix may not be streaming because your Phillips Smart TV does not have an assigned IP address.

If the streaming service can’t pick up the location of where you’re launching the app, they can restrict your access.

This is similar to if you are trying to use Netflix through a VPN.

How do I fix Netflix on my Philips Smart TV?

Netflix won't work on my Phillips TV

How to fix Netflix on Phillips TV

You can fix Netflix not working on your Phillips Smart TV by updating the app to its latest version, clearing up some space on your TV, and completing a power reset. We will take you through 6 simple solutions to get your streaming app launching successfully, and streaming without being out of sync.

Fix 1. How do I update Netflix on my Philips TV?

Updating your Netflix app on your smart TV can help eradicate problematic software.

First, make sure your Phillips is online.

Step 1. Using your remote, press on the ‘Home’ button

Step 2. Enter your ‘Apps’ list

Step 3. Click on the ‘Google Play Store’

Step 4. Find Netflix

You should have the option to select ‘Update’ if there is an upgrade outstanding.

Fix 2. How do I reboot my Philips Smart TV?

Rebooting your smart TV will get rid of any temporary system issues.

Step 1. Switch your television off

Step 2. Remove its plug from the mains and wait a minimum of sixty seconds

Step 3. Plug your Phillips back in

You can turn your smart back on and wait for it to reconnect again before launching Netflix.

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Fix 3. How do you reset Netflix on a Philips smart TV?

Resetting Netflix on your Phillips is a simple trick, but can get the app working again.

With the arrow keys on your remote, complete the following sequence;


You will now be able to click on ‘Sign Out.’ 

Fix 4. How do I clear the cache on my Philips TV?

Clearing the cache files off of your Phillips TV will erase any unnecessary files that do not need to be stored on your device.

It will free up space, and improve the overall performance of your TV.

Step 1. Using your remote, click on ‘Home’ followed by ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Apps’

Step 3. Navigate to ‘System Apps’

Step 4. Find Netflix

Step 5. Press on ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’

It is recommended to restart your TV after performing this step.

Fix 5. Check your internet connection

As you are already aware, Netflix has standard internet speed requirements to be able to download its content without any disturbances.

If your streaming is being problematic, you should check that your internet speed is adequate.

Refreshing your internet connection will also help get a clearer connection.

Step 1. Turn your router off

Step 2. Unplug and pause for a couple of minutes

Step 3. Once you’ve plugged it back in, turn it back on

Once your internet is back online, open Netflix on your TV.

Fix 6. Check for IP address

Step 1. From the home screen, select ‘Setup’

Step 2. Choose ‘Installation’ followed by ‘Network’

Step 3. Now click on ‘View Network Settings’

You will now be able to check that there is an IP address. If you can only see a formation of many zero’s, then there is no IP address added and you may need to contact your network service provider.


Now that you are aware of all the possible reasons behind why your Netflix was not working on your Phillips TV, we hope you were able to move forward with our guide, and resolve the one, or a few issues you may have had.

If your Netflix still won’t work on your smart TV, you may need to complete a further investigation with Netflix directly, or possibly Phillips, if there is an internal hardware issue with your smart TV.

You can Live Chat with Netflix by selecting ‘Start Live Chat’.

To get in touch with Phillips, you can call them on (+44) 2079490319, Monday – Friday from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm, or, you can fill out their online form.