If you are wondering why your Netflix is out of sync, you have probably noticed that the audio is not in alignment with the visuals that you see on your screen.

Depending on what device you are using to access your Netflix account, you will either need to complete a restart or check that you are using the latest software of the Netflix application.

There are a number of other actions you can take, this guide will take a look at all the possible reasons why your Netflix is out of sync, and what you can do to ensure your streaming service runs in sync.

Why is my Netflix out of sync

Netflix out of sync

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The audio on your Netflix will be out of sync when you are streaming content because;

  • Your device is experiencing issues, mainly with its connection
  • The piece of content you are trying to watch is problematic.

So how can your device be problematic when you’re trying to sync your Netflix?

Reason 1. Internet connection

If you are trying to stream Netflix with an unstable, or intermittent internet connection, it will interfere with the buffering stage of the content as well as syncing the show successfully.

  • 3Mbps is required for standard streaming on Netflix
  • 5Mbps is needed for H.D streaming
  • 25Mbps for ultra H.D

Make sure your wifi router is connected securely, as well as your internet speed.

Reason 2. Cache files

Netflix cache files are automatically stored on your device when you launch the app to help quicken the process and improve its performance.

Over time, these files will become too full or contain corrupted software, resulting in the app experiencing issues when streaming content.

Reason 3. Outdated software

If your Netflix app, or your device’s operating system software is due an update, this may be a reason for the Netflix ut of sync problem to arise.

The Netflix app should always be on its latest version as well as your device’s software to ensure compatibility between the two.

Reason 4. Incorrect settings

Your Netflix settings may be configured incorrectly under the sound settings on your app.

If you are accessing Netflix via your PC, the settings may be configured incorrectly on the platform too.

The playback settings on Netflix can also interfere with syncing if it is set too high for your device to be able to perform properly.

Reason 5. Audio driver

This reason is specifically for experiencing the syncing issue on Netflix via a PC.

A PC has audio drivers automatically installed. If these are not updated, it can create problems with the sound on your computer.

Streaming Netflix on a PC with outdated drivers can be the reason for your app to be out of sync.

Reason 6. Problematic content

The movie or series you are trying to watch on Netflix may be having issues.

This could be because the content has corrupted data, and Netflix will need to fix it from their side.

How to fix Netflix out of sync

Netflix out of sync

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How do you sync Netflix? 

Getting your Netflix back to being in sync involves troubleshooting your device. 

Before proceeding with our easy fixes, it is recommended to try the ‘Pause, Rewind, and Fast-forward’ trio on the content you are currently watching to see if this will bring the show up to speed.

Fix 1. Power reset

Switching your device off, and restarting it may bring your Netflix up to date when streaming that very important episode of Selling Sunset;

Step 1. Turn your device off

Step 2. If you are on a device that is plugged in, unplug it

Step 3. Do not plug your device back in, or turn it on until a few minutes have passed

Once your mobile, PC, or TV has reconnected, launch Netflix.

Fix 2. Check Netflix settings

First, check the audio settings;

Step 1. Access your Netflix app

Step 2. Play a show of your choice (preferably an English movie)

Step 3. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 4. Click on ‘Audio and Subtitles’

Step 5. Make sure audio is set to ‘English’ or ‘English Stereo’

Now, check to see if changing the ‘Playback’ setting will help;

Step 1. Under your ‘Profile’ go into ‘Account’

Step 2. Now select ‘Profile and Parental Control’

Step 3. On your Profile, press ‘Playback Settings’

Change the setting to be one lower than what you already have set.

Fix 3. Clear cache files

Clearing the cache files from Netflix will free up space, as well as get rid of any corrupted software that may have been saved on your device

For Android:

Step 1. Go into your ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Apps’, ‘Apps Management’

Step 3. Find Netflix and click on ‘Storage’

Step 4. Now click on ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’

Note, if you have any downloaded content on Netflix, this will be removed if you decide to clear the cache files.

If you are using an Apple device, you will need to delete your Netflix app and reinstall it to get rid of the cache files.

Fix 4. Update software

It’s important to always make sure your Netflix is updated to the latest version on your device, as well as the operating system of that particular device has been upgraded to ensure the compatibility stays the same.

Step 1. Access your app store and search for Netflix

Step 2. Check for an ‘Update’ option

Step 3. Update your application

Once the Netflix app has been updated, go into the settings of your device and check to see if there is a system update available.

Once all necessary updates have been completed, restart your device and try streaming a show on Netflix.

Tip, enable automatic updates to happen so you do not need to continuously check.

Fix 5. Update audio drivers

Accessing Netflix on your PC requires the audio drivers to be up to date.

You can get your drivers automatically updated by using Driver Easy. Once this is downloaded onto your computer, and you have accessed it, it will guide you with their easy-to-follow steps.


Now that your Netflix out of sync issue has been fixed with our 5 easy solutions, you can get back to watching the very popular Red Notice movie, or binge-worthy Cobra Kai season 4.

If, however, Netflix is still out of sync, it may be necessary to check if the Netflix server is down, as this can interfere with the normal functioning of the app.

Netflix even has an online chat option via their support page you can make use of.