Netflix won’t work on your Samsung TV if it is connected to a slow network, or the Netflix server is down.

You can easily check your internet connection through the Netflix app to ensure it is providing enough bandwidth for a buffering free experience.

Altering your Samsung TV’s settings, and reinstalling the Netflix app will help get your online streaming service working again.

We have produced this simple guide to supply you with everything you need to know, as well as 8 easy fixes you can follow to get your Netflix app working on your Samsung TV, so you can enjoy binging all the latest releases.

Why won’t Netflix work on my Samsung TV

Netflix Won't Work On My Samsung TV

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Netflix won’t work on your Samsung smart TV if you are not connected to a good internet connection, or, or the Samsung ‘Instant On’ setting is interfering with the app. 

Reason 1. Unstable internet connection

Netflix needs to be connected to a good internet connection to be able to work on your Samsung TV without buffering or loading issues.

Streaming Quality Mbps Required
Standard  3
High Definition 5
Ultra HD/4K 25

If you cannot get the necessary speeds from your current network provider, you will encounter issues with your app.

Reason 2. ‘Instant On’ setting is interfering with Netflix

Most Samsung Smart TV’s have an Instant-On function that improves the starting time of your device.

This can, however, cause conflict with your app.

Reason 3. Netflix is down

If the Netflix server is down, it will not work on your Samsung TV because your app will be unable to connect.

Netflix will be aware of any problems, and will make sure any issues on their server are rectified.

You can keep up to date with the status of the server by using this link. 

Reason 4. Update required

Have you checked if there is an outstanding update due on your Netflix app?

The app is continuously being updated to eradicate any issues, and improve the performance of its users.

Your current Netflix app may have faulty software which is why it is not working on your Samsung.

(Fun Fact; Netflix has received a huge amount of internet traffic in the first half of 2019, Netflix has gone from strength to strength over the last 3 years becoming one of the most-watched on-demand streaming video services worldwide) 

Reason 5. Corrupted software

Your Samsung TV may have corrupted software either from the Netflix app or in its operating system.

If there are bugs in the software, it will cause problems in the standard functions of the device.

How do I fix Netflix on my Samsung TV

Netflix won't work on my Samsung TV

How to fix Netflix on Samsung TV

Fixing Netflix on your Samsung TV can be done, if you follow the easy fixes we have outlined for you;

Fix 1. Check internet connection

You can check your internet connection through the Netflix app on your Samsung;

Step 1. Open Netflix

Step 2. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 3. Select ‘Check Network’

Netflix will now confirm what your internet speed is and if you are successfully connected.

If your internet connection is being problematic, you may want to reset your router.

Fix 2. Reset Wifi

To do this, simply;

Step 1. Turn your Wifi router off and unplug it

Step 2. Wait a few moments (preferably 2 – 3 minutes)

Step 3. Plug your router back in and switch it on

Allow your Wifi connection to start up again before launching Netflix.

Fix 3. Disable ‘Instant On’

You can always enable this feature again once you have confirmed why Netflix won’t work on your Samsung TV;

Step 1. On your Samsung, go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘General’

Step 3. Scroll until you find ‘Instant On’ and turn it off

Restart your TV before accessing Netflix.

Fix 4. Power reset your TV

A simple trick, yet very effective (from our own experience).

Step 1. Switch your Samsung off

Step 2. Unplug it from the mains and wait a couple of minutes

Step 3. Plug it back in and turn it on at the remote

Launch Netflix.

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Fix 5. Update app

Your Netflix app could just be needing a software update.

Step 1. On your remote, click on the ‘Home’ button

Step 2. Access ‘Apps’

Step 3. Find Netflix and click on it

Step 4. Select ‘Update’

Tip, you might want to check if your Samsung TV needs an update on its software.

Fix 6. Update Samsung operating system

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Support’

Step 3. Press ‘Software Update’

Your Samsung will now complete the update if one is available.

Fix 7. Netflix subscription is expired

You may be unaware that your Netflix subscription has expired, or your monthly payment did not go through successfully.

Netflix will only let content play once you have made a payment.

Fix 8. Reinstall Netflix

Reinstalling Netflix onto your Samsung TV can help get rid of any corrupted software.

Step 1. Find Netflix in the ‘Apps’ section

Step 2. Highlight the app

Step 3. Select ‘Tools’

Step 4. Now click on ‘Reinstall’

This is the simplest way to reinstall Netflix. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it from the app store.

Ways Netflix won’t work on Samsung TV

There are a few different ways in which Netflix won’t work on your Samsung TV;

  • Netflix will not launch
  • ‘Unable to connect to Netflix’ appears on your screen
  • Constant buffering
  • Freezing when trying to load
  • Does not respond

Whichever one it may be, our simple steps should help fix the problem you are currently facing.


With our extensive guide, explaining why Netflix won’t work on your Samsung TV, and what steps you can take to rectify the problem, we hope you were able to use one, or a few of our easy fixes to get your Netflix app operating again on your Samsung device.

If for some reason, none of our fixes worked for you, you can contact Netflix for extra support.

Once you get onto Netflix’s Help Center, you will be able to scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on ‘Start Live Chat.’

Alternatively, you can select the ‘Call’ button to speak to someone directly. (Take note of the code they give you to input on the call.)