If you’re an avid iPhone user, you’ll likely have plans to get one of the latest iPhones. However, this time around, Apple has introduced several different iPhones, including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Although these devices vary in size and price, there are plenty of other differences between the phones. This is why we are going to compare each of the different phones so that you can pick the best iPhone for your needs.

iPhone 13 Mini VS Pro VS Max: Which should I buy?

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Although all of the iPhones in the latest launch offer differences, there are some key features that all of the iPhone 13’s have in common. If you’re wondering what these are, here are some qualities each phone has in common.

  • Supports 5G
  • A15 Bionic Chip
  • Face ID enabled
  • Water-resistant up to 6 meters for up to 30 minutes
  • HDR display
  • New 6-core CPU with 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores

iPhone 13 Mini

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The iPhone 13 Mini is the same size as the iPhone 12 mini but offers some exciting features which the previous model did not. Such as an A15 bionic chip, longer playback time, and bigger storage sizes.

Main features of iPhone 13 mini:

If you’re looking for a quick break down of what you can expect with the iPhone 13 mini, here are some of the key features of an iPhone 13:

  • 5.4″ Super Retina XDR display screen
  • 2x Optical zoom range
  • Faster than the competition
  • Up to 17 hours of playback time
  • Ceramic Shield Front
  • Comes in sizes 128, 256, 512 GB
  • Height 131.5mm and 64.2mm width
  • Weight: 140g
  • Large range of colors

Compared to the other iPhone models, the battery life in the iPhone 13 mini is a bit disappointing compared to the other iPhone 13’s on offer. With the Pro 13 lasting almost a full 24 hours. The 13 mini is ideal for those who don’t enjoy having a bulky phone, as it is also lighter than other models. The iPhone 13 mini has a dual back camera, which has been highly rated.

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Mini VS Pro VS Max

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The iPhone 13 Pro is a step up from the Mini and the standard iPhone 13. Although the iPhone 13 Pro is the same size as the iPhone 13, it varies with the number of cameras, more advanced photo options, and longer battery life. To find out some of the key features of the iPhone 13 Pro, keep reading below:

  • LiDAR scanner for night mode
  • 5 Core GPU
  • 6x Optical Zoom Range
  • 6.1″ Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion
  • Telephoto
  • 22 hours of playback
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Apple ProRaw

iPhone 13 pro camera

The iPhone Pro offers some really exciting camera features, including ProRes video recording at 4k with a shallow depth of field. Pro 12MP camera system, which includes Telephoto, Wide and Ultra Wide. You can also zoom in x6 as opposed to the 13 which only offers 2x.

One of the best features of the iPhone 13 pro camera is the Apple ProRaw, allowing for more advanced editing, and RAW files.

What are the differences between iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max?

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Although both of the Pro phones have some highly advanced benefits, they do have differences. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is especially exciting as it offers the fastest chip ever in a smartphone! Some key features that vary include:

Weight and Size:

The weight of the phones is different, and this is due to the size difference with the phones. The Pro Max being 6’8″ tall compared 6.1″ for the Pro. The Pro weighs 203g, whereas the Max weighs 238g.

Playback time

One of the most significant differences is the playback time, with the iPhone Pro Max offering up to 6 additional hours of watch time.

Pixel Resolution

The iPhone 13 Pro offers 2532-by-1170-pixel resolution at 460 ppi whereas the Pro Max has 2778-by-1284-pixel resolution at 458 ppi. Providing a higher quality.

Both iPhones offer the same specs for LiDAR scanner for Night Mode, 3 cameras, 6x optical zoom, ProRes video recording up to 4k at 30fps, night mode portraits, and ProMotion technology.

Size of iPhone 13 pro max

If you’re looking to get an iPhone based on the size the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the biggest, and is 6’8″ inches tall. However, if you’re looking for a smaller phone, the iPhone 13 mini is ideal for this.

iPhone 11 comparison to 13

iPhone 13 Mini VS Pro VS Max

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If you already have an iPhone and wonder if it’s worth upgrading to a 13 from an 11, you can expect massive upgrades from the 11 to the 13. These include:

  • Going from an A13 to an A15 Bionic Chip,
  • The iPhone 13 is 5G ready
  • The 11 has a glass back and front, whereas the newer models have Ceramic shield fronts.
  • Water-resistance is now up to a depth of 6 meters.
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Larger sizes, with the iPhone 13 coming in 128, 256, and 512 GB
  • No HDR display on the 11
  • The iPhone 11 is taller, but wider and weights more.

If you’re unsure whether the upgrade is worth it, the answer depends on what you want to upgrade the phone for, if you’re looking for more memory, 5G or a HDR display, it’s worth considering the upgrade.


Overall, all of the iPhone 13 models offer some great features compared to previous models. If you’re still unsure on which model to get, here are some final things to consider-

The iPhone 13 Mini vs iPhone 13

The only differences between the iPhone Mini and iPhone 13 are the phone size, display size and cost. All colors, hardware, and cameras are the same. The most significant difference is the battery lifetime, which is offputting for some users who need longer battery life.

iPhone 13 vs Pro

If you’re trying to decide between the iPhone 13, these two phones have a few differences, but the size isn’t one of them. With both being 6’1″ tall. A major difference is that 13 has 2 cameras and the pro version has 3, and this can be a deal for those who use their phones for regular photos. The iPhone Pro model is simply the same phone with a more premium finish and a few additional details such as the LiDAR sensor, a faster GPU, better battery life.

Whether you’re looking to buy the iPhone 13 Mini VS Pro VS Max we hope this guide has been helpful.